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France pledges bird flu aid for poultry industry

The French government has pledged emergency aid for poultry producers in the country affected by the increasing spread of bird flu.

No cancer link found in new aspartame study

A recent study has found that the controversial sweetener aspartame does not increase the incidence of tumors in mice, but the scientists point out that this does not necessarily mean...

Europe must address trans fats 'scandal', says food campaigner

Europe should follow Denmark's example and force food makers to clearly label the presence of trans fats, a move that would bring huge health benefits and bring European labelling into...

Soft drinks industry pledges to tackle benzene in drinks

America's soft drinks association said it would have to look again at benzene in drinks, after new tests revealed to suggest it and food safety authorities failed to stamp...

Public underestimates risks posed by common pathogens

The public's understanding of food risk issues is skewed towards under estimating the danger from common pathogen contamination, according to a research survey.

GM potato no threat to health, says EFSA

A genetically modified potato product with altered starch composition poses no threat to human health, according to an EFSA panel ruling.

Protozoa helps Salmonella survive chemical cleaning

Aided by a common protozoa, Salmonella cells are three times likely to survive the treatments used by food processors to clean equipment, according to a scientific study.

Organics could protect children from pesticide exposure, symposium

Little has been done over the past decade to reduce the risk of children's exposure to pesticides through the foods they consume, according to an Organic Center symposium held yesterday.

UK, Germany checking soft drinks for benzene

Food safety authorities in Britain and Germany are checking soft drinks for benzene after tests suggest a private deal with soft drinks firms in the US, 15 years ago, failed...

Company develops ozone disinfectant process for produce

Produce Safety & Security International (PSSI) plans to produce prototype units for its ozone gas disinfectant process.`

Avian influenza establishes foothold in EU

Get ready for the impact of avian influenza, as the disease has been conclusively found in wild birds in Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, Slovenia and Azerbaijan over the weekend.

Consumers confused about sweetener safety, says study

Despite growing awareness of the health threat of obesity, Americans are still confused about the safety of the most commonly available sugar substitutes, claims an NGO.

Irradiation study shows improvement, says HFMA

The results from an FSA study into the occurrence of irradiated ingredients in food supplements shows that the industry is tackling the problem, argues the HFMA.

FDA could require labeling of insect-derived red food dye

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) may soon require food companies to label the presence of insect-derived red color additives cochineal extract or carmine, on the basis that these may...

Maize imports free from illegal GMOs, says FSA

The UK's Food Standards Agency (FSA) claims it has found no trace of unauthorised genetically modified material in samples of imported maize.

Weekly Comment

Food miles leave a bitter taste

The organic food movement has been hijacked by supermarkets intent on being seen to be green, but their disrespect of food miles shows they are anything but.

Slugs suspected of spreading E. coli strain

The humble and much-maligned slug, a common garden pest and victim of numerous salt attacks, could be a factor in the spread of E. coli in salad vegetables.

EFSA issues guidance on lupin allergies

The growing popularity of lupin in Europe has increased concerns that some consumers could be unwittingly exposed to allergic reactions.

Modern food production and poor nutrition 'cause depression', report

Two charities have issued a stark warning that unless there is a major overhaul of UK food and farming policies, there will not be enough healthy and nutritious food to...

Animal scares create demand for vegetarian ingredients

Food safety fears have led to the emergence a new market in vegetarian supplement ingredients, and industry insiders predicting that as many as half of all ingredients could be non-animal...

Confusion surrounds Italy's seizure of wheat

While processors wait for Italy's food safety regulator to determine if contaminated wheat was distributed to Europe's pasta plants, Canada's grain regulator says the shipment was tested and found safe.

Avian flu: poultry consumption faces another downturn

A deadly outbreak of avian flu in Turkey is spreading westward, with health officials confirming that a further three human cases have been found in the capital Ankara on Sunday,...

Which? slams retailers over shoddy chicken sandwiches

Consumer watchdog Which? has revealed that most readymade chicken sandwiches contain a hidden blend of additives - but Food Standards Agency (FSA) chicken labelling policy lacks muscle to enforce better...

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The sum of chocolate

Chocoholics rejoice: 2005 was the year it became clear chocolate really is good for you. But before Christmas ushers in a race to cram the candy, reflect a moment on...

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The chemistry of delicious

If only they taught chemistry in schools as it happens at Christmas tables across Europe. For here lies the secret of delicious. Come next weekend, the centrepiece from north to...

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