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UK: camembert cheese recalled in E-coli scare

A dangerous strain of E-coli is feared to have contaminated camembert cheese sold by more than a 100 British retailers, including supermarket chain Waitrose, said the country's food watchdog late Monday.

Ink chemical does not pose a health risk, food regulator says

Scientific evidence indicates that the presence of the ink chemical isopropylthioxanthone (ITX) in packaged foods does not pose a health risk, an EU regulator said today.

Listeria concerns result in ConAgra product recall

ConAgra Foods has recalled nearly 47,000 children's lunch kits that may be contaminated with listeria, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced yesterday.

EU scientists call for listeria alert network for food

With an EU scientific study recommending that the European Commission set up a system to track deadly listeria infections in the bloc, processors will be under the gun to prevent...

Sense of proportion vital in determining food risk

The chief executive of the UK's Food Standard Agency (FSA) used last week's keynote speech to discuss food safety detached from the everyday context of media hype and public scare...

Food safety crackdown underway in the EU

In the run up to the introduction of new EU regulations, the death of a boy from E. coli and the subsequent closure of a UK processor highlights the increasing...

Danone seeks calm in Volvic contamination scare

Danone has sought to calm customers after two bottles of Volvic water were found to contain traces of potentially harmful chemical Napthalene, threatening UK sales.

Honey recall highlights danger of counterfeits

The discovery of veterinary medicine residues in a UK brand of honey has again underlined the potential threat posed by counterfeit products.

Acrylamide risk less with EU almonds than US version, new study

European almonds pose less of an acrylamide risk than their US counterparts, finds a new study to interest confectioners.

Europe's food agency investigates harmful PAHs in food

Europe's food agency calls on scientists across the food industry to contribute data on the potentially carcinogenic compounds Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) identified in foods.

Salad E. coli recall threatens lucrative market

The urgent recall of certain pre-packaged Dole salad products has called into question the safety of a popular convenience product.

Illegal food colour still poses risk to food chain

Efforts to detect carcinogenic colours in foodstuffs still a priority for the food industry as Europe's risk system flags up illegal red colours in spices from India.

European food agency stresses red colour risk

European food scientists warn that a host of illegal dyes pinpointed in foods on the supermarket shelves may pose a genotoxic and carcinogenic risk, a conclusion reached despite insufficient data...

Health agency fingers food in E coli outbreak

The UK's health protection regulator has pointed the finger at imported food as the potential source of a deadly E. coli superbug, which has already killed 83 people in the country.

Contamination, undeclared ingredients drive recalls

The majority of recent product recalls initiated by the FDA have focused on undeclared ingredients and potential instances of contamination in packaged foods.

Unpasteurized juice poses serious health risk, says FDA

Untreated juices are still causing serious outbreaks of foodborne illness across America, according to the US Food and Drug Administration, warning consumers to be extra careful.

Sudan, the banned red dye, turns up in Italian gnocchi

Harmful red colour Sudan 1 crops up in prepared pasta dish in Italy, reports the EU's food risk alert system this week, confirming food makers still risk contamination by this...

Obesity crisis spurs sugar warning proposal for soft drinks

Proposals to put cigarette-style health warnings on soft drinks to highlight the harmful effects of too many sugary beverages has been called patronizing by the American Beverage Association, writes Anthony...

Health Canada issues second Ayurvedic warning

Health Canada is warning Canadians against using unauthorized Ayurvedic medicinal products amid fears that high levels of heavy metals could present a health risk, reports Jess Halliday.

OJ contamination sparks industry fears

The discovery of potential Salmonella Typhimurium contamination in an orange juice product has compounded worries over falling juice sales in the US.

Incidents of BSE fall in Europe

The discovery in Ireland of another probable case of variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (vCJD) might turn some consumers away from their meat, but perhaps they can be assured the country, and...

New recalls reflect EU food chain still exposed to risk

Risk continues in the European food chain with member states recalling over fifty products due to food pathogens and illegal colours in seven days, suggesting industry still needs to crack...

New test cuts sudan risk in food chain

New test from the National Food Laboratory meets growing demand from food manufacturers to verify their ingredients are free from the potentially carcinogenic red dye Sudan.

Pesticide residue levels detected in bread

Wholemeal bread contains more pesticide residues than any other bread type, according to research published yesterday by the UK's Pesticides Residues Committee (PRC), yet the levels are not considered dangerous...

Shelf life of de-salted cod products limited

The use of desalted cod in the preparation of ready made meals could lead to an increased incidences of food poisoning unless measures are taken to limit its shelf life...

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