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Communication is vital in managing food risk, BfR

Public perception of food risk is the important factor in determining need for state intervention even if the scientific point of view says the risk is low, according to the...

Nitrite, nitrate-rich foods may not be so bad after all

Nitrites and nitrates, much maligned additives in processed and cured meats, may help heart attack survival and recovery, suggests a new mice study from the US.

UK grappling again with bird flu outbreak

Bird flu, in the form of the H5 virus, has hit the UK again, serving as further warning that the poultry supply chain is still vulnerable to the disease.

Industry sets voluntary deadlines on additive removal

UK food and beverage manufacturers have committed themselves to removing a group of six colour additives from their products by the end of 2008, according to a regulatory report published yesterday.

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Meat, cancer and credibility

The big 'Cs' got the meat industry in trouble last week - cancer and credibility.

Folic acid linked to higher cancer rates

More warnings against fortifying flour with folic acid have emerged, following evidence that this could lead to increased cancer rates.

Some processors fail in calculating meat content, survey finds

About six per cent of meat products sold in the UK either did not contain, or failed to list, the amount on the label, according to a survey by the...

UK moves one step closer to ban on trans fats

The UK government has taken a significant step towards the possible banning of trans fatty acids by asking the Food Standards Agency (FSA) for its urgent advice.

Fake foods, drinks on the increase, says OECD

The amount of fake foods, drinks and agricultural products being traded worldwide is on the increase according to a new report on counterfeiting released today by the Organisation for Economic...

Organic not organic if it's air-freighted, says Soil Association

Organic produce that is flown into the UK may not be certified as organic until it meets standards on ethical and fair trade, the Soil Association proposed today, a decision...

Other salts offer low-sodium bread potential

The use of potassium, magnesium and calcium salts in place of sodium chloride could lead to breads with 33 per cent less salt than normal, with changes in texture and...

US testing speeds peanut import process

The import of American peanuts by European countries is now simpler and quicker because the European Commission has approved the pre-export aflatoxin tests carried out by the USA.

Ministers request folic acid-colorectal cancer review

UK health ministers have asked the Food Standards Agency to take another look at studies on folic acid fortification and colorectal cancer risk before making a decision on mandatory fortification...

Global nanotech code up for consultation

A global consultation is underway to create a code that would guide companies developing, manufacturing and selling nanotechnology-engineered products.

FSA quizzes industry on additive removal plans

The UK's Food Standards Agency has requested the food industry tell it what action has been taken to remove certain artificial additives from products and the timeframe for achieving further...

EFSA assessing nanoparticles and cloned meat

Developing a methodology for assessing the risk of nanoparticles and the meat of cloned animals are part of the ongoing work of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), the organisation's...

Commission alarmed at thousands of health claim proposals

The head of food law and nutrition at the European Commission has expressed his concern over the number of health claims being submitted by industry to Member State regulators -...

Reformulation and the bid to stem commodity costs

Palsgaard, CP Kelco and Danisco have said they are researching ingredients' potential to reduce reliance on commodities in food products, but are manufacturers really prepared to reformulate to help control...

Bud maker denies GM accusations

Anheuser Busch yesterday denied claims by environmental organisation Greenpeace that batches of its beer, including the flagship brand Budweiser, contain genetically modified (GM) materials.

When an inspector calls

The UK regulator yesterday published its audits of four of the country's largest meat processing plants, exposing them to increased public scrutiny over their food safety practices.

FDA publishes food additive guidance

The US Food and Drug Administration has set out guidance for submissions for approval of antimicrobial food additives.

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Consumers and the confidence crisis

Consumer demand - the holy grail of any industry - is a fragile and easily manipulated treasure. But influencing consumers for anything other than their own benefit will, more often...

FSA 'astonished' by slow industry action on additives

The UK's FSA has issued its harshest judgement on the food industry's use of artificial colour and preservatives yet, following the publication of the Southampton study at the beginning of...

Most consumers still against cloning, reveals new survey

The majority of American consumers are still against the idea of eating products derived from cloned animals, although confidence levels shoot up if these products are deemed safe by the...

Processors move to quell health fears over additives

The biggest trend in the UK market in recent years has been for manufacturers and retailers to reduce the use of additives, as well as replacing additives used with non-artificial...

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