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Foodborne outbreaks decrease in Denmark

Fewer foodborne outbreaks were reported in Denmark last year with almost half the Salmonella cases from abroad.  

Denmark: Fewer foodborne outbreaks reported last year

More than 20 countries hit by chocolate wafer recall

The recall of chocolate bar products possibly contaminated with Salmonella has expanded to more than 20 countries.

Agroisolab UK launches SIRA food authenticity service

Agroisolab UK has launched a food authenticity service using a technique to verify the origin of foods and boost traceability efforts.

Food Safety recall round-up 21-27 August

Recalls: Metal shavings, methanol and pathogens

A recall round-up for August takes us to USA, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Australia, Austria, Czech Republic and France. Milk allergens, mislabelling, Listeria in greens beans and Salmonella in eggs can be found this week. For the recalls due to Salmonella in chocolate go here ...

‘Off switch’ enzyme in biofilms identified to prevent formation

An enzyme that shuts down signals that bacteria use to form a biofilm has been found by researchers from the University of Maryland (UMD).

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Kraft Heinz recalls 2m pounds of turkey bacon

Kraft Heinz is recalling more than 2 million pounds of turkey bacon linked to illness.

News in brief

Broken light bulb prompts Bimbo Bakeries USA recall

Bimbo Bakeries USA is recalling six brands of bread products after a broken light bulb at one of its bakeries means they could be contaminated with fragments of glass.

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