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Trans-fats should be banned - expert at IFT

Limiting and labelling trans fatty acids in food is not enough, and they should be banned, a leading epidemiologist from Harvard told attendees at IFT Food Expo 2007.

Unsafe levels of Bisphenol A found in humans, scientists say

Human exposure to food packaging chemical Bisphenol A (BPA) is higher than levels found to have caused cancer in laboratory animals, according to new scientific studies.

Reports criticise Italy, Greece for poor food safety regs

Italy is in the bad books, while Slovenia is the teacher's pet, according to European Commission's latest reports on the state of EU member states food safety regulations.

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Nitrite free: Where does the truth end?

Cured meat products are appearing on the market as 'naturally cured', 'no nitrite added', 'without added nitrite' or even 'nitrite free' to promote a health image to consumers. Industry expert...

Companies need to regain public trust, survey shows

Public apathy has set in over the safety of the food supply due to the soaring number of scares and recalls, according to a UK survey.

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Could the E-number be up?

The European Food Safety Authority's review of additive safety could have a bigger effect on the ingredients industry than the ejection of certain colours and flavours with a suspect safety...

EU launches consultation on nanotech code

The EU yesterday launched a consultation on a voluntary code of conduct researchers and companies can use when developing nanotechnolgy products.

Scientific panel advises keeping ban on growth hormones

New scientific studies do not provide enough evidence for the EU to amend its ban on the use of growth promoting hormones in cattle, the European Food Safety Agency (EFSA)...

High GI diet linked to poor eye health

Eating a diet with a high glycemic index may increase the risk of developing advanced age-related macular degeneration (AMD), says a new study from Tufts University.

Pathogen resistance to drugs rising, according to UK study

Up to 29 per cent of the Campylobacter pathogen are now resistant to a commonly used antimicrobial, according to a UK survey.

EFSA condemns Red 2G colour as carcinogen

EFSA has issued a damning opinion on the safety of food colour Red 2G (E128), the first under its reassessment programme and a strong indication of a sea-change in the...

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The aspartame science kerfuffle

The publication of a new animal study on aspartame last month has - as expected -sparked yet another bout of head butting from the two opposing sides of the debate....

Cadbury pleads guilty to all salmonella charges

Cadbury yesterday is to plead guilty to six additional salmonella charges over an outbreak in the Herefordshire factory last year.

Crackdown on food safety in UK reduces incidents, regulator reports

A crackdown of food safety incidents has led to a 19.2 per cent reduction in foodborne illness between 2001 and 2006, the UK regulator reported this week.

EU food safety alerts down by 5 per cent

Tougher measures against illegal dyes and a more harmonised criteria for detecting pathogens have led to a 5 per cent drop in EU food safety alerts, the European Commission said yesterday.

Crack-down continues as China closes 180 plants

China's government has closed down about 180 plants after inspections uncovered raw industrial materials in food products.

New study reignites aspartame cancer concerns

Concerns over the safety of aspartame could be reignited after a new study with rats linked regular intake of the sweetener with increased risk of leukaemia, lymphomas and breast cancer.

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Clinical trials - gold standard or white elephant?

Randomised clinical trials are the ultimate. Forget what the observational studies tell us, if the RCT gives us an answer it must be the final word, right? Wrong.

Smoke flavouring found to be unsafe

FF-B, a smoke flavouring, can damage the genetic material in cells, the Europe's food safety agency warned on Friday.

New 'superbug' strain spreading in meat, warns study

Retail meat from pigs, chickens and other livestock could be infected with a "superbug" strain of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), according to a UK study released today.

UK organic sector fights GM contamination

Representatives from the UK organic sector have today urged the UK environment minister David Miliband not to allow organic food to be contaminated by genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Prevent contamination as produce grows, say scientists

The most effective method to prevent contamination in fresh fruit and vegetables is to intervene while they grow, say US scientists.

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A sobering thought for the alcohol industry

Much against my own better judgement, there are some issues it seems, where corporate social responsibility must really live up to its name and truly look after its consumers.

Water bottle chemical risks unfounded, says association

Claims that chemicals used in plastic water bottles can cause cancer are not based in science and are unsubstiated, according to an industry association.

Kiwis, dairy and alcohol top list of fakes, says OECD

Kiwis, conserved vegetables, milk powder, butter, ghee, baby food, instant coffee, alcohol, drinks, confectionery, and hi-breed corn seeds are among the most counterfeited articles in the world according to a...

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