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NZ folic acid fortification delayed to 2012

The mandatory fortification of bread with folic acid in New Zealand is likely to be delayed for another three years, following heated debate over the risks and benefits of...

Canada listeria report lays bare food safety flaws

A void in leadership, a raft of systemic flaws and a shortage of inspectors were just some of the criticisms levelled at Canada’s food safety system in a damning...

Plastic pallet company rejects decabromodiphenyl ether leaching claims

A leading plastic pallet company has labelled allegations that a toxic chemical contained in its products can leach into food as “misleading, inaccurate and highly suspect”.

Don’t wait for fall to act on food safety, says CU

Every day that Congress delays in passing the Food Safety Enhancement Act puts more lives at risk, Consumers Union is claiming – and had the provisions been in place this...

‘Metallic’ pine nut mystery stumps food analysts

The UK’s Food Standards Agency is investigating curious reports of a lingering metallic taste in the mouth of people who have eaten pine nuts, sometimes lasting as long as two...

Consumers prepared to pay for nutritional panel: Study

Spanish consumers are more willing to pay a premium for food products that carry a nutritional panel on packaging than for those that just make a ‘light’ claim, according to...

US scientific panel refuses to list bisphenol A as hazardous

The ongoing battle over bisphenol A (BPA) took another twist yesterday when a scientific regulatory board in California rejected calls to put the packing chemical on a list of harmful...

Asda claims victory in aspartame ‘nasty’ case

A High Court judge has found in favour of Asda in its court battle with Ajinomoto over food and beverage ‘no nasties’ labelling, which listed aspartame as an ingredient not...

BPA fears and green concerns trigger launch of carton water

Safety fears over controversial chemical bisphenol A (BPA) and environmental concerns have prompted one US beverage company to start selling water in cartons.


Safety is no accident in food factories

Industrial accidents are not funny. Does anyone need a reminder? Apparently yes; judging by how some headline writers and bloggers made light of the plight of Vincent Smith who died...

EFSA highlights dairy cow welfare needs

The genetic selection of dairy cows to increase milk yields needs to be accompanied by appropriate measures to ensure the welfare of the animals, according to a recent opinion...

US food and beverage firms convert to rPET packaging

Two US food and beverage producers have claimed to be the first in their respective sectors to switch to 100 per cent rPET packaging on environmental grounds.

News in brief

Health Canada clears BPA levels found in packaging as safe

Canadian health authorities have said that levels of bisphenol A (BPA) recently discovered in food packaging pose no risk to consumers.

EFSA publishes report on pesticide residues in food

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has said that a study on pesticide residues in food found 96 per cent of samples complied with legal maximum levels for the chemicals.

Whole Foods Market seeks non-GMO seal

Whole Foods Market has partnered with the Non-GMO Project to test for the presence of genetically modified (GM) ingredients in its private label products in order to independently verify...

Phthalates may be linked to premature births - study

New research has said phthalates could be contributing to an “alarming rise” in premature births in the United States.


Defining nano: Size does matter

The Atlantic Ocean separates continents; it also separates schools of thought on the definition of nanotechnology. In order to educate manufacturers and consumers on nanotechnology a definition is critical.

US active and intelligent packing markets to grow on food safety fears and falling prices

Increasing concerns over food safety and quality are projected to drive US demand for active and intelligent packaging to $1.9bn by 2013, according to a new report.

Reformulated chocolate chip cookies for kids to combat disease risk?

Reformulating popular foods for school children to make them nutrient dense could be a key tool to slash risk factors for chronic disease, finds a new study.

High phthalate levels correlated with low birth weight in newborns, says study

Exposure to certain phthalates in the womb could be linked to low birth weight, according to researchers in China.

Animal fats linked to pancreatic cancer: Study

Researchers have linked high intake of fat from red meat and dairy products with increased risk of pancreatic cancer, in a study published in the Journal of the National...

Toxic chemical in plastic pallets could be leaching into food, says group

The use of plastic pallets containing the chemical decabromodiphenyl ether (Deca) that are used to ship, cool and store fruit and vegetables should be halted on safety grounds, a US...

Transparency meeting: What’s behind FDA enforcement, asks industry

Enforcement action by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is a key area where more open communication with industry is necessary, the agency will hear today during a...

Consumer confidence in food manufacturers plunges, says survey

New research from the United States suggests that consumer confidence in food companies has plummeted after less than one in five said they trusted firms to develop and sell healthy...

Use of bisphenol A threatening companies' shareholder value, says investor coalition

A coalition of investors has warned the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that continued use of bisphenol A (BPA) in packaging may threaten the shareholder value of food and...

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