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operational efficiency month

Food producers seek flexible product inspection

Demand for convenience foods is driving the need for product inspection technology allowing food producers to make different products on single lines in shorter product runs.

Pizza herb effective against Norovirus

A herb used in pizzas has been shown to breakdown the tough outer coat of Norovirus (NoVs).

Styrene growth hits 9.6% a year in China

Demand for polystyrene, and its base product styrene, will see a rapid increase in emerging countries in the coming years, according to market research institute Ceresana.

$5m grant to kill pathogens in chilled food

Researchers at Washington State University (WSU) have launched a pasteurization machine called MAPS (Microwave Assisted Pasteurization System) to reduce contamination in chilled or frozen food.

Product Inspection Systems

X-ray machines moving on up

X-ray inspection machines are being moved up the production line in some food factories, according to Eagle Product Inspections.

product inspection systems

Quality control ensures consumer and brand protection

Brand protection is important when it comes to automating quality control processes, according to Ishida.

Active/intelligent packaging capturing global attention

US demand for active and intelligent packaging technology will hit $3.5bn by 2017; one expert outlines advancements and what’s behind the increased demand.

Mettler Toledo: FSMA drives detection tech evolution

Regulatory efforts such as the Food Safety Modernization Act mean food manufacturers are demanding greater flexibility and stepped-up performance from metal detection gear.

Salmonella behaviour focus for IFR

Identifying and solving weak spots in the food chain for Salmonella is the aim of a newly-appointed molecular microbiologist at The Institute of Food Research (IFR).

Laser tech to detect pathogens without damaging colonies

A laser optical sensor has been created to screen pathogen colonies on an agar plate without damaging the colonies.


Antimicrobial worth its weight in silver

Biotechnology firm PURE Bioscience has launched an antimicrobial product that uses silver to efficiently and safely sanitize food surfaces.

Operational Efficiency Month

Loma Systems beats Siemens to take EEF title

Loma Systems has won the EEF Future Manufacturing Award for Innovative Operating Practices and Processes, beating prestigious firms including BAE Systems and Siemens.

News in brief

FDA leases PathoGenetix pathogen tech

PathoGenetix has delivered an early commercial version of the RESOLUTION Microbial Genotyping System to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

ABC Research gets chemistry testing boost

ABC Research Laboratories has been chosen to do chemistry testing of food products for Alliant Food Safety Labs.

AB Sciex develops meat speciation test

A meat speciation method for detecting pig and horse contamination has been developed by scientists at the University of Münster and AB Sciex. 

News in brief

PathoGenetix names Resolution manufacturer

PathoGenetix has signed Sparton Corporation as the design and manufacturing partner for the Resolution Microbial Genotyping System.

News in brief

Pathogen sequencing stepped up in UK

The ‘PHE Pathogen Genomics Service’ is being launched by Public Health England (PHE).

Flight Plastics opens PET packaging plant

Flight Plastics has opened a plastic packaging plant which makes food grade PET packaging from recycled PET (RPET) flake.

IPPE 2014

Tomra: ‘People expect their food to be perfect’

Tomra Sorting Solutions is showcasing food sorting and analyzing technology, geared toward meeting consumers’ expectations, at IPPE 2014.

Neogen test approved as confirmation method

Neogen’s ANSR assay for Salmonella has been approved as a confirmatory method by the AOAC.

News in brief

Pure Bioscience tests food contact antimicrobial

Pure Bioscience is testing formulations of its antimicrobial to be used for direct food contact as a rinse or processing aid on produce, poultry and meats.

Sugar and starch producers cash in on bioplastics

Food packaging boasts the largest share in the total plastics market and has the greatest opportunity in terms of volume sales, according to Rabobank.

Covance opens first EU nutritional chemistry and food safety lab

Covance is to open its first nutritional chemistry and food safety laboratory in Europe to be closer to customers.

Life Technologies gets backing for Salmonella test

Life Technologies' Salmonella pooling kit has been backed by a French certification system.

Campylobacter sequencing targets public health benefits

Campylobacter isolates from two previous studies are to be sequenced by the University of Liverpool and put on a publically accessible database.

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