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Canada adds acrylamide to toxic substance list

Health Canada has added acrylamide, a substance found in French fries and potato chips, to the government’s list of toxic substances.

SIGG removes bisphenol A on consumer anxiety

Aluminum bottle producer SIGG has removed bisphenol A (BPA) from its containers in the face of mounting consumer concern – despite no evidence of the substance leaching from the lining,...


Folic acid: Old women and children first!

Look at the globe and you’d be hard pressed to find two countries further apart than Ireland and New Zealand. But they stand side-by-side on the folic acid fortification issue...

New study exposes high levels of mercury in freshwater fish

US consumers who eat average amounts of fish could be exposed to levels of mercury that exceed the EPA criterion for the protection of people, according to a new study.

Food safety survey finds low pesticide residues

New research from New Zealand has found minimal pesticide residues in the local food supply casting further doubt on the value of organic products.

China launches new food safety reporting system

China’s State Food and Drug Administration has launched a new food safety reporting system which it has offered for public consultation.

India’s food industry held back by cold storage shortfall

A shortfall of 10m tons of cold storage facilities for agriculture produce is holding back the nation’s food industry including its rapidly developing food processing sector, according to a new...

Antioxidants pose no cancer danger for skin

Supplements of antioxidant vitamins and minerals are not associated with an increased risk of skin cancer, despite reports to the contrary, says a new study.

Herbal supplements are not always safe, says Mayo Clinic

A consumer health bulletin sent out this month by the Mayo Clinic warns Americans of possible health risks related to the use of herbal dietary supplements.


Free farmers to farm and bank UK food security

How best should Britain plan to secure reliable supplies of reasonably-priced food? Should the nation put its trust in home production or food imports from the world market?

Listeria risks from high pressure cleaning

Food plant managers have been cautioned that washing down floor drains with high-pressure equipment could make it easier for Listeria monocytogenes to transfer from the outlet back onto the...

Supermarkets quizzed on plastic food racks over decabromodiphenyl ether health fears

An environmental group has urged dozens of major US supermarket chains to stop using plastic storage racks on concerns they may contain a toxic chemical that could leach into food.

Calls for supplier relations watchdog; retailers disagree

The UK’s Competition Commission is asking government to establish an ombudsman to arbitrate in disputes between retailers and suppliers, as retailers have declined to act and the Commission does not...

Food and Fairness inquiry to 'inspire and warn' manufacturers

Helen Browning, chair of the Food Ethics Council, expects the food and fairness inquiry will inspire food businesses to adopt good supply chain practices and warn them off bad ones...

UK specialty meats given clean bill of health

Almost 99 per cent of ready to eat (RTE) specialty meats sold in the UK are safe to eat, according to a new report published by the Health Protection Agency (HPA).


Downsize me! FSA right to push for smaller snacks

Chocolate bar makers should embrace the UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) proposals on snack portions and adapt their supersizing skills to downsizing.

New proposals represent shift in food safety strategy, FDA

The US Government has announced further measures to curb the spread of food-borne diseases such as E.coli just days after lawmakers approved the bill overhauling the country’s food safety...

Allergy specialists suggest warning symbol for foods, non-foods

Use of a common symbol to indicate the presence of individual allergens in food and personal care products could help allergy sufferers identify products to avoid – especially in multi-lingual...

US giving too much food safety control to foreign countries

The United States is giving away too much control to some foreign countries over food safety as trade concerns over-ride health issues, a leading US politician has said.


Imagining a world where we eat less meat

Cutting back meat consumption is the new darling cause of pop stars. But if necessary environmental and health goals are to be achieved, the whole supply chain needs to be...

More kosher ingredients needed in France

Opportunities are plentiful for suppliers of kosher ingredients to France, where the market continues to boom thanks to growing interest from mainstream consumers.

FDA raps probiotic swine flu supplements for false claims

    The Food and Drug Administration has sent a warning letter to a Minnesota-based supplements manufacturer for making misleading claims that its probiotic supplements could prevent or treat human swine...

News in brief

NZ folic acid fortification delayed to 2012

The mandatory fortification of bread with folic acid in New Zealand is likely to be delayed for another three years, following heated debate over the risks and benefits of...

Canada listeria report lays bare food safety flaws

A void in leadership, a raft of systemic flaws and a shortage of inspectors were just some of the criticisms levelled at Canada’s food safety system in a damning...

Plastic pallet company rejects decabromodiphenyl ether leaching claims

A leading plastic pallet company has labelled allegations that a toxic chemical contained in its products can leach into food as “misleading, inaccurate and highly suspect”.

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