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FQN digests 2016 and injects topics of 2017

Bruker reveals focus for applied markets

To understand the food safety and quality landscape we sent a Q+A to several companies in industry to discuss highlights of 2016 and to predict what this year could bring.

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Meet FQN at Global Food Safety Conference and Pittcon

FoodQualityNews will be reporting live from two major industry events in the next few weeks - The GFSI Global Food Safety Conference and Pittcon.

Neogen improves colony colours in chromogenic media

Lab M has developed a chromogenic media that can simultaneously detect Salmonella strains while inhibiting or minimizing other organisms.

Labs would have allowed non-compliant sample on market

A proficiency test for determining heavy metals in canned peas has found more than 30 labs would have allowed a non-compliant sample to be placed on the market.

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Brooks Life Science Systems launches capper/decapper

Brooks Life Science Systems has launched a 96-format whole rack capper/decapper.

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CDC and Puritan develop kit for norovirus detection

Puritan Medical Products has released a swab and collection tube to detect and quantify human norovirus.

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EMD Millipore settles Clean Water Act violations

EMD Millipore Corp will pay $385,000 to settle alleged violations of the Clean Water Act (CWA).

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Crystal Diagnostics signs distribution agreement with LabGear Australia

Crystal Diagnostics (CDx) has signed an agreement to sell and distribute its pathogen detection platform in Australia.

Shimadzu targets mycotoxins and synthetic antimicrobials

Shimadzu has released two high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) analyzers.

LGC boosts proficiency testing portfolio

LGC has acquired API Food Quality to boost its portfolio of proficiency testing (PT) schemes for the food industry. 

We are targeting labs looking for matrix tolerance and detection power - PerkinElmer

PerkinElmer has launched an Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer (ICP-MS) that it claims can handle any sample matrix, address any interference and detect any particle size.

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BioMerieux issues recall due to potential inaccurate test results

BioMerieux has expanded a recall due to a problem with the magnetic silica (MagSil) component.

FQN digests 2016 and injects topics of 2017

SCIEX on mass spectrometry, authenticity and allergen testing

To get a handle on the food safety and quality landscape we sent a Q+A to several companies in the industry to discuss the highlights of 2016 and to predict what this year could bring.

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Hardy Diagnostics introduces chromogenic culture media

Hardy Diagnostics has launched a product for use as a primary stool screening medium for isolation and differentiation of Salmonella and Shigella spp.

‘Hot spots’ of veterinary residues found in corned beef case

The Government Chemist has revealed the work leading to supporting the Public Analyst in a dispute over findings of residues of a veterinary medicine in corned beef.

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From A to Z: FoodQualityNews editorial calendar 2017

From lab technology to food fraud, FoodQualityNews’ 2017 editorial calendar of special editions will zone in on areas that impact the global food safety and quality market.

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Sample storage and management help from Hamilton Storage

Hamilton Storage has enhanced its sample storage system and sample management efficiency.

ALSO: Indicia Production acquires Metis Biotechnologies

BioControl acquisition opens F&B growth opportunities - Merck

Merck has acquired BioControl Systems as it looks to grow in the food and beverage space and particularly the US.

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BioPorto platform validated on Qiagen’s lateral flow system

BioPorto Diagnostics and Qiagen have validated BioPorto’s generic Rapid Assay Device (gRAD) lateral flow platform on Qiagen’s ESEQuant LR3 Lateral Flow System.

ECDC: Molecular surveillance system relies on labs to produce comparable results

A number of technical issues reducing the quality of typing results have been identified in EU labs, according to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC).

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