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Scots urged to tackle 'food poisoning epidemic'

The Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland (REHIS) has urged Scots to improve food hygiene standards to tackle what it calls the 'annual food poisoning epidemic'.

New approach to food risk unveiled

A new approach to risk and crisis management for food and drink companies has been unveiled at the UK's Campden and Chorleywood Food Research Association (CCFRA).

Omega-3 trend could lead vegetarians to eat fish by mistake

The trend towards adding omega-3 to dairy and other staple food products may be causing vegetarians to inadvertently eat fish products, a predicament that could be avoided through open, honest...

South Korea delays resumption of US beef imports

South Korea said yesterday that it will delay resumption of US beef imports, after finding problems at US meat processing facilities, reported Yonhap news.

Norway's food safety inspectors strike affects meat supply

Processors in Norway are using up stocks of domestic and imported meat supplies after food safety inspectors began a strike on Tuesday over wages, leading government to step in to...

Exter launches sunflower-based bouillon flavour

Exter Aroma has launched a clean label bouillon flavour (HVP) based on sunflower that offers food makers an allergen free, non-GM, 100 per cent vegan flavouring option.

FDA affirms position on mercury in fish

The Food and Drug Administration has confirmed that it stands behind its consumer advisory on mercury levels in fish.

Radioactive waste threatens Champagne vineyards

The re-opening of a radioactive waste dump in France's Champagne region, recently shut for safety reasons, threatens to contaminate the area's famous vineyards, says campaigns group Greenpeace.

Formula milk safe from cancer compounds, says FSA

Levels of the cancer-causing PAH compounds in infant formula milk on sale in Britain are below the limits set by the European Union and pose no health risk, says the...

Consumers seek 'trust marks' as sign of quality, says firm

Consumers are increasingly looking for quality seals and trust marks on food products, which provide a fast and easy indication of the item's benefits, according to research conducted by ConAgra...

Scientists urge transparency in nanotech safety testing

The UK's Royal Society has called for companies developing products containing nanoparticles to disclose how they are tested for safety.

Test kit could help consumers avoid caffeine

A testing kit that uses antibodies from llama blood could help consumers and companies identify the presence of caffeine in beverages.

Campina tightens feed quality controls

Dutch dairy group Campina has upgraded its new quality assurance system for animal feed used by member farmers, re-iterating that current checks in the sector were not good enough.

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Chasing down obesity

It is time to admit that society is fighting a part-time battle against the bulge, willingly lambasting soft drinks, burgers and chocolate, while shuffling silently away from a fairly dismal...

Aspartame safe for consumption, food agency concludes

The EU's food safety agency today said aspartame is safe for consumption, contradicting a scientific study by the Ramazzini Foundation that claimed the artificial sweetener caused cancer.

Public sceptical of food safety measures, survey finds

Do media such as and others overly hype food safety issues to the public?

Salt study 'flawed' claims professor

A Finnish professor of pharmacology has questioned the findings behind a study that suggests that lowering the salt content of food could be bad for people's health.

More benzene lawsuits hit soft drinks firms

More lawsuits have been filed against soft drinks firms alleging their drinks were contaminated with the cancer-causing chemical benzene above America's legal limit for drinking water.

Concerns raised about use of butter flavorings by processors

Food companies face a growing chance of litigation from employees over concerns about the industry's use of diacetyl and butter flavorings, which have been linked to lung disease in workers.

UK regulator defends bird flu test methods

The UK regulator responsible for testing for bird flu defended its methods today after scientific experts raised the possibility that they may be flawed.

Charred meat could cause prostate cancer, scientists say

Just in time for the start of the barbeque season, scientists have published a report indicating that charred meat may lead to prostate cancer.

Revised labelling required for poultry products

By next month food companies will be required to have more explicit instructions that uncooked, breaded or boneless poultry products need to be cooked.

Heat tests key for benzene in soft drinks

Testing soft drinks to reflect the effects of storage and transport conditions will be crucial to realistically monitor benzene formation in different drinks, a former industry scientist told

Bird flu infects poultry in Germany, wild swan in UK

Highly pathogenic H5N1 avian influenza has infected poultry at a farm in Germany, while the UK has announced the discovery of the disease in a wild swan.

HFCS not to blame for obesity crisis, claims study

An industry-funded study claims to show that humans handle high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) no differently than table sugar, an assertion that contradicts assumptions that HFCS in beverages fails to...