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Scientists urge manufacturers to make raw cookie dough ready-to-eat amid e-coli fears

Cookie dough manufacturers should reformulate ready-to-bake products to make them as safe as a ready-to-eat product, according to a study that has linked raw dough to an e-coli outbreak in 2009.

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Microbial contamination detector available in Europe after 12 month verification process

An innovative method for the detection of foodborne aerobic bacteria will soon be available in Europe after a certification process of over a year.

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SGS strengthens Malaysian market position through acquisitions

Inspection and testing service provider SGS aims to strengthen its position in the growing Malaysian food testing market through the acquisition of a leading regional testing business.

EC audit raps Ireland for seed safety shortcomings

The European Commission (EC) has released the results of an Irish food safety audit conducted in June that identified shortcomings in the nation’s approach to policing the safety of sprouted seeds.

Fraunhofer develops x-ray alternative for food inspection

Researchers have developed technology using millimeter waves that could allow food manufacturers to examine finished products through packaging and give advantages over x-ray detection, the current preferred method.

FDA apple juice arsenic guidelines expected

The US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) could be poised to perform a U-turn on levels of arsenic in apple juice through the development of new guidelines - a letter sent to consumer groups has revealed.

Unregulated mycotoxin found in cereals - FSA

An unregulated, potentially harmful mycotoxin was found in over 10% of cereal sampled during a Food Standards Agency (FSA) survey, a report has confirmed.

Food testing in emerging markets drives growth - Intertek

Food safety in emerging markets has helped to drive revenue growth of 8% for the year so far, said quality and safety service provider Intertek.

EU tightens regulations on Chinese GM rice imports

European Union controls on Chinese rice product imports will be tightened in response to an increasing number of food alerts and border rejections of genetically modified (GM) contaminated products.

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Poultry pathogen treatment developed to meet Russian import standards

An anti-contamination treatment has been developed to help US poultry processors meet strict Russian import requirements.

Evian and Volvic among Chinese border rejections – Chinese report

European mineral water brands and salmonella tainted pork from Denmark were amongst more than 400 imported food and cosmetic items declared ‘substandard’ by Chinese food quality authorities.

Smart phone technology adapted for foodborne pathogen detection

A new food safety testing method using liquid crystals – a technology traditionally used in smart phones and televisions – is being developed with the aim of detecting multiple harmful foodborne pathogens in a single test.

Salmonella contaminated pork recall was a formality – Danish Crown

European pork provider Danish Crown has recalled a ‘small’ amount of pork meat after batch samples tested positive for Salmonella contamination.

New foodborne pathogen identifying method shows “great promise”

A new method to pinpoint the exact origin of foodborne bacteria has “great promise” and could lead to the development of a new, more accurate industry standard - according to US scientists.

Regulations lead to EU food safety border rejections increase

A rise in the rejection of food and feed consignments at EU borders in 2010 has contributed to the number of food safety notifications reaching 8,582 – an 8% increase on 2009 and a record high.

DNA-based pathogen database can provide food safety assistance – DuPont

A DNA-based pathogen detecting database could provide assistance in the fight against seemingly increasing foodborne contaminations.

Oxygen measuring laser will set new food quality standard - GasPorOx

A laser designed to measure gas content in sealed food packaging has the potential to set a new food industry standard for food quality and safety, according to the developer.

USB temperature monitor gives food safety boost

A new USB cost-effective and easy to use temperature monitoring label could help determine the quality and safety of food during and after transit, said the company behind the development.

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Cantaloupe listeria outbreak worst in a decade

The total number of reported cantaloupe related listeria deaths has risen, making the foodborne outbreak the worst in the US in the last decade.

Listeria and E.coli killing food packaging developed

Canadian researchers are using phages to target and kill foodborne pathogens such as listeria and E.coli present on the surface of ready-to-eat (RTE) and raw meats.

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