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Oceana finds support for seafood traceability requirements

Oceana has found 83% of Americans support new requirements to eliminate seafood fraud.


Slovakia has compromised on standards since joining EU - officials

Slovakia has had to compromise on or lower food safety standards post accession to comply with EU regulations, according to officials.

Food safety recall round-up 20-29 September 2016

Recalls: Clostridium botulinum, bread contamination and E. coli

Food recalls and alerts for the end of September have been notified by England, Ireland, Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, USA, Austria, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark.

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Meridian expands technology license to animal, food and water testing

Meridian Bioscience has amended a license agreement with Eiken Chemical Co. to expand to animal, food and water testing.

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State funding helps Cornell expand food safety capacity

A Cornell University center is to expand commercialization capabilities with $1m in state funding.


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