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Marathon to supply Food Safe with temperature monitoring equipment


In the US, an agreement has been signed for Marathon Products, a leading supplier of food safety equipment, to supply Food Safe with its requirements for temperature monitoring equipment.

"In our industry, proper temperature management is a critical element in maintaining quality and ensuring food safety. Marathon is a high growth supplier and manufacturer of stationary and in-transit monitors used for documenting temperature standards globally," stated Food Safe CEO, William Karney.

Food Safe has developed food safety processes that kill pathogens and bacteria. This process also removes pesticides and is said to guarantee a food-safe product at the processing and packing levels, as well as all the way through the transportation and distribution channels until the product is delivered to the customer.

"One of the most important elements of the food safety system is its ability to extend the shelf life of a product an additional 10 to 30 days. Considering that over 25 to 35 per cent of a grower's fresh fruits, vegetables and produce never reach an end-user, the extension of the life cycle of a perishable product is extremely beneficial to all parties, including the consumer or any end-user," added Karney.

Currently, the food industry in the United States alone is estimated to be worth $800 billion. According to the US Department of Agriculture, less than 2 per cent of all fruits and vegetables are pathogen, or "germ" free, at the initial packing point, with the risk of pathogen growth normally increasing during the distribution cycle.

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