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Better, cheaper, quicker food allergen tests on the way

Food processors could soon be able to detect minute traces of food allergens in their products on site and within minutes, thanks to a new test system under development in...

EFSA rejects report on BSE risks from sausage casings

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has rejected the conclusions of a Swiss report saying that sausage casings sourced from cattle intestines pose negligible BSE related risks.

PepsiCo imports fail Chinese quality control

Global drinks giant PepsiCo is one of a number of western companies whose imported food and beverage products have failed Chinese quality inspection tests, reports Shanghai Daily, one of the...

NZ’s ‘outdated’ Food Act to be replaced to lift safety standards

The New Zealand government has pledged to update what it describes as its “outdated” 28-year-old Food Act to make it more relevant to businesses and consumers while improving safety standards.


Are health claims curbing freedom of speech?

The US FDA is being sued over its health claims regime – actions that are unlikely to succeed according to most pundits – but they raise serious questions about healthy...

GM could save US wheat industry, says report

Biotechnology (GM) could reverse the decline in US wheat production and safeguard supplies for the food chain, a new report has concluded.

Quorn manufacturer faces lawsuit

Quorn Foods is facing a class action lawsuit filed by an Arizona woman who claims the main ingredient in the company’s meat substitute products made her violently ill.

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FSA advises on sustainable fish choices

The UK’s Food Standards agency is sticking by its advice for people to eat at least two fish portions a week, of which one should be oily – but is...

Chemical industry rejects ‘lies’ allegation over BPA bill defeat

Chemical industry representatives have vigorously denied allegations that it used dirty tricks to convince Californian lawmakers not to pass a bill to ban bisphenol A (BPA).

UK to explore consumer views on GM food

The UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) has announced the formation of an independent steering group to engage with consumers over genetic modification.

Meat additives not linked to brain tumours: Study

Intakes of nitrates and nitrites from processed meats, fruit and vegetables do not increase the incidence of brain tumours, says a new study from Imperial College London and Harvard.


Bisphenol A: Hearts versus minds

Forget GMO and nanotechnology - the biggest food safety issue of our times is bisphenol A (BPA).

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Chinese ingredients: Quality assurance efforts to expand, says NPA

US-based dietary supplement trade group Natural Products Association (NPA) will be expanding its activity in China, together with its efforts to safeguard the supply chain for natural products.

California rejects bill to ban bisphenol A

The bid to pass a law banning bisphenol A (BPA) in California failed on Friday triggering a bitter backlash from it supporters who accused the chemical industry of dirty...

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FDA and USDA launch joint food safety website

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) have launched a joint website in order to highlight the latest food safety and recall information to...


Acrylamide: The consumer health scare that isn’t

Consumers love to get their teeth into a good health scare. So how is it that acrylamide has slipped under the radar?

Smart RFID sensors promise cheaper food and less waste

Lower food prices and less waste thanks to low-cost, smart sensors using Radio Frequency ID (RFID) technology could result from pioneering work at the University of Manchester, UK.

Nearly a third of Americans ‘very or extremely’ worried about food safety

As a high profile food safety bill awaits consideration in the Senate, a new survey shows the number of Americans who are very or extremely concerned about food safety has...

Better quality Balkan foods since accession

Increased imports and competition in food trade has pushed up quality in Central European and Balkan countries since EU enlargement, says a new study.

Cereal makers lobby FSA to stop salt warning ads

Leading cereal manufacturers in the UK are meeting the Food Standards Agency (FSA) today to urge the body to pull a £3m (€3.44m) advertising campaign on salt consumption.

Research shows US consumers ‘unaware of acrylamide’

The majority of US consumers are unaware of acrylamide even as major North American governments are taking action to deal with the suspected carcinogen, according to new consumer research.

E-numbers scrutinised via iPhone apps

New applications for iPhone are giving consumers instant access to information on food additives by entering the E-number – but there are questions about the science used to support the...

Human health risk from certain GM fish - Study

The commercial breeding cretain species of GM fish should be approached with caution on fears they could pose a health risk to humans and threaten natural breeds, new research has...


Sugar and strife – not so nice if the price is not right

Sugar politics means high prices are a bitter pill for US and Indian sweet food and beverage makers; while the European industry is sitting pretty on the back of the...

FAO's concern for Asia after H1N1 virus hits Chilean turkeys

The detection of a H1N1 virus in turkeys in Chile poses no threat to the food supply chain but does raise concerns that poultry farms elsewhere in the world could...

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