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Extinct shark species listed on product label

1 comment11-Dec-2012

The jaws of C.megalodon. Picture copyright: Eligius4917 - Flickr

The jaws of C.megalodon. Picture copyright: Eligius4917 - Flickr

Frozen shark fillets from China have been destroyed at the Italian Border as the labelling mentioned a species that has been extinct for millions of years.

The fish product, detained and destroyed on 27 November to ensure no distribution, listed carchrocles megalodon on the label.

The European Commission published the notification classified as a border rejection but did not reveal the trade names and the identity of individual companies. 

Carchrocles megalodon or carcharodon megalodon is an extinct species of shark that lived 28 to 1.5 million years ago and is believed to have reached a maximum length of 15.9-20.3 metres.

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Extinct shark

Probably tastes a bit gritty by now.

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Posted by Peter Keenan
13 December 2012 | 23h222012-12-13T23:22:28Z

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