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Cadbury tries to clean up its act

Cadbury Schweppes has been forced to improve cleaning processes at its Herefordshire factory after last month's recall of Salmonella-contaminated products.

EU crackdown on pistachio exporters

An EU investigation of pistachio exporters in Iran has found the country's food safety procedures still fall short of international standards.

Cadbury blasted for incorrect safety procedures

Cadbury Schweppes has come under renewed criticism following a regulatory finding that it did not adhere to EU safety measures at its Herefordshire plant, where salmonella was discovered earlier this...

EU food safety notifications rise by 22 per cent

Notifications from EU member states of food safety risks rose by 22 per cent in 2005 compared to the previous year, according to an annual report on the bloc's rapid alert system

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Cadbury's mistake

Chocolate has a nice feeling to it - tasty, fun, luxurious and slightly sinful. This is comfort food, accessible to all and epitomised in the recent film, Charlie and the...

Salmonella cases fall in Germany, risk agency reports

Germany is winning the battle against Salmonella, according to new statistics released by the country's risk assessment agency.

Salmonella rates fall slightly in first quarter

The presence of salmonella in samples of most raw meat and poultry products tested by federal inspectors decreased slightly in the first quarter of 2006.

Cadbury under pressure from authorities

Cadbury Schweppes has come under fire from UK food watchdogs after it failed to report finding traces of a rare strain of salmonella in its products.

Singapore recalls Cadbury products

Singapore's food safety authority issued a recall of a number of Cadbury's chocolate products made in the UK, following a major recall by the company itself in the UK.

Scientists issue caution against mass poultry vaccination

With confirmed cases of human-to-human transmission of the avian influenza virus, scientists are now warning that mass vaccination of domestic poultry may hinder detection of the deadly H5N1 strain of...

Production stoppage leaves bitter taste for Unilever

A breakdown in the processing method of Unilever's Flora Original Spread brand in the UK has led the company to recall some of the product throughout the country.

UK pesticide testing finds 2pc of samples above legal limit

Pesticide testing in the UK has found that two per cent of foods sampled contained residues above the maximum permitted levels, with organic products from Spain and France topping the...

Food alerts report on aflatoxins in nuts, cheese from the UK

A total of about 47 food safety problems were reported across the EU last week, including a cluster of alerts about aflatoxins in nuts and unauthorised cheese from the UK.

Study finds Salmonella in one-third of the EU's egg producers

Luxembourg and Sweden are among the safest places to eat an egg in the EU, with Portugal, Poland and the Czech Republic the riskiest, according to tests for Salmonella at...

UK regulator considers action against BSE-type disease in sheep

Due to scientific uncertainty over a BSE-type disease affecting sheep and goats, the UK's food regulator is expected to issue today further precautionary advice about eating mutton and to propose...

Canada finds benzene in 20pc of drinks surveyed

Canada's health regulator has found benzene in about 20 per cent of the soft drinks and other beverages it analyzed in a survey this year, with four found to have...

Two diet drinks withdrawn in Ireland due to benzene

Manufacturers in Ireland have recalled two diet drinks from the market, after testing by the country's food regulator found high levels of the cancer-causing chemical in their products.

Bird flu incidence in wild birds falling in EU

Cases of avian influenza found in wild birds under a survelliance programme are falling, according to data released by the European Commission.

Plant diseases threaten global chocolate production

A fifth of the cacao beans used to make chocolate are lost to plant diseases every year - and things could get worse, according to scientists.

Unpasteurized OJ a possible vehicle for salmonella

Orange juice and other foods traditionally not associated with foodborne disease outbreaks could still be a source of disease, according to scientists.

Coca-Cola, Cadbury added to benzene lawsuits

Coca-Cola and Cadbury Schweppes have joined the list of beverage firms set to be sued in Florida over allegations their drinks contained benzene, 15 years after the industry first pledged...

Kraft sued over benzene in soft drink

Kraft Foods will face lawsuits in three US states over allegations that one of its drinks contained cancer-causing benzene above the legal limit for tap water, has learned, as...

Avian flu hits Denmark's poultry; FAO questions world strategy

Denmark and Romania are battling fresh outbreaks of the lethal H5N1 strain of bird flu, which has spread to domestic poultry in the two countries.

FDA names and shames over benzene in soft drinks

Five US soft drinks were found containing the cancer-causing chemical benzene at levels above the legal limit for drinking water, America's food safety watchdog has announced, sparking calls for more...

Bird flu prevention hampered by poor international coordination

Measures to prevent avian influenza in poultry flocks could be compromised by lax management, poor international coordination, and a lack of funds, according to researchers.

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