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Fruit and veg linked to kids' school performance, study

Fruit and vegetable consumption and dietary fat intake were found to play an important role in children's academic performance, highlighting yet again the need for balanced diets at an early...

Tiny hairs could explain apple storage issues

Researchers from the UK have identified tiny hairs between the cells in Fuji apples - a trait they believe could have implications for storage of late-harvested fruit.

Dietary guidelines play role in disease risk reduction

Consumers adhering to healthy diets similar to the 2005 Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGAs) are less likely to suffer from metabolic syndrome, say researchers.

Foster's turns back on 'added energy' drinks

Foster's today announced that it will immediately remove added energy and higher alcohol ready to drink (RTD) brands from its portfolio of goods sold in Australia due to concerns about...

FDA report revealed consumers are not behind clones

An internal report by the US FDA suggested that there was little or no support among Americans for food from cloned animals, a protest group has claimed.

Consumption database enables reliable risk assessment

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has launched an online database that pools food consumption levels from member states to allow for more exact exposure assessments.

Soft drink makers press 'natural' innovation claims

Beverage manufacturers will continue to focus on using innovative "natural" ingredients in their products amidst growing concerns over the safety of their current formulations, according to the British Soft Drinks...

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Allergen-free: time for clarity

Claiming 'free from' is not a light statement to make. Lives depend on it. As scientific progress questions the validity of such claims, it is time to establish exact guidelines...

Green group calls for halt on nanotechnology

Environmental group Friends of the Earth (FOE) has called for a moratorium on the use of nanotechnology in the food chain, claiming insufficient research has been carried out into its...

Introduction of cloned animals concerns interest groups

The US Center for Food Safety (CFS) has issued a statement supporting legislation being introduced at federal and state level to protect consumers against an unregulated introduction of cloned animals,...

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Warning signs: reconsidering shock tactics

Here's a possible new marketing angle for food and beverage manufacturers: "Food can kill".

Polyphenols may be the key to low acrylamide bakery

Manufacturers of bakery products looking to reduce levels of acrylamide can tap into a range of solutions, but polyphenols may be the most promising, suggests a new review.

Swinging voters key to European supplements debate

As the European Union debate over maximum and minimum nutrient levels in supplements and functional foods moves closer to a mooted January 2009 denouement, a key lobbyist says "it is...

EFSA highlights need for flavour intake data

More accurate intake data is required for a number of flavouring substances, says the European Food Safety Authority, as the standard model for estimating consumption levels was found to be...

Folic acid fortification pressure rises in UK

A UK pressure group has challenged the Food Standards Agency (FSA) over its concerns that food manufacturers may need to reduce folic acid levels in certain foods if mandatory fortification...

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Supplements - do we ask too much?

Taking a range of supplements from vitamin A to zinc is becoming part of everyday life. But as the latest study is published questioning their efficacy, people could be left...

MEP animal welfare group against animal cloning

A group of MEPs has called on the European Commission to prohibit cloning of animals for food.

Less concern over salt, fat and food safety, says UK survey

The latest consumer survey conducted by the UK's Food Standards Agency points to a drop in concern about salt and fat levels in foods, which the agency says reinforces the...

New child obesity stats inform UK strategy

The UK government has reported progress in its bid to identify children who are or who are at risk of becoming overweight, providing new trend data to help inform anti-obesity...

FSA examines food fraud initiatives

A recent seminar organised by the UK Food Standards Agency allowed manufacturers throughout the food industry to discover the latest methods being employed to track and prevent food fraud.

Dairy body claims natural trans fats not harmful

The European dairy industry says it is confident that there is significant research to back it claims that naturally occurring trans fatty acids (TFA) in milk pose no health concerns...

New trade group focuses on salt reduction

The UK Food and Drink Federation (FDF) is focusing on achieving salt and sodium reduction and cutting saturated fats in the bakery and snacks sector with the formation of a...

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Making a meal out of saturated fat

The food industry across Europe needs to make a big effort to reduce saturated fat in food regardless of whether national agencies set targets - and it should not wait...

FSA board discusses food safety

Today's meeting of the UK Food Standards Agency's Board will include a progress report on food safety, highlighting achievements but also flagging areas of concern like rising rates of foodbourne...

Biotech reports spark debate over potential benefits

Two contradictory reports assessing global cultivation of genetically modified (GM) crops and its impact on productivity, pesticide use and world hunger caused debate today.

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