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EFSA rules out H1N1 risk to humans from meat

The meat processing industry has welcomed a report from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) ruling out the risk of humans contracting the H1N1 virus from pork, pork products, turkey...

FDA, NOAA increase Gulf of Mexico seafood safety efforts

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has said it is increasing its efforts to ensure the safety of fish and seafood from the Gulf of Mexico, and has released new...

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Four steps to improve food safety in India

The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry in India (ASSOCHAM) has proposed a four-pronged strategy to help businesses implement demanding food standards legislation.


World Cup is an own goal for food culture

Sorry guys, the World Cup is not all about football. It’s about food too, and this year’s tournament should kick off a whole new debate about our sporting food culture....

UK targets campylobacter as chief food safety foe

Campylobacter in raw chicken is the biggest food safety challenge facing the UK today, said the Food Standards Agency (FSA) as it admitted the cost and burden of foodborne illnesses...

EFSA calls for fresh data on cloned animals

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) is appealing for new data on the health and welfare of cloned farm animals as the debate on their regulatory status continues.

Germany agency calls for limits on BPA usage

Manufacturers, importers and users of bisphenol A (BPA) should use alternative substances that pose less risk to human health and the environment, advises Germany’s Federal Environment Agency (UBA).

Precaution should be watchword of FDA, says IOM

The Food and Drug Administration is not currently equipped to handle food safety problems and needs to switch to a risk based system, argues a report from the Institute of...

FSA tackles campylobacter with new five-year roadmap

The UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) has launched a fresh assault on foodborne illness with a new five-year strategy for reducing food poisoning.

Chicken processor faces record fine for repeat violations

A US chicken processor employing over 3,000 people is a facing a record fine of over $1m for repeated health and safety violations.

New studies fail to challenge opinion on ochratoxin A, says EFSA

New research does not contradict or change the conclusions drawn in the European Food Safety Authority’s opinion on ochratoxin A (OTA) in foods such as cocoa products and liquorice, claims...

No risk from bisphenol A in canned food - Health Canada

Exposure to bisphenol A from canned food poses no health risk to the general population, Health Canada has said after conducting a survey into levels of the chemical in 78 products.

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Japan and China sign food safety pact

Officials from Japan and China reached a bilateral agreement Monday to improve food safety standards and restore confidence.


Scientific failings are the organic industry’s gain

Are organic foods healthier? The sad truth is that nearly 100,000 studies later, we just don't know. Meanwhile, this lack of certainty presents major business opportunities for the organic food industry.

Trans fat switch-out has not caused sat fat surge: Study

Fears that saturated fat content of foods would skyrocket as manufacturers switched out trans fats have proved to be unfounded, according to a new study published in the New England...

New functional systems to climate-proof cream cheese

Hydrosol has developed new ‘functional systems’ for cream cheese makers struggling to get reliable and economical fresh milk or cream supplies.

Cellulose ingredients make for crispier, healthier fried products

Adding the hydrocolloid HPMC to a batter can reduce the uptake of oil during frying and enhance the ‘crunch’ on eating the crispy crust, says new data from Europe.

Lidl faces legal action over listeria cheese death

A German consumer rights organisation is suing Lidl, Prolactal, and local health officials for ‘negligent homicide’ following a listeria cheese outbreak that resulted in seven deaths earlier this year.

Some packaging adhesives can contaminate food - study

Spanish scientists have called for further study into some adhesives after research revealed that some toxic substances from them could penetrate packaging and contaminate food.

Few options open for reducing high acrylamide levels in coffee

There is little that can be done from a technological point of view to reduce the high levels of acrylamide in coffee and coffee substitutes, according to a leading scientist...


Realistic prices needed for European food stability and to safeguard society

Please: A big round of applause for Jozsef Kapuvári. Who? You might well ask. Kapuvári is the author of an EU report that highlights the importance of realistic food prices...

EFSA announces delay in bisphenol A verdict

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has announced a delay in delivering its verdict on bisphenol A (BPA) because it needs more time to review the vast body of...

Acrylamide levels drop with exceptions, says EFSA survey

A European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) survey of acrylamide in food products indicates that voluntary efforts to reduce levels of the carcinogen are working but only in a limited number...

Study questions safety of UV-treated, HFCS-sweetened juices

Scientists have questioned the safety of UV-treated fruit juices containing high fructose syrup (HFCS) in a newly published study.

Study praises indicator approach to food safety evaluation

Scientists have highlighted the virtue of food safety performance indicators (FSPI) to help businesses evaluate their own safety management systems without having to perform actual microbiological analysis.

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