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Novel hybrid material shows antibacterial potential, says US scientist

A US scientist has created a novel mineral-metal hybrid material which shows antimicrobial activity against a range of pathogens.

Vision systems collaboration to enhance food safety

UK potato processor Branston has teamed up with Ishida Europe and the University of Lincoln on a £823,277 project to enhance food safety and quality inspection for food manufacturers.

Gold nanoparticles help detect Listeria cheaply

Scientists have developed a Listeria biosensor using gold nanoparticles, which they claim achieves rapid, cost-effective results and proves highly sensitive.

‘Horsegate’: EU agencies to advise on bute risks

European agencies will report on the risks posed by horse drug phenylbutazone (bute) in the human food chain by April 15.

Global Food Safety Conference 2013 in Barcelona

United approach critical to move to preventive mindset, says FDA

Collaboration is vital to shift from a responsive to a preventative approach to foodborne disease outbreaks, according to a senior FDA figure.

FSA reveals BSE breaches but stresses low risk

A series of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) breaches has been announced by the UK Food Standards Agency (FSA), who described the risk to human health as “very low”.

‘Honeygate’ prompts US to step up fraud investigations

Honey fraud has spurred US authorities to intensify efforts to crack down on such activities.

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Horse meat: Nestle drops Spanish supplier

Nestle has dropped a second, Spanish supplier in connection with discovering the presence of horse DNA in samples taken from chilled pasta products.

Fresh breakthroughs in pathogen detection

Recent breakthroughs in pathogen detection include a new rapid polymerase chain reaction (PCR) method from Thermo Fisher Scientific and quicker and a more accurate way to pinpoint types of microbes.

Netherlands blocks E.coli-tainted beef from Brazil

The Netherlands has turned away a shipment of E.coli-contaminated beef from Brazil just days after an unconnected major beef-related E.coli scare began in Canada.

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3M food safety tool receives additional validation

3M Food Safety’s Molecular Detection Assay Salmonella has received backing for different foods from AFNOR certification.

DuPont real-time salmonella test certified

Food processors seeking rapid solutions in the war against pathogens have access to a fresh weapon in the form of the DuPont BAX System for detecting Salmonella.

Stable Micro Systems boosts rice quality testing

Texture analysis specialist Stable Micro Systems has launched a rice extrusion rig conforming to the newly-released International Standard (ISO 11747) for rice testing.

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AMI boss to Obama: Meat industry will shut down if you furlough federal meat inspectors

Furloughing 6,000+ federal meat inspectors due to automatic budget cuts imposed under sequestration would effectively shut down the meat and poultry industry and violate the government’s legal obligation to keep inspectors at work, claims the American Meat Institute (AMI).

Basque researchers hone rapid pathogen detection

Rapid diagnosis tools to identify germs on the production line are being developed by scientists at the Basque CIC microGUNE cooperative research centre.

AB SCIEX unveils DCD testing method following residue concerns

AB SCIEX has responded to concerns about the presence of dicyandiamide (DCD) in New Zealand dairy products by unveiling a new laboratory method to test for the agricultural chemical.

More regulation on the horizon following horse meat scandal?

The ongoing horse meat scandal in the UK and Ireland is very likely to prompt more and stricter legislation to ensure traceability, according to partner at UK law firm Roythornes LLP, Peter Bennett.

Urgent testing ordered as ‘beef’ lasagne found with 100% horse meat

The UK’s Food Standards Agency (FSA) has ordered all British companies to test their beef products after it found beef lasagne from Findus contained up to 100% horse meat.

Dangerous drug-laced ‘Brazilian slimming coffee’ brand still sold in US

Despite a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warning that a sibutramine-laced ‘Brazilian Slimming Coffee’ may pose a 'significant risk' to some US consumers, the product is still widely available online.

Burger King drops supplier over horse meat saga

Burger King has dropped supplier Silvercrest Foods as a beef patty supplier to its UK restaurants after it emerged that meat samples testing positive for horse DNA had come from its factory.

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