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Biodegradable alternative or a levy - gum makers should chew on that

It’s a sticky issue that just won’t go away. There are sugar-free, tooth whitening and nicotine added versions but none from leading makers, as yet, that are dissolvable in rain....

New report shows gaps in FDA’s food import oversight

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) needs more authority to oversee imported foods, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) has said in a new report.

FDA issues emergency guidance for food makers after water disruption

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued emergency guidance for food manufacturers in areas subject to boil-water advisories, following a disruption of water supply in Massachusetts on May 1.

Bisphenol A exposure could affect male hormone levels - study

New research has suggested that bisphenol A (BPA) could be responsible for altered hormone levels in men.

EFSA delivers positive safety verdict on iron additive

The European Food Standards Authority (EFSA) has not uncovered any safety concerns with the nutritional additive Ferrous Ammonium Phosphate (FAP).

News in brief

TB epidemic puts future of unpasteurised cheese at risk

The future of unpasteurised cheese could be put in jeopardy if tighter controls are introduced to stem the tuberculosis epidemic spreading through the UK dairy herd.


Why food is a vital issue in the UK general election

Voting is a basic human right. Eating is a basic human need. British voters who eat should mull future meal plans carefully before putting an X in any box on...

Slicers and belts prove high risk for Listeria contamination, study

Bread feeding machines, slicers, conveyor belts and water hoses are the areas most at risk for contamination by L. monocytogenes and continuous monitoring of plant equipment and environment can provide...

Review backs flaxseed lignans' cancer fighting potential

Flaxseed lignans might offer protection against breast, prostate, colon, and skin cancers while the soluble fibre they contain could help maintain steady blood sugar levels, found a review of research...

British Heart Foundation: Curries contain "frankly outrageous" levels of salt

Indian ready meals and accompaniments sold in UK supermarkets contain “frankly outrageous” levels of salt, according to the British Heart Foundation (BHF).

Quality concerns drop with rising consumer engagement: Survey

US consumers have become less concerned about the quality of the food they eat despite a growing awareness of food recalls, according to Deloitte’s 2010 Consumer Food Safety Survey.

SMEs risk microbiological safety with salt reduction

Small food manufacturers are not spending sufficient time analysing how reformulation programmes to reduce salt, fat and sugar are impacting the safety of their products, microbiologists at Campden BRI have...

EFSA delivers all-clear verdict on volcano food safety risks

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has judged the potential risk to food safety in the EU emerging from the volcanic eruption in Iceland as negligible.


Foods with artificial trans fats should be considered adulterated

There is a pile of evidence linking artificial trans fats with heart disease, so why is it still in our food? It’s time to get real and recognize that artificial...

EFSA evaluates Indian grapes pesticide risk

An initial assessment from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) said current levels of the pesticide chlormequat on table grapes from India pose no threat to consumer health.

Coca-Cola dismisses BPA criticisms as shareholder coalition vows to fight on

Some 22 per cent of Coca-Cola shareholders yesterday voted in favour of a resolution urging the company to disclose how it is responding to public fears over bisphenol A...

Follow EFSA's lead on bisphenol A – Danish plastics body

The Danish Plastics Federation (DPF) has voiced its opposition to its Government’s temporary ban on bisphenol A (BPA) in food contact materials for young children and urged Ministers to abide...

Stevia suppliers welcome EFSA opinion

Stevia suppliers have welcomed EFSA’s positive scientific opinion on the safety of stevia-derived sweeteners, saying it paves the way for generating more consumer interest in the natural sweetener.

Skepticism over NY proposal to ban HFCS

A bill introduced by New York State Assemblywoman Barbara Clark proposing an outright ban on the use or sale of high fructose corn syrup in the state has raised eyebrows...

Advocacy group’s plea for hotdog cancer warnings dismissed

A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed last July against several hotdog makers by vegan advocacy group Cancer Project that claimed hotdogs should carry a cancer warning label.

Two new volumes examine dairy quality and safety

Woodhead Publishing has published two new books addressing the latest processing technologies and advances in formulation science relevant to improving the safety and quality of dairy products.

International coalition of scientists calls for bisphenol A ban

An international group of eminent scientist has today called for the banning of bisphenol A (BPA) in food and packaging for children on precautionary grounds.

Packaging and processing advances to help cut campylobacter

The adoption of more modified atmosphere and leak-proof packaging by retailers, as well lobbying for the use of antimicrobial washes could help cut campylobacter in UK chicken, an international summit...

Illegal dioxin levels found in 8 per cent of foods

Excessive levels of dioxins were detected in eight per cent of thousands of foods sampled over a nine-year period, said EFSA. But the food safety watchdog has challenged the significance...

Campden reports on health risks from contaminated cheese

Campden BRI has revealed that there could be a problem regarding the health risks posed by Escherichia coli O157 and Mycobacterium bovis in cheeses made from unpasteurised milk.

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