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From balances to baths and chillers, software systems to sample preperation and ELISA, PCR, WGS and Mass Spec all the tools for food safety are here

Lab Technology

Food safety reaches from balances to baths, software systems to sample preperation and all the technologies inbetween including ELISA, PCR and Mass Spectrometry. Whether testing for contaminants or speciation in a lab on-site or via third party this section has it covered.

Agilent unveils triple quad LC/MS with smaller footprint

Agilent Technologies has launched a triple quadrupole liquid chromatography mass spectrometer (triple quad LC/MS) with a smaller footprint.

Needs for targeted quantitation evolving each day - Thermo

Thermo Fisher has introduced two triple-stage quadrupole (TSQ) mass spectrometers for applied markets.

Triple Ion Source will improve productivity - Shimadzu

Shimadzu and Phytronix have signed an agreement to offer the industry’s first Triple Ion Source.

PulseNet International pushes uptake of whole genome sequencing

A network dedicated to bacterial foodborne disease surveillance will standardise subtyping via WGS using whole genome multilocus sequence typing (wgMLST).

Software enables real-time info on samples - Waters

Waters Corporation has introduced software for direct-from-sample food analysis.

Sciex expands use of SWATH data independent acquisition technology

Sciex has launched its SWATH data independent acquisition (DIA) technology for analytical scientists in application areas including food testing and environmental analysis.

Nanomaterial’s growth in food use reined in by health risks: Review

The use of organic and inorganic nanomaterials (INMs) in food applications is growing, a review concludes, yet its short history has not completely revealed the associated risks. 

Anton Paar boosts presence in ‘vital’ Middle East market

Anton Paar has opened a Middle East Technical Centre to serve customers in the Middle East and Africa.

Eurofins boosts genetic testing footprint

Eurofins Scientific is to acquire GATC Biotech AG (GATC) for an undisclosed price.

Phenomenex opens gas chromatography facility

Phenomenex has opened a manufacturing and development facility to produce its gas chromatography (GC) columns.

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Peak Scientific expands office in Brazil

Peak Scientific has expanded a regional office in Brazil to support its customer base in LATAM (Latin America).

Part 2 of 6: Thermo Fisher Scientific series

Harnessing GC-MS to put a stop to POPs

Detection of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in the food chain is an important task for the food safety industry.

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Synbiosis and AAA Lab Equipment develop colony counting system

Synbiosis and AAA Lab Equipment have integrated a ProtoCOL 3 colony counting system within an Irina automated plate feeder.

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Phenomenex adds polar, mixed-mode selectivities for column line

Phenomenex has launched mixed-mode selectivities and particle sizes for UHPLC, HPLC and preparative work in the Luna column range.

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Analytik Jena tech now available for manual extraction

Analytik Jena has made its SmartExtraction technology available for manual isolation of nucleic acids.

VWR deal will create more diversified company - Avantor

Avantor is to acquire VWR for $6.4bn to boost its position in the ‘high-growth’ life sciences sector.

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Covance: Increased interest in method harmonization

There has been an increased interest in harmonization of methods and quality systems across laboratories in recent years, according to a contract testing lab.

Thermo Fisher explores partial closure of Swiss site

Thermo Fisher Scientific is planning to relocate part of a production site in Switzerland to the Czech Republic.

Knauer osmometer for quality control of aqueous samples

Knauer has launched an osmometer for quality control of aqueous samples.

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Seegene seeks wider adoption of real-time PCR

Seegene is developing second-generation real-time PCR technology which it has patented in the US and Europe.

FQN digests 2016 and injects topics of 2017

Food labs looking to make better use of resources - Agilent

To understand the food safety and quality landscape we sent a Q+A to several companies to discuss highlights of 2016 and to predict what this year could bring.

Vicam test detects Ochratoxin A in coffee and wheat

Vicam has launched a lateral flow strip test for detection of ochratoxin A in green coffee and wheat.

Ametek to acquire Mocon for $182m, expanding into the F&B package testing market

Ametek has agreed to acquire Mocon for $182m, with the deal expected to close in Q2, 2017.  

Bruker opens demo facility in China

Bruker has opened a demo facility to support China’s scientific research community.

Part 1 of 6: Thermo Fisher Scientific series

Why versatility is vital for pesticide quantitation and screening workflows

European Union legislation restricts the levels of more than 1,000 pesticides in a wide range of fruit, vegetables and cereals. 

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