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SQF to require unannounced audits

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By Joe Whitworth+

Last updated on 08-Jan-2014 at 15:51 GMT2014-01-08T15:51:12Z

The Safe Quality Food Institute audit protocol
The Safe Quality Food Institute audit protocol

The Safe Quality Food Institute (SQFI) will include an unannounced audit protocol by July in the next revision of the SQF Code (SQF).

SQF said it will become the first internationally accredited third-party assessment program to require unannounced audits.

The division of the Food Marketing Institute said it will be possible with the support of its Technical Advisory Council.

The protocol will be introduced in February 2014, implemented in July and require that one out of three SQF audits be unannounced.

“We understand that the food industry must respond to and meet the nation’s food safety challenges more rapidly and effectively, which requires a more nimble approach to our program,” said Robert Garfield, senior vice president, SQFI.

“Although many stakeholders, such as governments and consumer organizations, recognize the efficacy of the SQFI food safety management program, unannounced audits will elevate the SQF Program to the next level by providing a standard that will prepare SQF-Certified suppliers to be audit-ready at any time.”

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Audit Effectiveness

Audits are as effective at maintaining compliance as a cop with a radar gun on an expressway for one hour once per month at controlling vehicle speed.

Assuring supplier commitment and validating closed loop management systems are the only rational and sustainable approach. This is a 50 year old proven concept.

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Posted by Daniel J. LaRouche
09 January 2014 | 14h342014-01-09T14:34:04Z

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