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Bird flu prevention hampered by poor international coordination

Measures to prevent avian influenza in poultry flocks could be compromised by lax management, poor international coordination, and a lack of funds, according to researchers.

Coca-Cola widens soft drinks recall in Japan

Coca-Cola has expanded its recall of soft drinks in Japan to nearly 2.4m bottles, after more drinks were thought to be contaminated with iron powder.

PepsiCo hit by benzene lawsuit

Lawyers have filed a lawsuit against PepsiCo in California, alleging one of its drinks may contain the cancer-causing chemical benzene, has learned.

'Mild' form of bird flu spreads in UK, worker infected

Two more farms in the Norfolk area of the UK are now under quarantine as the country battles a milder form of the avian influenza virus.

Lead contamination prompts US candy recall

An Oregon chocolate manufacturer has recalled batches of organic confectionery after fears that the products could contain high levels of lead.

Industry awaits regulator's review of aspartame

Food processors are waiting with bated breath for the release next week of an EU regulatory review either confirming or rejecting the results of a scientific study claiming that aspartame...

Pesticide residues still high in Chinese vegetables

Some of the vegetables sold in Hong Kong's leading supermarket chains are dangerously high in pesticide residues, revealed Greenpeace last week, confirming that much still needs to be done to...

Safety alerts include reports on Sudan 1, arsenic, benzene and ITX

A total of 60 incidents of food safety breaches were reported EU-wide last week, with incidents of unauthorised Sudan 1 colours, arsenic, benzene and isopropyl thioxanthone continuing to crop up...

New benzene test reveals flaw in FDA soft drinks investigation

A new test should more accurately show the amount of benzene in soft drinks on shop shelves, but that does not mean there is no problem, says the scientist behind...

South Korea urges recall of benzene-containing drinks

South Korea's food safety authorities called on beverage makers last week to withdraw vitamin C-enriched drinks that had been found to contain the carcinogen benzene.

FDA issues first statement on benzene in soft drinks

America's Food and Drug Administration has questioned the accuracy of its own testing for benzene in soft drinks between 1995 and 2001, but held off criticism from Congress members for...

First lawsuits filed over benzene in soft drinks

Lawyers in the US announced yesterday they were taking two soft drinks firms to court, alleging lab tests showed drinks contaminated with benzene above America's safety limit for tap water.

Soft drinks firms pledge routine benzene tests

Soft drinks makers have been hauled before the European Commission to explain the presence of benzene traces in drinks, putting the industry under pressure after recalls in the UK.

Avian influenza spreads to turkey flock in France

In an ominous sign for processors and the public, France has slaughtered turkeys at a farm suspected of being infected with the deadly form of avian influenza, possibly marking the...

Sudan red colouring fine a warning to food industry

The successful prosecution of a UK food company over the presence of illegal Sudan food dye should serve as a warning to the whole industry.

Plant bacteria tough out lab-based irradiation dosages

Setting dosage levels for irradiating bacteria based on lab tests may be incorrect when used on the tougher pathogens found in plant conditions, leading to a food safety issue, according...

Bird flu advances to Europe's largest poultry producer

The deadly form of avian influenza has hit Europe's largest poultry producer, with France's government confirming over the weekend that the H5N1 form of the virus was found in a...

Excessive aflatoxin levels found in UK spice

A spice powder in the UK has been discovered to contain excessive levels of aflatoxins.

Dioxin crisis widens in Belgium, Netherlands, Germany

Europe's dioxin crisis has widened, with food regulators in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany placing quarantines on hundreds more pig and poultry producers that received contaminated feed.

Milk and salmon contamination feature in food safety alerts

Alerts about ink chemicals in Italian milk and doctored salmon from Norway dominate the latest EU's food safety advisory.

Monsanto accused of GM pollution in Europe

Greenpeace, together with a former manager of Monsanto and Limagrain in Romania, claim that Monsanto is contaminating European agriculture with its Roundup Ready genetically modified (GM) soy.

Pasta mill head arrested, wheat stocks alleged to be contaminated

With the head of Europe's largest wheat mill under arrest, pasta makers are checking their supplies to see whether any came from a stock found to be contaminated with a...

UK: camembert cheese recalled in E-coli scare

A dangerous strain of E-coli is feared to have contaminated camembert cheese sold by more than a 100 British retailers, including supermarket chain Waitrose, said the country's food watchdog late Monday.

Ink chemical does not pose a health risk, food regulator says

Scientific evidence indicates that the presence of the ink chemical isopropylthioxanthone (ITX) in packaged foods does not pose a health risk, an EU regulator said today.

Listeria concerns result in ConAgra product recall

ConAgra Foods has recalled nearly 47,000 children's lunch kits that may be contaminated with listeria, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced yesterday.

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