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MIT system can identify staph bacteria

1 comment03-Jan-2014
Last updated on 03-Jan-2014 at 09:58 GMT2014-01-03T09:58:33Z

Micro Imaging Technology MIT 1000 system
Micro Imaging Technology MIT 1000 system

Micro Imaging Technology has expanded the use of its pathogen detection system to include Staphylococcus bacteria, which is an important food pathogen.

MIT 1000 is a bacterial cell-based detection and identification system that can identify pathogenic bacteria in an average of three minutes at half the cost of the industry average for pathogen tests, said the firm.

The process requires clean filtered water and a sample of the unknown bacteria.

Jeff Nunez, MIT's president and CEO, said: "We have not only added another Identifier to our catalog, but this opens the door for the MIT 1000 Technology to enter the clinical pathogen detection and identification arena.”

He said that the Identifier is available now and will undergo AOAC certification soon.

MIT is also working on Salmonella Identifiers including the common food pathogens S. Enteritidis and S. Typhimurium.

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Advanced Molecular Detection (AMD) and Response to Infectious Disease Outbreaks

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