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3M expands allergen testing portfolio

3M has acquired a manufacturer of test kits that help companies ensure products are free from allergens.

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3M’s E. coli O157 assay gains NF Validation

3M Food Safety’s assay to detect E. coli O157 (including H7) has received an NF Validation certificate from AFNOR Certification.  

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3M E. coli O157 assay recognized as official testing method

3M’s Molecular Detection Assay 2 - E. coli O157 (including H7) has been granted First Action status by AOAC International.

dispatches from GFSI 2017 in Houston

The Global Food Safety Conference: Reaction on Twitter

From partnerships with governments, discussions on a 'G30' of food safety to the insistence food safety is not a competitive differentiator; GFSI had it all.

Three 3M assays receive NF Validation

3M Food Safety’s molecular detection assays for ­Listeria, Listeria monocytogenes and Salmonella have been backed by NF Validation from AFNOR Certification.

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Frontier Co-op joins Alliance for Advanced Sanitation

Frontier Co-op has joined the Alliance for Advanced Sanitation.

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Behaviour change focus for Consumer Food Safety Education Conference

More than 400 people are expected to attend the 2017 Consumer Food Safety Education (CFSE) Conference.

3M sets sights on Cronobacter with detection test

3M Food Safety has introduced an assay for the molecular detection of Cronobacter.

special newsletter: hygiene, cleaning and sanitation

Understanding the ABCs of ATP testing and key factors to consider

Every day food processors are forced to make the high-risk decision to begin production and one key factor is effectiveness of the most recent cleaning and sanitation of their manufacturing...

3M helps keep lactic acid bacteria under control

3M Food Safety has launched a plate to monitor lactic acid bacteria levels in food products and manufacturing environments.

3M hygiene monitoring system verifies surface cleanliness

3M Food Safety has launched an updated hygiene monitoring and management system.

3M beverage test kit targets faster product release

3M has launched a test kit to detect microorganisms in a variety of beverages.

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3M releases pathogen detection test for E. coli O157

3M Food Safety has launched a detection assay for E. coli O157 which is faster than previous versions to help customers make quicker decisions.

dispatches from SOFHT Allergen conference

Industry experts identify allergen focus areas

The difference between validation and verification of cleaning, allergen risk assessment and confusion around ‘may contain’ labelling statements where some debated topics during an industry conference last week.

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FQN hits the road to bring you food safety and quality news

FoodQualityNews will be reporting live from three industry events in the next month.

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3M aerobic bacteria test backed by AOAC

3M Food Safety’s Petrifilm rapid aerobic count plate has been granted Official Method of Analysis status by AOAC.

A new generation of Salmonella testing with 3M assay

3M Food Safety has launched a molecular detection assay for Salmonella and has already gained AOAC PTM certification.

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Validation secured for 3M L.mono assay

3M Food Safety’s molecular detection assay 2 - Listeria monocytogenes has received AOAC PTM validation.

Lysis chemistry leads to shorter enrichment times for new assays – 3M

3M Food Safety has unveiled the next generation of a Listeria monocytogenes and a Listeria assay claiming new chemistry enables results within a shorter enrichment time.

dispatches from AOAC Europe – NMKL – NordVal Symposium

Future challenges in food analysis theme of industry event

The future of microbiology, a call to review current allergen detection methods and method validation were some of the highlights at an industry event.

World Health Day: Food safety

3M: Food safety landscape changed dramatically

There has been more change in the food safety landscape in the last few years compared to the previous 30, according to 3M Food Safety.

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3M indicator test receives AOAC OMA backing

3M’s Petrifilm Rapid Yeast and Mold Count Plate has received Official Method of Analysis (OMA) validation by AOAC International.

3M Listeria assays additional AOAC approval

3M Food Safety’s assays to detect Listeria monocytogenes and Listeria species have been approved for the AOAC Official Method of Analysis (OMA method).

3M Food Safety launches 24-hour aerobic bacteria indicator test

3M Food Safety has launched a test that can detect aerobic bacteria counts in 24 hours for most food matrices.

dispatches from Lab Innovations

Lab Innovations: The Gallery

A picture speaks 1,000 words? Maybe or maybe not but in food safety and microbiology it is certainly useful. Lab Innovations in Birmingham, UK brought together industry experts for two days...

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