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Listeria questionnaire revised following outbreak

Additional questions on fresh produce have been added to Listeria foodborne illness questionnaires after suggestions an outbreak could have been detected quicker if they had been on there already.

Food safety recall round-up 19-25 August 2016

Recalls: Salmonella, Listeria and metal

Food recalls and alerts for a week in August come from USA, Canada, Iceland, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Netherlands and Denmark.

Hepatitis A from imported raw scallops sickens 200

More than 200 people are ill with hepatitis A in Hawaii linked to eating imported raw scallops.

Sweden investigating 19 Salmonella illnesses

An outbreak of Salmonella that has sickened 19 people is being investigated in Sweden.

Food safety recall round-up 12-18 August 2016

Recalls: Campylobacter, lead and gluten

Food recalls and alerts for a week in August come from England, USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, Germany, Luxembourg, Finland, Netherlands, Czech Republic and Denmark.

PLUS: Investigation into E. coli O157 outbreak linked to cheese continues

Source not identified as PHE declares outbreak over

An outbreak of E. coli O157 which sickened 161 people has ended, according to Public Health England (PHE).

Link to imported fresh produce in Canadian Cyclospora cases

Canada has reported more than 50 cases of Cyclospora infection in four provinces.

Food safety recall round-up 5-11 August 2016

Recalls: Aflatoxin B1, foam pieces and fermentation

Food recalls and alerts for one week in August come from England, USA, Ireland, Canada, Australia, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Malta, Spain, Czech Republic, Belgium and Denmark.

Authorities hunt for contaminated pig meat in Hong Kong

Hong Kong authorities have identified the distribution of pork from contaminated imported pigs, which were sent to more than two-dozen retailers across the city.

Alfalfa Sprouts likely source of Salmonella outbreak – FDA

Alfalfa Sprouts have been linked to 30 cases of Salmonella, according to US authorities.

PLUS: SA health say rockmelons are safe to eat again

PHE: More than 200 Cyclospora infections linked to Mexico

Almost 300 cases of Cyclospora infection have been reported by the UK and a US state, according to authorities.

Food safety recall round-up 29 July - 4 August 2016

Recalls: Genetically modified papaya and E. coli in organic wheatgrass

Food recalls and alerts for the end of July and start of August came from England, USA, Ireland, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Netherlands and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Rockmelon linked to Salmonella illnesses - FSANZ

Australian authorities are investigating an increase in Salmonella illnesses with a link to eating rockmelons.

New Salmonella cases prompt investigation in Finland

Two new cases of Salmonella enteritidis are being investigated in Finland after an earlier outbreak linked to imported organic mung bean sprouts.

PLUS: Chapel Hill Creamery linked to outbreak of Salmonella

Cheese linked to E. coli O157 outbreak in UK

Health Protection Scotland (HPS) is investigating 16 cases of E. coli O157 linked to blue cheese made from unpasteurised milk.

We are over worst of E. coli O157 outbreak - PHE

There has been no E. coli O157 cases reported over the past week suggesting the worst of the outbreak is over, according to Public Health England (PHE).

Food safety recall round-up 20-28 July 2016

Recalls: Quality issues, Listeria and cleaning residue

Food recalls, issues and alerts for a week in July came from England, USA, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, Belgium/Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Finland, Netherlands and Denmark.

General Mills E.coli alert: Flour recall extended as number of sick grows

General Mills has extended the recall of flour linked with an E.coli outbreak for a second time following new tests and more consumers falling ill.

USDA-FSIS investigates Salmonella cases linked to pork

An outbreak of Salmonella linked to pork has prompted the US Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (USDA-FSIS) to issue a warning.

PHE: E. coli O157 outbreak ‘subsiding’; source still unconfirmed

Public Health England (PHE), the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), the Food Standards Agency (FSA) and the European Commission are involved in attempting to identify the source...

News in brief

Imported tuna linked to Irish food poisoning

Ireland has been hit by food poisoning from imported fish, according to a couple of RASFF notifications.

Investigation into Listeria outbreak linked to frozen vegetables over - CDC

A Listeria outbreak linked to frozen vegetables produced by CRF Frozen Foods has ended, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

food safety recall round-up 8-15 July 2016

Recalls: Allergens, pathogens and foreign objects

Food recalls and alerts for a week in July came from England, USA, Canada, Australia, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Finland, Netherlands and Denmark.

More than 150 sickened by E. coli O157 linked to imported salad

More than 150 people have been sickened with E. coli linked to salad imported from Italy.

Betty Crocker and Krusteaz products hit by General Mills E.coli flour recall

General Mills’ recall of millions of pounds of flour linked with an E. coli outbreak has now impacted other retail products – including some of the firm’s own Betty Crocker...

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