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Tomatoes may have started US salmonella outbreak

US health officials investigating a salmonella outbreak that infected 171 people across 19 States believe fresh produce may have been the cause of the spread.

Jersey milk recall adds to dairy hygiene fears

Up to 2,000 packs of milk contaminated with excessive levels of bacteria have been recalled in Jersey, raising more questions about dairy hygiene practices in the EU.

UK survey detects Listeria in mixed raw veg salads

About 5 per cent of mixed raw vegetable salads in the UK are contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes, according to a national survey that uncovered two products with levels above the...

Bread consumption linked to cancer, study

Bread has become the latest food group hit by a health scare following the publication of a scientific study linking the consumption of bread to kidney cancer.

Allied Bakeries hit by more tampering incidents

Deliberate sabotage of a product is a plant manager's nightmare, one that Allied Bakeries ishaving again and again.

Proposals aim to beef up plant inspection system

The UK's food regulator wants to beef up its plant inspection system by focusing on problemprocessors.

UK dairy ban sparks EU food safety row

Rows and confusion have soured relations between food safety bodies from the UK and European Commission, after EU member states agreed to ban products from a UK dairy.

EU food watchdog examines ethyl carbamate levels

Food and drink processors might soon be under pressure to reduce the levels of ethyl carbamateand cyanides in their fermented products.

Illegal pesticide levels found in 2 per cent of UK foods

About two per cent of foods sampled in the UK during the first quarter of 2006 contained pesticide residues above the maximum permitted levels.

Food allergens still pose a threat in US foods

Some food manufacturers are not doing enough to prevent the cross contamination of their products by allergens, according to a survey by the US food regulator.

EC analyses GM rice contamination controversy

The EC's Standing Committee on the Food Chain and Animal Health has now discussed the possible illegal GM contamination of long grain rice imports from the US.

Sale of Bulgarian pork could be prohibited with EU accession

The sale of Bulgarian pig meat could soon be prohibited unless the government can prove it is successfully tackling increased outbreaks of Classical Swine fever (CSF) in the country, according...

EFSA finds against noni - hepatitis link

EFSA has concluded that case reports questioning the safety of noni juice are unfounded, enabling products to remain in the EU market.

Food safety experts launch battle against E. coli bacteria

Food safety experts are meeting in Dublin, Ireland this week to discuss international standards they hope will cut back on the rising number of infections caused by the deadly enterohaemorrhagic...

FSA moves to block illegal GM rice

The UK's Food Standards Agency has taken action to ensure that testing and monitoring is carried out on consignments of American long grain rice in the UK.

Bottled water sellers face lawsuit deadline

Lawyers in the US have warned they will sue any US retailer that has failed to recall, by the end of this week, bottled water found to contain cancer-causing bromate...

Bluetongue measures restrict meat supply

An outbreak of bluetongue disease has led to an export restriction on all ruminants in a 150 km area covering Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Germany and France.

Cadbury probe set to receive cash boost

The UK Cadbury salmonella scare continues to dog the company as its local council applies for around £30,000 (€44,500) in funding to investigate safety breaches at the factory where contamination occurred.

Italy hunts for mouldy coffee beans

The discovery of mouldy coffee beans at a port in Italy has put further pressure on an already tight market this month, with prices expected to continue rising.

Special report

Soft drinks firms settle in benzene lawsuit

Two soft drink firms accused of using ingredients that could mix to form a cancer-causing chemical in drinks plan to sign a settlement with lawyers today, agreeing to change formulas...

China returns US milk powder with excess nitrite

China has sent back more than 100 metric tons of American milk powder after it was found to contain potentially dangerous levels of nitrite.

FDA to recall more bottled water in bromate scare

America's food safety watchdog is expected to announce the recall of several bottled water drinks, thought to contain cancer-causing bromate above the legal limit in the US, has learned....

India rejects soft drink pesticides claims

India's Health Ministry has rejected a campaigns group study that found Coca-Cola and PepsiCo soft drinks containing pesticide residues an average 24 times above the proposed maximum limit.

US: Bottled water pulled in bromate scare

Bottled water containing cancer-causing bromate above the level allowed by America's food safety watchdog has been pulled from shelves by one of the country's upmarket retailers.

Latex threat - it's all hype, says group

The UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) is pushing ahead with product testing methods after scientists found new ways to detect latex allergens in food packaging.

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