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Nestle packaging error leads to allergen concern recall


Nestle Prepared Foods Company has initiated a recall of its Stouffer’s-brand Lasagna after consumers reported finding another Stouffer’s product in the Lasagna packaging.

No injuries or cases of illness have been reported in relation to the recall, which is limited to products manufactured during a two hour period.

No other production dates, sizes or varieties of its Stouffer’s brand products are affected by the recall.

“Nestle is taking this action after two consumers reported finding Stouffer’s Stuffed Peppers in their Stouffer’s Lasagna Italiano packaging,” said a Nestle recall notice.

The Stuffed Peppers recipe includes Worcestershire Sauce, which contains anchovy as an ingredient. Anchovy is an allergen and those consumers with fish allergies should not consume this product.”

"For this important reason, we are conducting a voluntary recall of Stouffer’s Lasagna Italiano,” the company statement added.

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