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Leatherhead forms food industry NanoWatch group

Leatherhead Food International is forming a new working group to investigate the use of nanotechnology in the food and drink industry, with particular emphasis on ingredients and hydrocolloids.

Senator calls for labeling of cloned foods

California State Senator Carole Migden has unveiled legislation that would require the clear labeling of meat and milk from cloned animals.

Ethyl Carbamate in food, drink as dangerous as diesel

The attention of product developers is turning towards health risks posed by ethyl carbamate, a naturally ocurring substance in fermented food and beverage products that is now classed as dangerous...

Snack brands slammed over secret sugars

UK consumer watchdog Which? has hit out at several snack and ready meal brands for their 'hidden' sugar content.

Monsanto disputes hormone-free dairy claims - again

The ongoing battle between Monsanto and dairy producers who do not use the firm's milk-producing hormone rBST has stepped up a notch, with the biotech and chemicals giant requesting action...

Salmonella infects one in four chickens for meat

Salmonella infects one in four chickens in flocks reared for meat, according to European survey findings published yesterday.

Groups hail Euro vote to keep GM out of organic foods

Organic food and environmental groups have welcomed a European Parliament decision to set the threshold for genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) in organic food at the lowest level possible - quelling fears...

Guest article

What to do when FDA shows up at your door

Being prepared for a US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) inspection requires advanced and effective planning and, for nutraceutical companies whose products do not require FDA pre-approval, it may be...

USDA identifies rice in latest GM contamination

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has identified the source of a recent GM contamination in rice, and has said that it poses no food safety concerns.

Review slams FDA report on food from clones

The US Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) risk assessment on meat and milk from cloned animals is based on "flawed assumptions and misrepresented findings", according to an independent review. ...

EU aflatoxin peanut project completed

A European project has reported success in controlling aflatoxin contamination in peanuts, a product that has seen its export value fall in recent years.

EFSA to review Monsanto maize concerns

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has revealed that it will review the new data presented by French scientists that revealed toxicity concerns in rats fed the MON863 variety of...

Fungicide research helps fight wheat disease

The field performance of fungicides used to prevent the spread of foliar disease in wheat has decreased significantly within the last decade, according to UK cereal association, the Home Grown...

Statement reveals breakdown in UK food safety

About 900 tonnes of poulty meat passed through a UK farm infected with bird flu and into the food chain during an outbreak of the disease last month, according to...

EU considers allowing cloned meat, milk on market

Meat and milk from cloned animals could soon become available in the EU, depending on the outcome of a European Food Safety Authority scientific review.

EFSA disputes key citrus canker study

EFSA believes that the findings of a recent US study on citrus canker are not supported by sound scientific evidence.

Human genes in rice spark new GM row

Genetically modified rice containing human genes has received preliminary approval in the US, sparking new concerns and fears on both sides of the Atlantic.

FSA aims to cut mycotoxins from cereal ingredients

Codes of practice to help UK farmers reduce the levels of mycotoxins in cereals could improve the safety of the ingredient supply chain.

Non-GMO method for removing allergens from seafood?

A simple heat and irradiation treatment may reduce the levels of an allergenic protein in prawns that may make the seafood accessible to seafood allergy sufferers, Chinese researchers report.

New inspection system to launch in April

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) today said it will launch a new risk-based inspection system in April, initially targeting meat processing plants at 30 locations across the country.

Study highlights milk BSE risk

Fears that cows with BSE could pass on the disease to humans via proteins in their milk has gained more credence from a new study, which has encouraged stricter analysis...

Weekly comment

Deja Moo: Are we ready for cloned cattle?

Here we go again. Yet another technology in its infancy is likely to be introduced into the food supply, while industry remains cautious and consumers divided.

Low-level formaldehyde in gelling agents not a problem, says EFSA

The presence of low-level formaldehyde in gelling agents like carrageenans and alginates does not pose a threat to human health, the European Food Standards Authority (EFSA) has reported.

Weekly Comment

Death to the industry conspiracy theories!

Here we go again. Industry-sponsored studies into the nutritional benefits of food and drink products are biased. Don't believe anything that has an industry sponsor.

Association issues warning about toxic imports into UK

Cuts in funding and a plan by UK regulators to publish details of its testing regime for imports, could lead to toxic foods ending up on the shelves, an organic...

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