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All-in-one cleaner boasts mobility benefits

By Neil Merrett , 09-Nov-2007

A new water-based pressure pump system could allow plant owners a more mobile and ergonomic alternative to existing cleaning technologies, its manufacturer claims.

Lagafors says its latest LWP-M 2030 low-pressure unit offers an all-in-one solution for plant cleaning that can be easily transported around a site without compromising hygiene. The system holds a decentralised Variable Media satellite station, a compressor, hoses, chemical containers and the VMS-DC unit, which allows for two different chemical solutions to be simultaneously used with water and air, the company says. Lagafors claims that the system delivers 20 bars worth of pressure at a rate of 30 litres a minute for cleansing The system fits onto a specially designed trolley, which uses six wheels that the company says afford improved manoeuvrability around the plant. As a result of this design, the group says that when in normal transport, just four of the wheels are needed. However, when being turned, the machine can be tipped onto the two additional wheels for greater ease of use. To operate the system, the employee brings the cleaner to wherever needed in the production area, before then plugging the device into power and water outlets. Once the process is complete, the trolley can then be removed either to the next area or stored away for freer space during manufacturing, Lagafors says. The company says that for manufacturers requiring a higher-pressure cleaning pump, it has also developed the LWP-M 4025 system that provides 40 bar pressure at 25 litres a minute. Lagafors claims that the system offers similar mobility benefits to its low pressure counterpart, while allowing for a further alternative to the specific spot cleaning needs of individual plants.

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