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Food safety recall round-up May 12-19 2016

Recalls: Pathogens, allergens and histamine

Food recalls for a week in May 2016 came from Canada, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, the Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, Sweden, Ireland, Spain, USA, Luxembourg and England.

CRF Frozen Foods lays off 250 as outbreak investigation continues

CRF Frozen Foods has temporarily laid off 250 workers at its Pasco plant as the investigation into a Listeria outbreak continues.

Treehouse Foods recalls almost 100 products in sunflower seed listeria scare

Treehouse Foods has voluntarily recalled almost 100 products over fears they may contain sunflower seeds contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes.

CRF Frozen Foods expands recall after Listeria outbreak link

Frozen vegetables produced by CRF Frozen Foods have been linked to eight illnesses from three US states.

Sweden investigates Salmonella outbreak with 39 ill

Salmonella has sickened 39 people in Sweden with a link to sausage.

Australian authorities trace Salmonella to SA factory

The source of Salmonella which has sickened more than 300 people in Australia has been traced to a factory in South Australia.

Food safety recall round-up April 20-28 2016

Recalls: Clostridium botulinum and foreign bodies

Food recalls for a period in April 2016 came from Austria, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, Denmark, Belgium, Sweden, Ireland, Finland, USA, Hungary, Luxembourg and England

Limited progress in reducing foodborne illness – CDC

Progress in reducing rates of foodborne illnesses has been ‘limited’ since 2012, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  

PLUS: Canada investigates Hepatitis A outbreak from berries

More than 150 sick in Australian Salmonella outbreak

A Salmonella outbreak which has sickened more than 150 people in Australia has been linked to raw mung bean sprouts.

EFSA signs 4-year project to combat ciguatoxin food poisoning

A total of 13 organizations from six Member States have joined forces with EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) to address ciguatoxin food poisoning.

Dairy plant link in Romanian E. coli outbreak

Twenty five people have been sickened by Shiga toxin-producing E. coli (STEC) in Romania and three children have died.

Routine testing failed to find raw milk contamination - report

Current raw milk testing standards cannot be relied upon to always detect contamination, according to an analysis of a 2014 outbreak.

Salad contaminated with Listeria sickens 33

An outbreak of Listeria from packed salads made by Dole which sickened 33 people has ended, according to public health agencies.

Garden of Life refreshes brand as Salmonella outbreak grows

Salmonella illnesses linked to Garden of Life RAW Meal Organic Shake & Meal Products have reached 27 from 20 states.

food safety recall round-up 18-24 March

Recalls: Pest contamination and glass

Food recalls for a week in March 2016 came from Australia, Germany, New Zealand, Austria, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Luxembourg and England.

A&W vows to learn from outbreak

Final count: More than 900 sick from imported cucumbers

An outbreak of Salmonella from cucumbers which sickened more than 900 people and was first announced in September last year is over, according to the US Centers for Disease Control...

WGS links Listeria strain to illnesses in 2014

Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) of Listeria found in raw chocolate milk has been linked to two illnesses in 2014.

Food safety recall round-up 11-17 March 2016

Recalls: Process deviations and cleaning brush contamination

Food recalls for one week in March 2016 came from US, Australia, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Luxembourg and England.

Salmonella outbreak sickens 11 with link to pistachios

Wonderful Pistachios has been linked to a multistate outbreak in the US of Salmonella Montevideo that has sickened 11 people.

News in brief

E. coli outbreak in Romania kills three

At least 15 children aged five to 38 months have been sickened by E. coli O26 in Romania and three have died.

Food safety recall round-up 1-10 March 2016

Recalls: Fermentation, metal wire and Listeria

Food recalls for the first week of March 2016 came from US, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Luxembourg, Ireland, England, Greece and Denmark.

Australia the world leader in Salmonella outbreaks

Australia has more outbreaks of Salmonella than any other country, according to researchers in the country who found 73 cases of the bacteria per 100,000 people last year.

News in brief

Cornell and New York State to lead work on food safety investigations

The New York State Department of Health and Cornell University have won a bid to lead a food safety center by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Analysis of botulism outbreak calls for awareness of risk

With increasing demand for locally made, ready-to-eat food, there must be an awareness of the risk for botulism from improperly canned foods, according to the findings of an outbreak report.

Sweetwater Farms linked to Salmonella outbreak

Thirteen people have been sickened by Salmonella Muenchen linked to alfalfa sprouts produced by Sweetwater Farms of Kansas.

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