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Recent advances pave way for fish gelatine for food

Increasing demand for gelatine, coupled with consumer concerns over the mammalian variety, may open the door for fish gelatine to fill the gap for food formulators, says a new review.

Unicorn Ingredients: new seed supplier targets bakers

Bakers can access a new supply source for their seeds needs as UK ingredients firm Unicorn Ingredients hits the market.

Soy products may raise dementia risk: study

Consumption of soy products like tofu may raise the risk of dementia, according to a new study from Britain and Indonesia.

CIAA questions need for labelling law

The need for new European legislation on nutrition labelling has been called into question by the CIAA (Confederation of Food and Drink Industries in Europe), as a survey indicates that...

Lycopene as effective as statins for artery health: rabbit study

Supplements of the lycopene, the carotenoid that give tomatoes their red colour, may be as effective as statins to reduce the formation of plaques in the arteries that cause atherosclerosis,...

Sparks remains as Miller sticks with caffeinated beer

The Miller Brewing Company will not be following in the footsteps of rivals by reformulating its caffeinated alcohol brands in the US, claiming the products are fully compliant with regulatory...

EFSA in good shape after productive 2007

The European Food Safety Authority is bigger, better, more accountable to stakeholders and in touch with the 450 million citizenry it serves, according to its 2007 annual report.

Cassava flour alternative relieves costs for bakers

Beating the high costs linked to the price of wheat flour on today's market, bakers in the African country of Ghana can now access a cheaper alternative produced with cassava...

HFCS ad campaign accused of deception

A row has broken out over high fructose corn syrup after the Corn Refiners Association's attempts to boost the image of the sweetener attracted criticism.

Belt washer offers chemical free bacteria elimination, says Vulganus.

Finnish manufacturer Vulganus said that its Steriline Utrasonic belt washer provides processors with a new method of cleaning conveyor belts.

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GM: Breaking the stalemate

Food industry voices are joining those of politicians in the GM debate, hailing the controversial technology as the answer to the food supply crisis. But the hearts and minds of...

Conquering egg allergenicity without compromising functionality: review

The continuing prevalence of egg allergies, and its implications for food manufacturing and labelling practices, has led to a scientific review on methods to reduce product allergenicity.

Scientists aim to cut risk posed by Ug99 to wheat supplies

US Department of Agriculture (USDA) scientists have developed wheat lines resistance to a stem rust fungus, which is threatening crop and adding to existing problems of rising costs and a...

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Food crisis: Time to stop the squabbling

Bickering gets you nowhere. It's a lesson to be learned early in life, but which seems easily forgotten when it comes to tough political issues like measures to curb the...

Food safety fears transform consumer choices

Over half of consumers have stopped eating certain foods, either temporarily or permanently, as a direct result of food safety fears, according to Deloitte.

No risk from nitrates in vegetables, says EFSA

The European Food Safety Authority's (EFSA) Contaminants Panel (CONTAM) has found that the beneficial effects of eating vegetables and fruit outweigh potential risk to human health from exposure to nitrate...

UK public voices concern over cloned food

Consumers in the UK believe risk analysis on animal cloning and products from cloned animals and their offspring entering the food chain should be as thorough as drug research, according...

Energy drinks safety questioned by German agency

Energy drinks have the potential to cause liver damage, heart failure and even death and should carry warnings for certain population groups, according to a German body.

Globalisation raises food safety fears, says microbiologist

The trend towards importing more food from developing countries is opening up Western countries to greater food safety risks, says a US microbiologist, and food processors have a duty to...

Current control measures effective against microbes in the plant air: study

The current control measures to limit the levels of microbes in the air of pork processing plants are sufficient and effective, according to Irish scientists.

Study shows low levels of BPA migration into baby bottles, say researchers

A new study has found low levels of Bisphenol A (BPA) migration into polycarbonate baby bottles when heated in a microwave, claim the researchers.

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Yesterday's food complacency proves hard to swallow

For too long, the developed world has taken food for granted. For years, ample food stocks, a well-supplied export trade and rapidly rising agricultural productivity have confined food fears, in...

Acrylamide risk opinion remains unchanged, says EFSA

Efforts to reduce acrylamide remain a priority as the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) concludes risk assessments regarding the carcinogen will stay the same.

Clinicians should employ energy drink awareness - study

Clinicians should consider screening energy drink use in their patients to ensure a greater understanding of the possible impacts of long-term exposure to the high-dose caffeinated products, new findings have...

Wolff pledges to fight illegal honey claims

Ingredients company Alfred L Wolff is vigorously denying accusations against two of its US executives who were arrested for allegedly importing honey from China mislabelled as coming from Russia and...

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