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What's on our calendar in 2014

FQN puts industry topics under the microscope in 2014

By Joe Whitworth+

Last updated on 30-Jan-2014 at 11:36 GMT2014-01-30T11:36:47Z

2014 editorial diary for FoodQualityNews

Product Inspection systems and Sanitation have been chosen as the two foundation topics to launch FoodQualityNews’s special newsletters this year.

The FQN team is poised to deliver special editions, focused on areas of interest to food safety and quality control professionals to drill down deeper into the topic than normal.

Below is a selection of the features on our radar; if you want to share your insights and experience on any of these areas, or if you're interested in advertising, please email me at

12 February: Product inspection systems: FoodQualityNews will look at metal detection, quality verification and other equipment, as well as the software and technologies that can facilitate the processes.

The topic is timely; food safety and quality are of utmost importance, especially with regulations like the FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act requiring diligence throughout the supply chain.

We’ll also be playing a role in our sister publication’s Operational efficiency month in February. Streamlining processing and packaging lines to maximize efficiency is of utmost importance.

To help food professionals optimize their operations, FPD is spending the entire month on content across a number of platforms.

This includes live webinars, white papers, product profiles, dynamic social media discussion and more.

14 May: Sanitation: This newsletter will discuss sanitation systems and materials, testing technology, processing equipment components that foster clean conditions, and more.

While food firms and public agencies are making strides in reducing incidents of foodborne pathogen contamination, consumers across the globe are still falling ill and outfits like the FDA are tightening hygiene requirements, so more must be done.

Out and about

We’re also going to be going out and about a bit more this year so fingers crossed we’ll see you at the trade shows, exhibitions or conferences such as the Global Food Safety Initiative Conference (26-28 February, California), IAFP or the European Food Manufacturing Safety Summit.

If you have a trade show, exhibition or conference that you feel is a must for the food safety and quality industry, let me know and we’ll do our best to come along!

Don’t forget we have also increased our presence on social media so you can reach us through our LinkedIn group , Facebook and Twitter pages and we launched our Mobile App late last year .

  • If you are interested in advertising on any of these specials, please call Karine Prunier, head of sales: +33 4 99 52 26 81

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