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JRC unveils software to measure consumer exposure

By Joe Whitworth+


JRC launches FACET food safety exposure tool

JRC launches FACET food safety exposure tool

The Joint Research Centre (JRC) has launched downloadable software to estimate EU consumers' exposure to certain substances.

FACET (Flavourings, Additives, and food Contact materials Exposure Tool) came from a four year project ending in 2012 for a database containing information on levels of food additives, flavourings and food packaging migrants and consumption data.

It contains databases on the above areas which are combined into probabilistic dietary exposure models.

The software tool can measure how populations are exposed to different types of food additives, flavourings or packaging substances.

It has the option to compare exposure to specific types of foods (e.g. containing different flavouring agents) or packaging (e.g. cans versus jars), or to foods in which a given chemical could be present.

JRC has been overseeing testing of the prototype software this year and said it would help to protect the consumer by reducing uncertainties in exposure related to flavourings, additives and food contact materials.  

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