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Charred meat could cause prostate cancer, scientists say

Just in time for the start of the barbeque season, scientists have published a report indicating that charred meat may lead to prostate cancer.

Revised labelling required for poultry products

By next month food companies will be required to have more explicit instructions that uncooked, breaded or boneless poultry products need to be cooked.

Heat tests key for benzene in soft drinks

Testing soft drinks to reflect the effects of storage and transport conditions will be crucial to realistically monitor benzene formation in different drinks, a former industry scientist told

Bird flu infects poultry in Germany, wild swan in UK

Highly pathogenic H5N1 avian influenza has infected poultry at a farm in Germany, while the UK has announced the discovery of the disease in a wild swan.

HFCS not to blame for obesity crisis, claims study

An industry-funded study claims to show that humans handle high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) no differently than table sugar, an assertion that contradicts assumptions that HFCS in beverages fails to...

Spanish GM crops causing 'massive contamination'

The dramatic uptake of Genetically Modified (GM) crops in Spain is causing massive genetic contamination according to Greenpeace - though this is not a view shared by everyone.

US sugar industry wins round against Splenda

A federal court has dismissed a lawsuit brought by McNeil Nutritionals, the marketer of Splenda, against the Sugar Association, accusing it of false advertising.

Food must focus on opportunities, not crises

Food has become too much a matter of crisis and not of opportunity, according to Michel Vieillefosse, head of the Eureka Secretariat.

EU authorities co-ordinate efforts against illegally declared foods

Greater international co-ordination in reducing the amount of illegally declared foods entering and exiting the EU's borders could be the result of a meeting held yesterday by the bloc's anti-fraud...

Thai chicken processors cooking meat to recover exports

Thailand's chicken processors say they will soon recover their export sales, badly damaged by the bird flu crisis, by offering their international customers premium, cooked products.

Americans more aware of foodborne illness, says study

American consumers are eating safer, according to new findings that reveal the number of 'risky foods' consumed has declined significantly in recent years.

UN report shows dramatic fall in BSE incidents

A UN report on the dramatic drop in cases of Bovine Spongiform Encepalopathy (BSE) or "mad cow disease" worldwide, could help food companies win back former beef eaters.

Food safety watchdog says cooked poultry, eggs "safe"

A report on avian influenza from the EU's food safety watchdog could help to calm consumer fears about eating poultry and eggs, even though the regulator's scientists have also sounded...

Americans eat fish despite mercury fears, says study

American consumers are aware of the levels of harmful contaminants in seafood, but this has not prevented them from omitting fish from their diets, says a new report.

Round up: Denmark hit by deadly strain of bird flu

Avian influenza was found in a wild bird in Denmark this week, making it the eleventh EU member to report a suspected or confirmed case of the Asian strain of...

Safety regulator finds mollusc allergens not reduced by processing

The EU's food safety authority has found that allergens in molluscs are not reliably reduced by processing techniques, paving the way for the bloc to impose labelling requirements on a...

Consumer confidence in food safety on the rise?

Consumer confidence in food safety in the UK is recovering from the low levels it had reached last year after the Sudan 1 food scare, according to a new survey.

E. coli outbreak from ground beef suspected in child's death

Following the death of a young boy due to a suspected E. coli outbreak in Norway, discounter Lidl has halted sales of ground beef produced in the country.

Global biosafety food standards vital to counter contamination

Greenpeace has called for the urgent adoption of international biosafety standards after the publication of a report that claims to reveal the extent of GM contamination.

Microbiologists meet to discuss role in fighting disease

Microbiology experts from across Europe are meeting in Cardiff, Wales today to discuss how to improve the fight against food borne bacteria such as E. coli O157, and diseases such...

Weekly Comment

The benzene trail

The gamble by US authorities 15 years ago to let the industry deal with benzene residues in soft drinks has failed, and instead only kept those who needed to know...

Bird flu spreads to France's southern region

Avian influenza continues to spread in the EU's largest poultry producer, with the country's agriculture ministry reporting over the weekend that the highly pathogenic type H5N1 had been detected in...

France pledges bird flu aid for poultry industry

The French government has pledged emergency aid for poultry producers in the country affected by the increasing spread of bird flu.

No cancer link found in new aspartame study

A recent study has found that the controversial sweetener aspartame does not increase the incidence of tumors in mice, but the scientists point out that this does not necessarily mean...

Europe must address trans fats 'scandal', says food campaigner

Europe should follow Denmark's example and force food makers to clearly label the presence of trans fats, a move that would bring huge health benefits and bring European labelling into...