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‘No reports of injury’ says Fonterra after massive butter recall

Fonterra has recalled 410,000 packs of butter after consumer complaints about the presence of ‘fine metal objects’, and has moved quickly to limit fallout from the incident.

US OJ carbendazim measures may violate international trade pacts – import law firm

US imposed carbendazim-related orange juice import measures could be in violation of international trade agreements, according to a US imports legal consultancy.

Carbendazim in OJ shipments of no “particular concern” to EU

The presence of carbendazim in imported orange juice and concentrate is of no “particular concern” to health officials in Europe, despite continued measures in the US.

China Olympians banned from eating pork over clenbuterol fears

Chinese athletes preparing for the 2012 London Olympics have been banned from eating pork over fears they may consume clenbuterol – the prohibited performance enhancing substance that led to Tour de France winner Alberto Contador's recent sports ban.

Japanese dairy firms address consumer radiation concerns

Top Japanese dairy companies have announced that they are set to begin screening products for radiation at around 180 factories, in response to growing consumer concerns about radioactivity levels in food.

China food safety inspection results are ‘alarming’ - AsiaInspection

Over half of food processing and packaging firms on the Chinese mainland failed safety inspections in 2011 – a figure food quality control company AsiaInspection has called “alarming.”

DNA-nanotech development will move pathogen testing from lab to field - developer

A breakthrough handheld nanotechnology-based bio-sensor can detect a range of threats including Listeria, Salmonella and E.coli in as little as an hour, its developer has claimed.

Brazilian orange juice detained after positive carbendazim results

US food safety officials have denied entry to 11 shipments of orange juice products, including five from Brazil, after carbendazim was found in import samples.

Pathogen testing acquisition will cut result time by hours – Life Technologies

The acquisition of Matrix MicroScience will significantly reduce testing time and costs through the combination of complementary foodborne pathogen testing equipment, Life Technologies has claimed.

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FDA detains and destroys salmon products in preventive measure

Smoked salmon products were detained and destroyed in a pre-emptive move by US food safety authorities after Listeria monocytogenes was found in a Maine-based processing and storage facility.

Belgian baby formula-linked Salmonella outbreak sickens 16 in Russia

Tainted powdered milk formula from Belgium has been recalled in Russia after more than a dozen babies were struck down with Salmonellosis.

USDA awards $25m grant to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln for E. coli research

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has awarded a $25m research grant to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) to tackle Shiga toxin-producing E. coli (STEC) in the beef supply chain.

FDA yet to find any trace of carbendazim in orange juice

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is yet to find any trace of carbendazim in imports of orange juice since promising to block entry to shipments containing the fungicide.

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Hong Kong 'liaising' with US over carbendazim in orange juice

Food safety officials in Hong Kong are continuing to liaise with US authorities over carbendazim levels in orange juice – despite tests on the beverage returning negative results.

Australasia follows US lead on carbendazim in orange juice

Food safety authorities in Australia and New Zealand have taken steps to ban the sale of orange juice containing carbendazim – mirroring measures taken in the US.

EU orange juice industry on notice after carbendazim test warning

The European orange juice industry has been put on notice by Brussels – with a warning that Brazilian juice imports could face carbendazim testing if US officials find high levels of the fungicide in shipments.

Orange juice fungicide row highlights flaws in US pesticide regime, says expert

The orange juice/carbendazim row currently engulfing the US orange juice market “highlights the questionable way that Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulate pesticides in foods”, according to one food law attorney.

FDA to increase testing after carbendazim found in orange juice

US food safety authorities have promised to take “necessary action” against levels of fungicide carbendazim in orange juice after being alerted to its presence in the beverage.

International row brews over Codex draft melamine limit

Costa Rica has suggested that a note attached to a proposed Codex draft seeking to set maximum limits (MLs) on melamine in liquid formula risks undermining the ‘spirit of international standard setting’.

Cargill extends HPP in food contamination prevention efforts

Cargill has adopted high-pressure processing (HPP) at its ground turkey production facilities in an attempt to prevent future contaminations, the company announced.

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