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Method extension for DuPont’s BAX System X5 PCR Assay for Salmonella

By Joe Whitworth+

Last updated on 11-Dec-2015 at 15:55 GMT2015-12-11T15:55:58Z

DuPont’s BAX System X5 PCR Assay for Salmonella
DuPont’s BAX System X5 PCR Assay for Salmonella

DuPont’s BAX System X5 PCR Assay for Salmonella has received a method extension from the AOAC.

The validation covers food types, including meat, poultry, dairy, fruits, vegetables, bakery products, pet food and environmental samples.

It was backed by the AOAC Research Institute (AOAC-RI) as a method extension of a Performance Tested Method.

The smaller footprint BAX System X5 handles 32 samples compared to the 96-sample capability of the Q7 platform.

It provides next-day results for most sample types after a standard enrichment protocol and about 3.5 hours of automated processing. 

Morgan Wallace, DuPont Nutrition & Health senior microbiologist and validations leader for Diagnostics, said many customers rely on AOAC-RI and other third-party certifications as evidence that a pathogen detection method meets accuracy and sensitivity requirements. 

“Adopting a test method that has received these certifications allows them to use the method right away, minimizing a laboratory’s requirements for expensive, time-consuming in-house validation procedures before they can begin product testing.”

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