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Randox adds nitrogen test for grape harvesters


Randox Food Diagnostics expect to harvest sales with NOPA kit
Randox Food Diagnostics expect to harvest sales with NOPA kit

Randox Food Diagnostics has added a Primary Amino Nitrogen (NOPA) assay to their Ammonia test to help wine producers ahead of the grape harvest.

The NOPA assay has a minimum detectable concentration of 5.1mgN/L and is linear up to a concentration of 500mgN/L, allowing wineries to get a result of the primary amino nitrogen status within seven minutes, said the firm.

Low levels of Yeast Available Nitrogen (YAN) have been identified as the main cause of stuck fermentations and can lead to the generation of unwanted sulphides. 

High levels of YAN can be a potential carcinogen in the presence of ethanol, particularly where the starting levels of L-arginine in the juice are high, said Randox.

David Ferguson, Randox Food Diagnostics global business manager, said: “With regulatory bodies including EU controlling the levels of added Nitrogen, we know growers value cost-effective and accurate results measuring Nitrogen in must.

“The quality of the NOPA test means growers can detect levels of primary amino nitrogen present throughout the entire fermentation process.”

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