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By Joe Whitworth+

Last updated on 22-Dec-2016 at 09:07 GMT2016-12-22T09:07:41Z


This year has not had one dominate theme like some others but it has been no less important for the food safety and quality control landscape.

This NIB forms part of our last e-newsletter of 2016 and we will be back with the first one of 2017 on 2 January.

From the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) rules being finalised and coming into force to more of a focus on food fraud across Europe, it has been an interesting one.

We have expanded coverage across Europe via the recall round-up gallery and broke down language barriers to provide comprehensive news and views affecting a variety of countries.

Of course it hasn’t all been smooth, as a trade journalist with a knowledge deficit, in at least some areas, people believe they get to dictate the news agenda.

Just because ‘Company A’ has done ‘B’ we don’t have to publish an article and often we will contact you to find out more, ask questions and clarify claims, so expect a call/mail from us.

Also, when we set deadlines they are not dates randomly hit by throwing darts at a calendar.

I understand people have other things to do and the news agenda moves (the clue is in the name) so I have set deadlines and then held off publication as something “better” has come in but putting out a press release (which competitors run) and then taking days/weeks to get back to us is something that drives me quite crazy.      

Aside from the odd occasions of frustration and corporate line-towing it is clear many people do care and are trying to have a positive impact on food safety as let’s face it, poisoning consumers is not a good business model.

Onto next year, topics of special newsletters will include Lab Technology, Product Inspection, Track and Trace and Food Fraud and a forum is in the works so stay tuned to hear more about that!

This year saw us attend Analytica, EHEDG, RME, NSF and SOFHT conferences and next year events such as Pittcon and the GFSI Conference are on our radar.

We have recorded growth across our newsletter readership and social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – so thanks for reading and giving feedback.

I am also looking forward to sharing insights from our survey that got almost 900 responses.

Always happy to hear from readers and our work wouldn’t be possible without advertisers so get in touch for editorial at and sales at

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