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FSA plays down concerns over fresh chicken Campylobacter contamination

The UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) has played down concerns over the safety of supermarket-sold fresh chicken products after a survey found that almost one in five were contaminated with Campylobacter.

ARS researchers shed light on stealthy Salmonella detection

Unique spectral signatures produced by laser beams shone on to Salmonella specimens could lead to the development of a technology to quickly and simply detect “stealthy” pathogens on food.

DNA-based cattle identification method could ‘refine’ ground beef recall practices

A method to identify the number of cattle used in the production of ground beef batches could lead to quicker, less costly recalls of potentially contaminated products, a researcher has claimed.

Neogen adapts E.coli testing service to meet FSIS ground beef safety demands

Food safety technologist Neogen Corporation has moved to meet the demands of the up-coming zero-tolerance approach to the ‘Big Six’ non-O157:H7 E.coli strains in ground beef through the update of its testing services.

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OJ shipments denied entry to US as carbendazim block continues

A Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-imposed block on carbendazim-tainted orange juice and concentrate has seen a further three shipments denied entry into the US – taking the total to 30.

Expanded food safety-related records access will 'weed out' uncooperative firms - SGS

A ruling that will see the US Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) gain extended access to food industry records will “weed out” those companies that have not been cooperative during food safety incidents in the past.

Gold nanoparticles offer quick and easy Salmonella detection - developer

US researchers have developed the ‘El Dorado’ of foodborne Salmonella detection and outbreak prevention - using antibody-coated gold nanoparticles.

Agilent to boost Salmonella and food fraud detection through double edged FDA pact

Food safety specialist Agilent Technologies Inc. has entered into an agreement with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in a move that will see them working alongside the agency on two fronts - to speed-up Salmonella subtypes detection and prevent food fraud.

Firefly enzyme technology offers quick pathogen detection option - developer

Technology that converts DNA sequences into light, using enzymes found in fireflies, can offer food processors a quick and simply result when testing for contaminated food, its developer has claimed.

CODEX-sanctioned gluten testing method may ‘underestimate’ values in hydrolysed foods such as beer, researcher claims

Spanish researchers claim to have developed a cheaper, faster and more accurate method for detecting gluten levels in hydrolysed foods, and found that numerous products tested, including beers, using their new assay showed gliadin levels well in excess of current CODEX standards.

Nature’s One CEO savages ‘flawed’ baby formula arsenic study, but author defends work

US organic baby formula manufacturer Nature’s One has attacked recent research suggesting that arsenic levels in its toddler formulas were a cause for concern, but the study’s lead author defended the work, even stating that new data published by the firm supported his conclusions.

Maltodextrin infant formula fears – Chinese officials respond

China’s National Centre for Food Safety Risk Assessment yesterday moved to reassure consumers that maltodextrins added to infant formula and other foods are safe when used within set limits.

FDA guidance urges food firm Salmonella test caution

US food safety authorities have urged food manufacturers, processors, packager and distributors to “be aware” of the potential for false results when testing for Salmonella species (Salmonella spp.).

Canadian food safety budget cut will see imports inspections drop – union

Canadian food safety budget cuts will see imports inspections reduced, meaning “greater food safety risks for Canadians”, the union that represents federal food safety inspectors has warned.

Congress representatives urge FDA to move on inorganic arsenic levels

Two leading US politicians have urged the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to set allowable limits for inorganic arsenic in foods after a recent study reported levels of the heavy metal in infant formula.

Brazil OJ exporters accept US carbendazim defeat

The Brazilian orange juice and concentrate industry has admitted carbendazim-related defeat, after efforts to increase allowable levels of the fungicide in orange juice product shipments were shot down by US food safety officials.

Brazil OJ exporters accept US carbendazim defeat

The Brazilian orange juice and concentrate industry has admitted carbendazim-related defeat, after efforts to increase allowable levels of the fungicide in orange juice product shipments were shot down by US food safety officials.

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Gulf region rapid alert system for food to be introduced

A rapid alert system to warn authorities about foodborne outbreaks, contamination and recalls related to food is being developed to provide regional communication for the Gulf States.

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Three-quarters of carbendazim-tested OJ shipments enter the US - FDA

Almost three-quarters of all orange juice and concentrate shipments attempting to enter the US have tested negative for carbendazim, US food safety officials have confirmed.

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UK retailer recalls chocolate over metal contamination fears

UK retailer Morrisons has initiated a recall of its own-brand Whole Nut Milk Chocolate over fears that it may be contaminated with small pieces of metal.

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