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EFSA disputes key citrus canker study

EFSA believes that the findings of a recent US study on citrus canker are not supported by sound scientific evidence.

Human genes in rice spark new GM row

Genetically modified rice containing human genes has received preliminary approval in the US, sparking new concerns and fears on both sides of the Atlantic.

FSA aims to cut mycotoxins from cereal ingredients

Codes of practice to help UK farmers reduce the levels of mycotoxins in cereals could improve the safety of the ingredient supply chain.

Non-GMO method for removing allergens from seafood?

A simple heat and irradiation treatment may reduce the levels of an allergenic protein in prawns that may make the seafood accessible to seafood allergy sufferers, Chinese researchers report.

New inspection system to launch in April

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) today said it will launch a new risk-based inspection system in April, initially targeting meat processing plants at 30 locations across the country.

Study highlights milk BSE risk

Fears that cows with BSE could pass on the disease to humans via proteins in their milk has gained more credence from a new study, which has encouraged stricter analysis...

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Deja Moo: Are we ready for cloned cattle?

Here we go again. Yet another technology in its infancy is likely to be introduced into the food supply, while industry remains cautious and consumers divided.

Low-level formaldehyde in gelling agents not a problem, says EFSA

The presence of low-level formaldehyde in gelling agents like carrageenans and alginates does not pose a threat to human health, the European Food Standards Authority (EFSA) has reported.

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Death to the industry conspiracy theories!

Here we go again. Industry-sponsored studies into the nutritional benefits of food and drink products are biased. Don't believe anything that has an industry sponsor.

Association issues warning about toxic imports into UK

Cuts in funding and a plan by UK regulators to publish details of its testing regime for imports, could lead to toxic foods ending up on the shelves, an organic...

Irish fish toxin levels test safe

Toxin levels in Irish fresh and processed fish are "well below" legal limits and are unlikely to present a risk human heath, the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) said...

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There aren't plenty more fish in the sea

As a youngster I was brought up on a healthy diet of tuna fish sandwiches and Disney - making my new year's resolution for 2007 the toughest yet. That's right,...

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FSA rules ok? The labelling rebellion

The battle of wills between the UK food watchdog and industry heavyweights over nutrition labelling threatens to destabilise the balance of power between industry and government.

Food safety risks stick with consumers long-term, survey

Food safety scares could result in a long lasting impact on purchasing decisions, with new research revealing that 15 percent of consumers stop eating a product entirely after a food...

Kraft drinks escape benzene lawsuit

Lawsuits alleging soft drinks made by Kraft Foods may contain the cancer-causing chemical, benzene, have been dismissed after the group said it had reformulated products.

Chinese consumers concerned about food safety

Chinese consumers are worried about the safety of their food and want the government to do more to improve quality standards, suggests a new survey.

Fast Food Nation author calls for single US food safety body

The US food industry needs to be regulated by a single food-safety agency with the authority to test widely for dangerous pathogens, demand recalls and penalize companies that knowingly sell...

Consumer group survey of chicken shows pathogen spike

Analysis of fresh, whole broilers bought in the US revealed that 83 per cent harboredCampylobacter or Salmonella, a spike from the 49 per cent level found in 2003, according to Consumer Reports magazine.

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Folic acid: Sisters aren't doing it for themselves

When the idea of fortifying staple foods with vital nutrients is raised, the battlecry goes up from industry groups and advocates of consumer choice: "Why should we bear the costs?"...

Doubts hit FDA handling of benzene in soft drinks

Serious questions remain over how America's food safety watchdog handled the presence of benzene residues in soft drinks, a senior ex-official has said, after tests showed some drinks still contained...

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Self-entitlement and food: the globally irresponsible spiral

Until consumers lose the attitude that they deserve and have a right to goods from all over the world, our food systems and the environment are at peril.

Third soft drinks firm settles over benzene lawsuit

Another soft drinks firm has reformulated and agreed to pay out compensation in the US to head off a lawsuit over the potential presence of cancer chemical benzene in its...

FSA summit plans UK food terror response

Plans to deal with widespread contamination of the UK food supply caused by a terrorist attack have been discussed by industry, food safety and security officials amid concerns at the...

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Why climate change cannot be ignored

Ignoring climate change will cost countries billions and lead to food scarcity.

One in 20 EU pesticides fake, claims study

More than one in 20 pesticides sold in the EU could be fake, potentially endangering food safety and human health, according to the Society of Chemical Industry.