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New test developed to detect melamine in milk products

Chinese scientists claim to have developed a quick and simple colour change test to detect melamine in milk products.

India publishes guar gum contamination restrictions

New European Commission import restrictions on Indian guar gum have now been written into Indian regulations, which industry experts hope will speed up the supply process.

Two hour vit A milk test gains AOAC certification

SciMed Technologies has gained certification from AOAC International for a new test that the creators claim can accurately measure vitamin A levels in milk within 2 hours.

New compliance support program for food packaging rules

Intertek has launched a support program to help companies struggling to comply with increasingly complex EU rules on food packaging materials.

New two-in-one test for E. coli and its toxins

Scientists have developed a new two-in-one test that detects both E. coli O157 bacteria and the toxins it produces.

Massive recall triggers more questions over US meat safety

Huntington Meat Packing Inc has recalled a further 4.9 million pounds (2.2m kg) of meat that was not processed in line with the company’s HACCP plan over the course of almost a year, said US authorities.

US meat industry failing on E.coli testing - Senator

The lack of corporate responsibility shown by the US meat industry in failing to follow its own guidelines over E.coli testing of ground beef has forced Congress to act, according to one senator.

No concern over fluorinated chemical levels in food - FSA

There are no human health concerns over current dietary exposure to a range of fluorinated chemicals, such as PFOS and PFOA, the UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) has said

Mandatory E.coli tests no magic bullet, says US meat body

Education not legislation is the answer to tackling thousands of illnesses caused annually by E.coli-tainted beef, said the US meat industry as it resisted plans for mandatory testing for the bug.

Stevia standards developer could lack future funding

Ingredient standards researcher ChromaDex Corporation has said that it anticipates significant future demand for its services, but is unsure if it can secure the capital necessary to continue expansion.

Testing throws up green tea and selenium quality issues

Supply issues linked to the production of some green tea and selenium supplements appears to have been unresolved over the last three years, according to new analysis of the repective segments.

Swifter fusarium test for grain

A new weapon in the war against fusarium species in grain received approval recently from the US national grain inspection system.

New super swift salmonella detection kit

A new, rapid detection kit to identify Salmonella species in foods has received approval from the international accreditation body, the Association of Analytical Communities.

Infant formula contamination could harm brain development, finds study

Researchers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have found that a range of commercial infant formula brands are contaminated with perchlorate, a chemical that may interfere with brain development.

Kraft puts prevention, not testing, at heart of contamination battle

Amidst ongoing amendments to improve food safety after recent US contamination scares, Kraft Foods says that system design and prevention remain central to its hygiene plans as opposed to heightened testing.

Farmed meat main source of campylobacteriosis: study

A new study has found that nearly all of the campylobacteriosis cases in the patients evaluated were caused by bacteria in animals farmed for meat, in particular chicken and cattle.

New phage offers rapid E. coli detection in meat, says BioMerieux

A new detection system for E. coli 0157: H7 is faster and more precise than molecular methods, claim the French licence holders.

Intertek acquires honey testing expertise with Applica - claim

Intertek has acquired the German-based food analysis centre, Applica, to expand its range of quality and safety services targeted at the food sector, according to the company.

Low energy X-ray system offers unrivalled imagery, say developers

New low energy X-ray technology allows for on-line inspection of defects and impurities in food packaging seals and baked goods, its developer claims.

News briefs: Milk contamination case, Parmalat

This week, two dairy farmers reportedly plead guilty at a US court for their role in an alleged E. coli milk contamination, and Parmalat settles its ongoing dispute with UBS.

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