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Ishida launches weigher for sticky foods

Ishida Europe is about to unveil a range of multihead weighers specially designed for wet or sticky foods and claimed to be the fastest and most accurate available, Simon Pitman...

Food scientists improve coffee aromas

Drinks manufacturers competing for market share in coffee products will welcome new technology from Swiss scientists that should shed light on the complex roasting process associated with the appeal of...

Unilever-funded egg replacer for cost and health opportunities

Food makers impacted by volatility of egg prices, looking to slash the threat of salmonella, and targeting health positioned foods can now opt for a soy-based liquid or powdered egg...

New plant technology to benefit environment

A new method for treating swine-production wastewater could benefit both pork processors and the environment, writes Anthony Fletcher.

Foss extends near infrared technology

Foss has launched four new analysing solutions for food production applications, each harnessing the company's NIR-based technology aimed at providing more accurate feed-back for various processing techniques.

WBD upgrades Ukraine dairy for premium sales

Russian dairy firm Wimm-Bill-Dann, under fire from rising costs, has opened the door to longer life products and taken a step closer to achieving greater export markets in the EU...

Buhler to unveil advances in nanotechnology

Equipment giant Buhler is set to demonstrate how nanotechnology could lead to complete contamination-free food processing and superior printing, writes Anthony Fletcher.

Food manufacturers call for risk/benefit analysis on acrylamide

Food manufacturers need to consider a risk/benefit analysis of activities on acrylamide, a harmful chemical recently identified in carbohydrate-rich foods, conclude stakeholders after a recent meeting in Brussels,reports Lindsey Partos....

Opportunities and challenges within UK organic meat sector

The UK has the second largest organic meat market in the world, though processors need to step up their marketing activities if they are to fully capitalise, writes Anthony Fletcher.

New food chilling method offers energy and cost savings

A new refrigeration technology that promises to both halve carbon emissions and cut energy bills by more than 30 per cent could help food manufacturers now striving to meet tough...

FMC Foodtech achieves efficient batter mixing

Industrial food processing systems provider FMC FoodTech has launched a new batter mixer that offers greater capacity, easy maintenance and improved hygiene resulting in increased productivity and lower costs.

Biotrace makes microbial testing in food sector easier

Biotrace International claims to have improved sample collection for microbial and pathogen testing in the food manufacturing industry.

ADM upgrades cocoa processing in Brazil

Major food commodity processor and ingredients supplier Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) will expand cocoa operations in Brazil to match expansion of current product lines, the firm said this week.

CNI ushers in future with 30 nanotech patents

US-based Carbon Nanotechnologies (CNI) has issued 30 patents related to the use of small diameter carbon nanotubes, or fullerenes, which could revolutionise the way materials are made in the future.

Food scientists update organic food statement

Food scientists in the UK have compiled an updated comment on organic food as this sector of the food industry continues to experience double digit growth with consumers spending twice...

AIM develops food animal RFID standard

AIM Global has developed a draft standard for RFID for food animals to address growing concerns about the threat of terrorist attacks and the recent outbreaks of both BSE and...

Ingredient designs to serve 12m UK food allergy sufferers

Opportunities are ripe for UK food manufacturers and their ingredients suppliers to roll out more foods positioned in the food allergy or intolerance sector, with new research suggesting as many...

Single human gene codes for individual taste profiles

Scientists blow food formulation wide open, confirming the influential role genetics plays in the taste profile of individuals, reports Lindsey Partos.

CCL develops tamper-proof aluminium packaging

CCL Container has developed packaging that it claims is virtually impossible to replicate - an important consideration given concerns about food safety.

Wheat experts push biotech need

Biotechnology is the key to the future of a competitive wheat industry, said experts at a conference this weekend, according to a report by Reuters.

Chinese cattle science investment to up dairy productivity

China has reportedly poured nearly US$50 million into research and development (R&D) for its domestic dairy sector over the past three years in an attempt to tackle some of the...

Neotame on EFSA's agenda

Non-nutritive sweetener neotame is on the agenda in Europe as scientific experts meet today in Brussels to discuss the food additive up to 13,000 times sweeter than sugar.

Rexnord offers improved conveyor belt technology

Rexnord is using the up-coming Interpack 2005 event to display the latest developments in conveying technology, including wear-resistant belts and high-speed applications for PET bottles.

Non-drip ice cream leads wave of Russian innovation

A Russian dairy company has created a new ice cream brand called UFO whose extra-terrestrial name reflects its 'unearthly' ability to avoid melting. But this is just one of a...

Antibacterial sealers developed from innovative new compound

Two European firms have come up with a range of sealing rings for the dairy industry designed to minimise the presence and effects of bacteria and microbes.

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