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Seward extends range of Stomacher bag options

By Joe Whitworth+


Seward to unveil Stomacher bags at IAFP

Seward to unveil Stomacher bags at IAFP

Seward is extending its range of sterile Stomacher bags for food sample blending, straining and storage applications in lab blenders and homogenisers.

Seward’s closure bag is for sample collection, short term storage, incubation for pathogen testing and pre-enrichment of food samples.

The firm said it is a more cost effective option than plastic containers, and the bags are available in 80 and 400 mL formats.

The bag range has a wire mesh band at the top of each which enables easy opening and tight closure for storage in a Seward bag rack or incubator.

All Stomacher blender bags are irradiated sterile, with a certificate of irradiation available if required, and made from food grade LDPE granule extruded to 65µM film thickness.

Seward’s food microbiology range of blenders and accessories will be on show at the International Association for Food Protection Annual Meeting (IAFP) Booth #643, Indiana Convention Center 3-6 August.

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