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Commission to be quizzed on cloning safety, ethics

The debate over products from cloned animals entering the European food chain will enter a new phase next week, as MEPs ask the Commission searching questions about the welfare of...

Europe not reacting to Californian Teflon concerns

As California moves a step nearer to outlawing the use of the chemical Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) in food packaging, European regulators say they are not currently reassessing their own...

MSG linked to increased body weight: study

Consumption of the flavour enhancer monosodium glutamate (MSG) may increase the risk of gaining weight, regardless of energy intake, suggests a new study.

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Omega-3 reality check

The market predictions for omega-3 products are endlessly buoyant but a closer look at the state of play reveals very few omega-3 functional foods and beverages have moved beyond niche...

UK government stands behind GM

The UK’s environment minister has challenged claims by Prince Charles that genetically modified (GM) crops are causing environmental damage.

No cancer concerns over paprika colour for foods: study

The increasing use of paprika as a food colour does not present any safety concerns for cancer or chronic toxicity, Japanese researchers have reported.

Growth hormone buyer eyes milk supply potential

Monsanto has found a buyer for its bovine somatotropin growth hormone, despite growing concern in the US over the use of such products in dairy cattle, as manufacturers continue to...

New film could inhibit bacterial growth on conveyor belts

A film coated with nanoparticles of silver and calcium phosphate could be used in food processing plants and packaging to inhibit pathogen growth, claim Swiss chemical engineers.

Natural preservative knowledge lags behind demand, warns authority

Research on natural food preservatives is lagging behind market demand for replacements for synthetic ones that have fallen out of favour with consumers, warns an expert, and a coordinated effort...

EU-wide dietary guidelines not feasible, says EFSA

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has launched a public consultation on its draft opinion on food-based dietary guidelines, in which it concluded that guidelines to span the whole of...

US beef industry backing research to tackle bug

Despite recent recalls, the US beef industry is investing in research and new technologies to ensure beef safety and prevent E. coli contamination, claim industry representatives.

Salmonella outbreak leads to product recall

Irish company Dawn Farm Foods has withdrawn some cooked bacon products following concerns over possible salmonella contamination.

Oil combo to facilitate trans-fat free margarine: study

A blend of canola oil, palm stearin, and palm kernel oil can produce margarine free of trans-fats and desirable textural properties, says new research from the US.

Farmers over-reliance on antibiotics affects resistance, says UK organic group

UK farmers and veterinary surgeons are giving antibiotics to animals often to prevent rather than treat disease, which is contributing to the problem of antibiotic resistance through food, claims a...

Plant and worker safety driving cleaning chemical sales - report

Rising public awareness of the risk of foodborne illnesses due to highly publicized cases concerning ground beef and other products will spur growth in cleaning chemicals, according to a new...

Study links dairy to better bones in kids

Long-term dairy consumption, supplemented with other protein-rich foods such as meats can help maintain improved bone health in children, according to a new study.

High speed metal detection ensures quality control, claims Mettler Toledo

A new X-ray system will detect foreign bodies, damaged products and low fill levels in metal cans at high speeds, claims Mettler Toledo Safeline.

Dried fish stock may be salt enhancer for food

A dried stock made from the bonito fish – a stock used extensively in Japanese cuisine – may improve the palatability of reduced-salt products, suggests new research.

New tracking system will ensure meat safety, says IT firm

A new tracking system will improve the visibility and traceability of meat and poultry products using RFID technology and thereby improve food safety in Norway, according to an IT company.

Low-dose B12 plus folic acid effective for elderly: study

Fortifying bread with folic acid and low dose vitamin B12 is effective in improving vitamin B blood status in the elderly, according to a new study from Holland.

Study finds no extra nutrients in dried organic food

A new study from Denmark has added to debate about whether organic food is healthier than conventionally grown, as it concludes there is no evidence in favour of the argument.

US organics company using tracing system to allay safety concerns

An organics company that links growers and food manufacturers has announced it is to integrate a technology that will enable it to track produce, as calls grow for a faster...

Food watchdog detects lead risk in confectionery chain

Heavy metal risk to the confectionery supply chain comes under the spotlight this week in the US as health officials detect banned levels of lead in two different chocolate confectionery...

Monsanto plots growth hormone exit

Monsanto has announced plans to sell of its Posilac brand of bovine somatotropin growth hormone as negative consumer reaction grows around the sue of such additives in milk.

Regulator urges action on foodborne pathogen resistance

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has adopted a redrafted opinion that maintains the growing use of antimicrobial agents in food could be damaging human resistance to bacteria.

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