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Seward tech used in FSA Campylobacter survey

Seward has revealed how its Stomacher technology was used to prepare samples for the UK Food Standard Agency’s (FSA)’s survey which found 73% of chickens tested positive for Campylobacter.

IFSAC reveals food source for top pathogens

More than 80% of E.coli illnesses were traced to beef and vegetable row crops, according to a method to analyse outbreak data.

Salmonella typing methods evaluated for use in outbreaks

The strengths and weaknesses of different whole genome sequencing (WGS) methods for investigating Salmonella outbreaks have been investigated.

Food Safety recall round-up 20 - 26 February

Recalls: Nut protein, Salmonella and gluten

A recall round-up covering another week in February takes us to France, USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, Austria, the UK, Belgium, Denmark and New Zealand.

GenomeTrakr sequencing average of 800 isolates per month

The network using whole genome sequencing (WGS) for pathogen identification is sequencing an average of more than 800 isolates per month.

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WHO/Europe offers lab training to Uzbekistan

Laboratory training sessions have been held in Uzbekistan by WHO/Europe.


Liability debate for a food safety auditor
Guest article: Mr Behr and Mr Khan, Food Litigation practice at Keller and Heckman LLP

Food safety audit firms may be held liable for consumer injuries from negligent inspections

A food safety audit firm can be held to answer in court for claims that its negligence...

Eurofins partners with Wolverhampton Uni for microbiology training

Eurofins to address microbiological knowledge gap

The biggest knowledge gap is understanding a commercial lab environment rather than a university one, according to...

Interpol and Europol find counterfeit food and drink in 47 countries
Operation Opson IV was a joint Interpol and Europol investigation

Thousands of tonnes of fake food and drink seized

More than 2,500 tonnes of counterfeit and illicit food have been seized in 47 countries as part...

Cucumbers source of 275 illnesses from Salmonella

CDC reveals cucumbers sickened 275 last year

An outbreak of Salmonella from cucumbers that sickened 275 people last year has only just been made...

Nut protein contamination prompts industry action

Herbs and spices supply chain under scrutiny after nut findings

Cases of cumin and paprika contaminated with almond protein will be the subject of an industry meeting...

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