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Arab Revolt underlines the need for action to remedy high food prices

When Tunisian street vegetable vendor Mohamed Bouazizi chose to end his life in fiery suicide, no one could have foreseen the firestorm his death would unleash across the Arab world....

Top food firms interested in novel food freshness label, entrepreneur

A Scottish entrepreneur claims that two top food manufacturers and a major supermarket have shown interest in licensing an innovative colour-changing label that tells consumers how fresh their food is,...

China promises to target leather protein in milk tests

The Chinese government has warned that it is on the look out for leather protein in a fresh round of dairy testing over the coming year.

Race is on to find bisphenol A substitutes, says NAMPA

The race is on to find bisphenol A (BPA) alternatives in can linings but a substitute is unlikely be brought to market immediately - whatever laws are passed, the North...

Food processor fined after worker’s hand severed in ‘horrific’ accident

A food processor has been ordered to pay ₤22,000 (€26,000) and condemned by safety authorities for failings that led to one worker losing his hand and another parts of several...

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Bulgaria launches food safety agency

The Bulgarian Food Safety Agency (BFSA) was launched last week at a ceremony attended by European Commissioner John Dalli and national food minister Miroslav Naydenov.

Oxygen absorbers rated above irradiation for almond shelf life

Greek researchers investigating the effect of irradiation, active and modified atmosphere packaging, and storage conditions on quality retention of raw, whole, unpeeled almonds find a method using only an oxygen...

Consumers reveal true value of foodborne illness reduction: Study

Consumers are willing to pay more than government analyses suggest in order to reduce their risk of becoming ill from foodborne pathogens, according to a new study published in Food...

Dioxin-tainted meat exported by Iceland

Iceland has confirmed that meat with higher than allowed levels of dioxins have been put onto its domestic market and exported abroad - but said there was no immediate hazard...

Still more questions than answers on nanotechnology in food

Consumer acceptance of nanotechnology hinges on finding answers to a number of questions regarding its safety, benefits, and regulatory oversight, says a new paper in the Journal of Consumer Affairs.

Current approaches underestimate contaminant exposure from FCMs - study

Food contact materials are an underestimated source of chemical contaminants and a “potentially relevant route of human exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDC)” such as bisphenol A (BPA), according to...

Unilever ditches animal testing for tea

Unilever, one of the world’s largest tea companies, has pledged to stop animal testing on its PG Tips, Lipton and Lyons brands.

Scientists dismiss claim that early exposure to cow’s milk boosts tolerance

A group of German scientists have published a paper dismissing the suggestion that giving newborns cow’s milk could help promote dairy tolerance.

No health risk from foods affected in German dioxin scandal - BfR

Foods tainted in the wake of the dioxin contamination scandal in Germany pose no health threat to consumers, said the country’s Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) following the first...

Bagel factory worker severs fingers in machinery

A UK-based bagel bakery has been fined after a worker severed two of his fingers in “unsafe” machinery while attempting to clear a dough blockage.


The naked truth about kids’ food advertising

It was an Emperor’s New Clothes moment for the US food industry last week, when it was revealed that a major initiative touting its responsible advertising to kids actually allows...

Explosion at ADM cocoa processing facility

Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) is currently assessing the impact of an explosion that occurred on a production line at its cocoa processing facility in Wormer, Netherlands, which was followed...

UK nano-forum holds first meeting

A top level forum made up of regulators, industry players and consumer groups is holding its first meeting today as part of a UK bid to tackle a slew of...

US company settles 'landmark' bisphenol A case

A leading US polycarbonate baby bottle maker has become the first to settle a lawsuit over failure to tell consumers its products contained bisphenol A (BPA), in what lawyers have...

Agriculture Secretary calls for ‘new paradigm’ of cooperation in GM debate

USDA Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has called for compromise and cooperation between supporters of genetically modified (GM) crops and those of non-GM crops in an open letter to stakeholders.

Fostering culture of food safety key to combating foodborne illness

Food processors must develop a complete culture of food safety that goes beyond such basic measures as regulatory compliance if they are serious about tackling the issue, according to new...


Healthy food vouchers are no golden ticket

Change4Life healthy food vouchers are just the ticket for food industry marketers. But changing eating habits requires consistent, co-ordinated policy – not hand-outs to ease the population’s post-Christmas conscience.

Acrylamide absorption not influenced by food type, suggests rat study

New research has suggested that acrylamide formed in different types of food has the same levels of up take in the body.

Metal packagers fear BPA baby bottle ban could trigger wider safety doubts

A metal packaging trade body has expressed fears that the ban on bisphenol A (BPA) in polycarbonate baby bottles could raise doubts on the safety of other food contact materials...

Bakery fined after worker is injured by rolling machine

A UK-based bakery has been fined after a worker’s fingers were crushed in the rollers of a dough sheeter machine.

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