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EHEDG unveils 'cool' sub-group

By Joe Whitworth+


Picture: EHEDG. The subgroup on Food Refrigeration Equipment

Picture: EHEDG. The subgroup on Food Refrigeration Equipment

A working party (subgroup) of food refrigeration equipment has been created by the European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group (EHEDG).

Representatives from Unilever, Ammeraal Beltech, Packo Inox, StarFrost, Air Products and Ashworth Belts attended the first meeting of the group.

The group created its first guideline on refrigerated processing which will include immersion, multiplate, air blast, fluidised-bed, air impingement and cryogenic industrial systems for chilling and freezing of solid, semi-solid or liquid products including fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and dairy.

Liquid foods and beverages (raw milk, soft and alcoholic drinks) and ice cream, represent specific sectors employing different equipment, so were not included in the first document.

Packaging issues are not in the scope of the planned guideline as they need its own dedicated section.

It will work with other international organisations involved with food refrigeration (IIR, IAR, ECSLA, Global Cold Chain Alliance – IARW/WFLO).

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