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Birko to present Beefxide research


Birko Beefxide presentation at BIFSCo safety summit
Birko Beefxide presentation at BIFSCo safety summit

Birko will present data on its processing aid at the Beef Industry Safety Summit Research Update Session (BIFSCo) March 4-6 in Dallas.

Research on Beefxide, its USDA-approved aid, was selected for a poster presentation at the summit.

The research was conducted between Birko’s senior chemist/microbiologist, Dr Elis Owens, Utah State University and Stone Meats, a Birko customer.

It demonstrated that applying Beefxide to beef trim pre-grind resulted in a reduced bacterial load on the meat, and lower deterioration of flavor and color at longer storage times.

Birko’s Beefxide is a patent-pending processing aid recommended and approved for application to meat at all stages of the production process, to reduce pathogens and aerobic spoilage bacteria on meat surfaces. 

Meanwhile, Ian Bessell, the firm’s produce specialist, has received HACCP certification through the International HACCP Alliance after completing the necessary training course.

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