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2014 - 2015

The new online forum concept has been developed by our editors to feature the most innovative and thought provoking companies and personalities in the food safety and food quality market and provide fresh insight into the issues shaping the market via a more interactive format. This new series of one-hour live discussion forums will delve into hot topics such as food outbreak that can easily be viewed from your computer live or on demand.

Conference programme webinars:
Forum - FF15 - FPP - 2015 - The FoodQualityNews Food Fraud Forum

The FoodQualityNews Food Fraud Forum - by William Reed Business Media

Christopher Van Gundy - Keller and Heckman LLP, Joe Whitworth -, John Spink - Initiative Michigan State University, Michael Walker - Lab of the Government Chemist (LGC Group ), Paul Brereton - Food and Environment Research Agency

The adulteration of food could be due to supply issues, economic motives or just plain...

FO14-FQN-Food Outbreak Forum

FOOD OUTBREAK: effective prevention and intelligent response - by William Reed Business Media

Frank Boelaert - European Food Safety Authority, Joe Whitworth -, Katherine Flynn - The European Association for Food Safety, SAFE consortium, Kathleen F. Gensheimer - FDA/Office of Foods and Veterinary Medicine, Purnendu C. Vasavada - University of Wisconsin-River Falls

The core of the roundtable discussion will be weighing the answer to this question: What’s...

SSEM14 - FPD - 2014 - Smart Software for Efficient Manufacturing

Smart Software for Efficient Manufacturing forum - by William Reed Business Media

Joe Whitworth - , Michael Yost - MESA International , Rik Geerts - Cargill, Sree Harsha - TATA Consultancy Services, Stephanie Mikelbrencis - Brock Solutions

Smart Software for Efficient Manufacturing looks at the advantages that software can bring manufacturers to...

8th March 2012

Growing consumer pressure for green products along with the promise of brand enhancement and greater market share mean that sustainability is the packaging megatrend that every company wants to tap into.

The market for sustainable and green packaging is forecast to be worth just under US$108bn in 2011 – with the prospect of consistent growth over the next decade, according to industry analysts Visiongain.

As brand owners seek to meet consumer preference for sustainable products, manufacturers will continue to come under pressure to use eco-friendly materials and reduce the adverse environmental impact of packaging in landfill. 

However, challenges remain in terms of higher costs for renewable materials combined with limitations on their performance.

Technological advancements related to light weighting packaging, the adoption of production methods that require low-energy consumption and the ability to adapt materials from renewable sources will continue to drive innovation and growth.

The Sustainable Packaging Virtual Conference will explore how the industry can meet eco-challenges while containing costs and guaranteeing that packaging does its main job – keeping food safe, nutritious and appealing from factory to fork.


Conference programme webinars:
Can Packaging ever be sustainable?

Can Packaging ever be sustainable?

Julian Carroll - H.C. Services International, Oliver Nieburg - Confectionery News

Packaging market overview Definition of sustainability Market analysis & trends

Ecological & economical: Balancing the technology

Ecological & economical: Balancing the technology

Philippe Roulet - Nestle, Tom Eagan - PMMI, Rory Harrington -

Part one: Philippe Roulet, Head of Global Packaging, Materials & Training, Nestle S.A  • Packaging contributes to sustainability •...

What technologies are going to lead the future of sustainable packaging?

What technologies are going to lead the future of sustainable packaging?

Ben Bouckley -, Andy Sweetman - Innovia Films, Andrew Streeter - Datamonitor

Part One: Andrew Streeter, Director & Research Fellow Pack-Track, Datamonitor  •Which sustainable packaging technologies are going to thrive...

VE-SP12-Food-2012-Glass, The sustainable Packaging Choice

Glass, The sustainable Packaging Choice - by O-I

Viivika Remmel - O-I

There are so many reasons to love glass. Glass is pure and trustworthy. It comes...

 VE-SP12-Food-2012-Environmental Footprints - The Full Story

Environmental Footprints – The Full Story - by Ardagh Group

Michael Sturges - Ardagh Group, Steffen Seehausen - Ardagh Group

Sustainability is a hugely complex issue involving a diverse range of issues and considerations. There...

October 20th, 2011

The globalisation of the food industry coupled with stricter regulatory oversight means the ability to guarantee the shelf life of products has become essential.

Longer supply chains provide significant opportunities for brand owners to broaden their market reach. But such prospects rely on technical innovation to extend the shelf life of foodstuffs as they travel greater distances across the globe.

These trends, combined with the burgeoning consumer appetite for more natural tasting processed foods, have spurred the emergence of a raft of novel technologies that seek to maintain food quality while lengthening shelf life.

High pressure processing, active and intelligent packaging and predictive modelling are all driving advances as packaging and processing technology providers bid to meet consumer and food manufacturer aspirations.

The Controlling Shelf Life Virtual Conference 2011 will bring together leading industry voices in these key areas to discuss cutting edge technology, market trends and brand owner requirements.

Conference programme webinars:
HPP – how to overcome the cost challenge and double shelf-life

HPP – how to overcome the cost challenge and double shelf-life

Jane Byrne -, Wouter de Heij - TOP

High pressure processing (HPP) is one of the most exciting new technologies, opening up considerable...

Active packaging – how to design a system that works

Active packaging – how to design a system that works

Kay Cooksey - Clemson University, Rory Harrington -

Active Packaging is an exciting area of development for the extension of shelf life and...

Spoilage models - taking the bug out of the supply chain

Spoilage models - taking the bug out of the supply chain

Ben Bouckley -, Gail Betts - Campden BRI

The food industry has become increasingly focused on developing different 'what if' scenarios when reformulating...

VE-CSL11-Food-2012-Quality Retention, Shelf Life Extension

Quality Retention, Shelf Life Extension - by Multisorb Technologies

David Payne - Multisorb, Kay E. Krause - Multisorb

Retaining quality and extending the shelf life of packaged foods can be a challenge. Oxygen,...

VE-CSL11-Food-2012-Seal Integrity

Seal Integrity - by DuPont Tate & Lyle Bio Products

David Voisin - DuPont

The purpose of a package is to preserve food. In a multilayer structure, the correct...

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