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FSA quizzes industry on additive removal plans

The UK's Food Standards Agency has requested the food industry tell it what action has been taken to remove certain artificial additives from products and the timeframe for achieving further...

EFSA assessing nanoparticles and cloned meat

Developing a methodology for assessing the risk of nanoparticles and the meat of cloned animals are part of the ongoing work of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), the organisation's...

Commission alarmed at thousands of health claim proposals

The head of food law and nutrition at the European Commission has expressed his concern over the number of health claims being submitted by industry to Member State regulators -...

Reformulation and the bid to stem commodity costs

Palsgaard, CP Kelco and Danisco have said they are researching ingredients' potential to reduce reliance on commodities in food products, but are manufacturers really prepared to reformulate to help control...

Bud maker denies GM accusations

Anheuser Busch yesterday denied claims by environmental organisation Greenpeace that batches of its beer, including the flagship brand Budweiser, contain genetically modified (GM) materials.

When an inspector calls

The UK regulator yesterday published its audits of four of the country's largest meat processing plants, exposing them to increased public scrutiny over their food safety practices.

FDA publishes food additive guidance

The US Food and Drug Administration has set out guidance for submissions for approval of antimicrobial food additives.

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Consumers and the confidence crisis

Consumer demand - the holy grail of any industry - is a fragile and easily manipulated treasure. But influencing consumers for anything other than their own benefit will, more often...

FSA 'astonished' by slow industry action on additives

The UK's FSA has issued its harshest judgement on the food industry's use of artificial colour and preservatives yet, following the publication of the Southampton study at the beginning of...

Most consumers still against cloning, reveals new survey

The majority of American consumers are still against the idea of eating products derived from cloned animals, although confidence levels shoot up if these products are deemed safe by the...

Processors move to quell health fears over additives

The biggest trend in the UK market in recent years has been for manufacturers and retailers to reduce the use of additives, as well as replacing additives used with non-artificial...

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Arnie and the clones

Cloned foods have not yet made it to our grocery aisles, but in the advent of such a rollout consumers must have a defined right to decide if they want...

Healthy diet confuses consumers, FSA says

People in the UK are sometimes confused when it comes to making sure they eat a healthy balanced diet, a Food Standards Agency survey has found.

Chinese vitamin C supply could be under threat

The face of the vitamin C market may be on the verge of change as reports circulate that prices from China - the world's primary supplier - are rocketing.

EFSA confirms place of UK additives study in review

The European Food Standards Authority has confirmed that it will be considering the FSA-funded study on certain food additives and children's behaviour as part of its current review of additive...

Book details advance in yoghurt production

A revised publication focusing on high quality yoghurt production offers a unique insight into the methods and theory being used by today's dairy industry, its authors claim.

China defends its food safety to WHO

China has defended its food safety standards in a notice sent to the World Health Organisation (WHO), while another food safety official has been sent to prison for bribery charges.

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Is it harsh? Is it fair? No it's a consumer watchdog

In 1993, it seemed superheroes had reached their lowest peak when Superman was slain by an unstoppable monster known as "Doomsday".

Public-friendly report calls for nanotechnology research

The European Commission has ordered a re-write of its report calling for more risk assessment of Nanotechnology, aiming to make the subject understandable for industry and the public.

NZ officials dismiss aspartame-formaldehyde link

A link between the aspartame and formaldehyde by an organic group has been dismissed as scaremongering in a statement issued by the New Zealand Food Safety Authority (NZFSA) this week.

Microbiological analysis advice for meat, eggs

A new publication, focusing on microbiological analysis, advises meat and egg processors on how to use the technology to prevent contamination and food-borne illnesses such as salmonella.

New Zealand tests find pesticide residue levels are safe

Pesticide residues largely comply with legal limits, according to the results of food tests conducted by New Zealand Food Safety Authority (NZFSA) published yesterday.

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A helping hand to the confused consumer

Consumers are bombarded with an overload of nutritional advice and product marketing - be it from magazines, television shows, and product advertising - and without a degree in nutritional science,...

UK a high risk foot and mouth zone

The European Commission this week declared that the UK, excluding Northern Ireland, is a high risk zone, as Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) spreads across potentially three UK farms.

US pledges to help China tackle food safety

The US will help China improve the safety of its food and drug exports, the country's health chief said in a statement released in Beijing.

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