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Bird flu infects two people in UK, tests confirm

Two people have been infected with the bird flu virus that has caused an outbreak on a farm in North Wales, tests have confirmed.

Processors called to arms in anti-biotic resistance battle

Food processing must play a role in preventing the evolutionary shifts that lead to bacterial antibiotic resistance, according to new research from the US.

Bird flu is back in UK

Bird flu is back in the UK, following the discovery of a form of the virus on a farm in North Wales, government officials confirmed today.

Swiss BSE controls rewarded with lower risk status

The Swiss beef industry was yesterday rewarded for its efforts in controlling bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), when the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) reduced its status to "controlled risk"...

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Masterfoods and the vegetarianisation of food

Masterfoods' U-turn over its plan to reformulate its famous confectionery brands using animal-derived whey sets a precedent that will prevent any other food manufacturer from flying in the face of...

Melamine legacy blights Chinese exports

A number of US food processors said they will boycott Chinese exports over fears regarding the safety of products coming from the country.

Europeans weigh nanofood risks with benefits

Europeans are willing to buy foods produced, processed or packaged using nanotechnology techniques so long as they perceive the benefits, according to new research.

China must step up food safety reform, claims expert

China must continue to reform its food safety practices if it is to maintain consumer confidence in its products, says a food safety expert from the World Health Organisation (WHO).

1,300 food incidents investigated in UK last year, says report

Over 1,300 food safety incidents were investigated by the UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) last year, according to a report published yesterday.

Coca-Cola settles in benzene lawsuit

Coca-Cola has reformulated two of its soft drinks in the US to halt a lawsuit alleging they may contain the cancer-causing chemical, benzene.

FAO looks to organics for food security

Leading proponents of the benefits of organic agriculture put their heads together last week to discuss how organic methods could help preserve food security for the future.

Dutch to increase import checks following GM discovery

Dutch inspections of US shipments will increase following the discovery of genetically modified (GM) maize banned in the EU as part of a Netherlands bound cargo.

Euro Freeze prosecuted for selling illegal meat

Euro Freeze (Ireland) has received a £13,000 (€19,000) fine after being prosecuted in a UK court for illegally putting false health certificates on meat products.

UK study sparks additives row

Growing use of natural ingredients in the UK food and drink industry took on greater importance this week in anticipation of a new study again linking widely used additives to...

Arsenic, mercury levels in baby food below limit, says regulator

Baby food processors are breathing easier today after the UK industry regulator released a study showing that levels of arsenic and mercury in their products are below legal limits.

Politicians raise acrylamide scare in Holland

Politicians in Holland have called on government to set maximum consumption limits for acrylamide, potentially leading to legislation that would force processors to reduce the potential carcinogen in their products.

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Ingredients for cheap?

As recent incidents of food contamination demonstrate, the cheapest source for ingredients may not turn out to be so cheap after all.

Food biotech will benefit from cross-section approach, says DIB

The food sector will remain the biggest biotech employer in Germany by 2020, according to a new study, but German industry must make use of synergies between sectors to remain competitive.

UN researchers examine chlorine use in food manufacturing

An international research project will help set global standards controlling the use of active chlorine in food production and processing.

Smoked, BBQ meat linked to breast cancer

Postmenopausal women who regularly consume smoked and barbecued meats may be increasing their risk of breast cancer by at least 50 per cent, suggests a new study.

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Training the salt of the earth

On International Labour Day, workers across the world will be raising a glass in honour of the salt of the earth.

Early exposure to food allergens may increase tolerance

Exposing premature and low birth weight babies to food allergens early in life may boost tolerance later in life, suggests a new study from Canada.

New processing toxins linked with aging diseases

A new class of toxins produced when meats and cheeses are grilled, fried or broiled, can lead to a host of diseases associated with aging, say researchers.

Packaging PFOAs found in newborns

A new study showing that perfluorooctanoate (PFOA) is showing up in newborn babies has again raised concerns about the chemical's use as a protective coating on some food packaging.

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Ditch the marketing madness

Marketing strategies - two words that incorporate everything from pseudo scientific research to shock value advertising campaigns. But shouldn't honesty be the best policy?

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