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Randox unveils automated wine analysing for faster results

By Joe Whitworth+

Last updated on 04-Nov-2015 at 10:59 GMT2015-11-04T10:59:36Z

RX Monaco automates wine analysis for quicker turn-around
RX Monaco automates wine analysis for quicker turn-around

Randox Food Diagnostics has launched a fully automated wine analyser offering medium to large producers a quicker turn-around time.   

The RX Monaco analyser, based on enzymatic and colorimetric testing, is an automated system, compared to the firm’s RX Monza which is a semi-automated analyser.

It can test for parameters such as acetic acid, ammonia, potassium, copper, ethanol, iron and lactic acid from a single sample and can run up to 170 samples per hour.

Monaco capabilities

Janine McMullan, Randox Food Diagnostics key account manager, said the analyser benefits medium to large producers that could benefit from a quicker turn-around and economies of scale.

“The key difference is the through-put, the Monza can only carry-out one test on one sample at a time, and requires manual operation by a technician,” she told

“Whereas the Monaco once loaded and programmed can run 170 tests per hour, across a menu of 12 key tests with a result produced every 13 seconds.”

In this case validation was an in-house process by Randox Food Diagnostics R&D Team adding wine to the other applications served by the RX Monaco.

However, the RX Analysers manufactured carrying the CE mark, and the reagents used will be developed via processes accredited with ISO 13485.

“Most other analysers of this type on the market do not carry on-board refrigeration, and require it to be purchased as a bolt-on unit,” she said.

“In general terms the type of technology behind the RX Monaco is well established across the market but the RX Monaco is expected to sell at a significantly lower price-point than any other machine on the market.”

It is focussed on process and quality control, measuring levels of constituents and by-products within the wine sample (Acetic/Citric/Lactic/Malic Acids, Copper, Potassium, Glucose/Fructose, Ethanol etc.)

The firm anticipates high demand from wineries in remote locations currently sending results off-site to central laboratories and experiencing several days turnaround.

Cutting out these delays mean winemakers and laboratory technicians can make the appropriate adjustments to processes immediately, improving quality of the wine.

Cost reduction and test speed

Direct application and no sample preparation means the system reduces time and labour costs, bringing the cost per test down to circa €0.35 and producing a result every 13 seconds.

In an earlier statement, McMullan said: “Currently the RX Monza is used in wineries around the world, but the wine industry has producers across a huge variation in scale.

“Therefore our experience means we know semi-automated solutions do not meet everyone’s needs and with this validation we are delighted to see the fully automated RX Monaco launched onto the wine market.

“As a supplier trusted by brands as recognisable as Sutter Home and Ernest & Julio Gallo we increase market share year-on-year, and are confident the Monaco will be a successful part of our ever-expanding product range.”

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