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This is the place to stay up to date with what's happening in food recall and outbreak investigations. Reasons behind the recalls and product withdrawals will be analysed as well as traceback and tracking status as outbreaks and investigations progress, finish and lessons are learnt.

Cockroach finding shuts Foster Farms plant

A Foster Farms poultry plant has been temporarily shut down after cockroaches were found in the facility.

Salmonella from cashews sickens 14

Cashews from Southeast Asia are the suspected source of a Salmonella outbreak that has sickened 14 people.

Walmart pulls fox meat masquerading as donkey snacks

Walmart’s China operation has responded to reports that some of its donkey meat contained the DNA of other animals, including fox.

UAE to launch rapid alert system to improve food recalls

The UAE will introduce a rapid alert system to improve food recall processes within the next two years, according to officials.

Products for school meals also recalled

Frozen Food producer recalls 6.3m products in pesticide alert

Maruha Nichiro Holdings, a supplier of frozen food such as frozen pizzas and corn cream croquettes, has recalled up to 6.3m packages allegedly tainted with pesticide in Japan.

Recalls that hit the headlines in 2013

Recalls 2013: Horse meat, Nestlé, Kraft, General Mills and more

This year has been quite eventful for recalls  of food and beverage products due to foodborne contamination, foreign body contamination and others due to packaging faults.

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Turkey butterflies recalled over processing hygiene concerns

The UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) is warning people not to eat turkey butterflies processed by a Welsh firm because they were processed at an unapproved site.

Foster Farms outbreak passes 400 illnesses

Foster Farms chicken has sickened at least 400 people in 23 states and Puerto Rico from seven strains of Salmonella.

Food safety recall round-up 13-19 December

Recalls: Counterfeit vodka, Listeria and undeclared ingredients

In the final weekly gallery of 2013 the journey to find the reasons behind food recalls takes us to USA, Ireland, Canada, England, Norway and Belgium where we find counterfeit...

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Comment period for spice pathogen problem extended

The period for comments, scientific data and other information on pathogen and filth in spices has been extended by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Imported fresh basil source of Norwegian Shigella outbreak

Basil pesto sauce was the source of a Shigella outbreak that sickened 46 people, according to the Norwegian Food Safety Authority.

Coked up Caribbean soft drink would never hit major UK retailer

A UK Navy veteran has died after drinking a Caribbean pear juice drink loaded with cocaine, and police say they believe he drank a 'rogue bottle' taken from a consignment...

CDC: Salmonella outbreak from chicken in frozen meals

44 people were sickened in 18 states in 2010 from chicken in a ConAgra entrée, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

38 sickened by Salmonella from novel source

A novel vehicle for Salmonella infection which sickened 38 people in the UK has been studied by researchers.

Food Safety recall round-up 29 November - 5 December

Recalls: Unilever, M&S and undeclared ingredients

The journey to find the reasons behind food  recalls this week takes us to USA, Ireland, Canada, Australia and Germany where we find allergen concerns and incorrect labelling prompting action....

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Marks & Spencer's recall mussels linked to illnesses

Marks & Spencer has recalled three branded mussel-based products as part of investigations of illnesses in the UK.

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Glass findings prompt General Mills recall

General Mills Australasia has recalled Old El Paso - Hot Chunky Tomato Salsa due to the presence of glass.

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Food scandals do not stop at national borders - BfR

The horsemeat scandal made it clear that food scandals do not stop at national borders, said the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR).

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Are you up to the food system challenge?

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) and the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) are calling for research proposals related to understanding the challenges of the food system.

food safety recall round-up 22-28 November

Recalls: Salmonella, Listeria and incorrect labelling

The journey to find the reasons behind food recalls this week takes us to USA, England, Australia and Denmark where we find Salmonella and Listeria and incorrect labelling prompting action.

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Rare Salmonella strain sickens 18

A rare Salmonella strain has sickened 18 people in Norway with the source of the infection still unknown.

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MRSA found in UK poultry

The first case of livestock associated Meticillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (LA-MRSA) has been found on a poultry farm in the UK, according to the Department of Health.

FDA advice on minimizing ciguatera fish poisoning risk

Primary seafood processors who purchase reef fish should ensure they minimize ciguatera fish poisoning (CFP) risk from products they distribute.

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Industry issues addressed at IPPE

Food safety, health and wellness, 2014 products and export and international issues for the meat and poultry industry will be the focus of programs at an industry event next year.

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