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Understanding metal detectors for GFSI audits - Fortress Technology

25-Mar-2014 - Audits are a time consuming, yet an imperative part of food production. 75% of the audits done by auditing bodies encounter a non-conformance issue with CCP metal detectors.This 20 page guide is suited for companies of all sizes and staff...
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Understanding the US Food Safety Modernization Act - SGS

20-Nov-2013 - This complimentary white paper from SGS discusses how the US Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) may impact supply chains and how organizations can proactively prepare by integrating FSMA requirements into current food safety management systems. The key provisions are detailed...
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Food Fraud and Food Safety - Leatherhead Food Research

18-Nov-2013 - Food fraud, including food adulteration, counterfeiting and substitution has always been an industry concern and is gaining interest once again as an economic and emerging food safety risk, especially when considering the global and complex nature of the food supply...
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Bringing the Power & Selectivity of Intuitive Mass Detection into Food Analysis - Waters

11-Nov-2013 - In this webinar, we will present several methods using mass detection, including the analysis of patulin in apple juice, and the analysis of non-nutritive sweeteners in tea and marmalade. The ACQUITY QDa Detector can easily be added to existing liquid...
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Managing the Global Food Safety Landscape in the World of FSMA - Dow AgroSciences

22-Oct-2013 - Managing the ever-changing food safety regulatory landscape continues to be a challenge for the industry.  Food manufacturers must be able to navigate this ever-changing landscape in order to create winning products.  They must adopt new technologies to reduce the risk...
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Routine Quantification of Regulated and Non-Regulated Lipophilic Marine Biotoxins in Shellfish - Waters

09-Oct-2013 - Consumption of shellfish contaminated with biotoxins can cause severe intoxications in humans, such as diarrhetic shellfish poisoning (DSP).  Due to their lipophilic properties, DSP toxins are often classified as lipophilic marine biotoxins. The complexity of the lipophilic marine biotoxins lies...
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Safe and Simple Automated Acid Hydrolysis. - Foss

30-Sep-2013 - Save 90 minutes per day and ensure laboratory safety by reducing chemical exposure with the first fully automated acid hydrolysis unit.Ideal for the busy laboratory requiring high throughput of samples, the Hydrotec™ 8000 is an innovative fully automated system that...
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The Impact of Processing on Allergen Solubility in Complex Food Matrices - Waters

09-Jul-2013 - Food allergen management systems require analytical tools which are able to effectively determine the levels of allergenic food protein(s) in order to monitor either factory cleaning, or ingredients and finished products. However, currently available tests for allergens in foods can...
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Are allergens driving you nuts? - RSSL

13-May-2013 - Not all allergens are equal, a quantitative risk assessment can help you identify the biggest challenges posed by allergen cross contact.  This paper discusses some of the FoodDrinkEurope (FDE) best practice guidance that will assist food manufacturers in managing allergens,...
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A Multifaceted Approach to Food Safety - Leatherhead Food Research

13-May-2013 - Food safety is a multifaceted area that includes Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP), testing to verify product shelf life, identification methods for problem microorganisms as well as challenge testing of both the final product and the manufacturing process,...
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Vitamin Analysis: New Methods for Improving Data Quality & Laboratory Productivity - Waters

09-May-2013 - The analytical  methods routinely utilised within the food industry for vitamin analysis are  fundamentally changing.Working in close collaboration with influential  organisations, such as AOAC, the food industry has been able to modernise  legacy methods so in line with todays challenges,...
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Vision Inspection: Now Vital For Food Safety - METTLER TOLEDO CI-Vision

10-Apr-2013 - In the past two years companies have faced increasing pressure to adhere to food labeling and packaging laws. The Food Safety Modernization Act allowed the FDA to increase focus on production practices and labeling laws. The European Food Standards Authority...
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Download a new white paper on Food Supply Chains - SGS

13-Mar-2013 - SGS published a white paper titled "Managing Performance in Food Supply Chains". It discusses the impacts, opportunities and challenges arising from Managing Food Supply Chain Performance and protecting both producer and supplier reputations. This white paper describes some of the...
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NDC InfraLab Food Analyzer for Rapid At-Line Measurement - NDC Infrared

11-Mar-2013 - The food industry needs accurate measurements to achieve quality, safety & efficiency goals. The InfraLab delivers rapid analyses of moisture, fat & protein content in a wide range of products. The video shows its key features, speed and ease of...
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SGS Complimentary White Paper on GFSI - SGS

19-Nov-2012 - Download the white paper "Comparing Global Food Safety Initiative Recognized Standards". It discusses the similarities & differences between the requirements, benefits & certification processes for each of the GFSI benchmarked food safety standards.
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18-Sep-2012 - The 60-min webinar "Meeting Food Safety requirements for Packaging Manufacture" discusses food packaging issues; how PAS 223 was developed; and then with ISO 22000, forms the Food Safety Systems Certification (FSSC) 22000 standard for food packaging.
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Cost Optimization in the Powdered Milk Production Process - Sartorius

14-May-2012 - The moisture content of materials plays a very significant role both in the pharmaceutical and food industries, because it has a direct influence on product quality and the processing of semi-finished and end products.
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IC for the people – 25 years of Metrohm ion chromatography - Metrohm AG

24-Apr-2012 - This year it is 25 years since Metrohm launched its first ion chromatograph, the 690 Ion Chromatograph. Since then, Metrohm has profoundly changed ion chromatography with instruments that are simple to use, robust, and affordable.Check out the (r)evolution of ion...
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23-Apr-2012 - The paper discusses the similarities and the differences between the requirements of the GFSI-approved food safety standards. It reviews the merits of a customized single food audit as GFSI standards overlap with environmental, H&S and quality schemes.
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Come and join us for our 2 in 1 webinar! - 3M Food Safety

20-Apr-2012 - Advancing Food Safety through Innovation Niki Montgomery, 3M Food Safety, St. Paul, MinnesotaChristine Aleski, 3M Food Safety, St. Paul, MinnesotaRecently introduced to the market was the 3M™ Molecular Detection System. In this webinar you will learn more about a fast, accurate...

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