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Biótica E.coli system certified by Spanish group

By Joe Whitworth+

Last updated on 22-May-2014 at 11:43 GMT2014-05-22T11:43:50Z

Picture: Biotcia / Damián Llorens
Picture: Biotcia / Damián Llorens

Biótica has had its automated laboratory system that rapidly detects E. coli certified.

The Centre for Technological and Industrial Development (CDTI, in Spanish), of the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, made the certification.

The system is based on the capture and separation of the microorganisms in a sample by the activated magnetic supports added to the sample, which bind to microorganisms.

Captured complexes are re-suspended in a liquid, which will change colour if the E. coli bacterium is present.

The measurement strategy enables the effect of interferents in the analysed water to be subtracted from the final measurement.

Biótica said the system will speed up analysis as it is automated and will reduce fungibles, instruments and analysts’ time.

The firm had help to develop the system from the Innocash programme promoted by the Spanish Genome Foundation and managed by CDTI.

InnoCash identifies and evaluates R&D results, and it co-finances their development by facilitating their transfer to the market. 

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