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The FoodQualityNews Food Fraud Forum

The adulteration of food could be due to supply issues, economic motives or just plain criminal activity. However, for those involved in the industry it presents many challenges to ensure traceability throughout all your suppliers.
We all remember the scandal when horse meat was substituted in place of beef, but other incidents have included oils, honey, dairy and fish. While horse meat was not a food safety issue, the substitution of ingredients could have a serious affect for those with allergies such as the nuts and spices recalls that have hit the headlines.
Food Fraud will look at the risks industry faces throughout the supply chain, from those making the ingredients to the retailer selling the final product.

Where are the areas of concern and how can we ensure that all parts of the chain work together to ensure food is safe and is what it claims to be?


  • Christopher Van Gundy

    Christopher Van Gundy


    Keller and Heckman LLP

  • Joe Whitworth

    Joe Whitworth


  • John Spink, PhD

    John Spink

    Director & Assistant Professor Food Fraud

    Initiative Michigan State University

  • Michael Walker

    Michael Walker

    Consultant, Public Analyst

    Lab of the Government Chemist (LGC Group )

  • Paul Brereton

    Paul Brereton

    Head of Food and Health Research

    Food and Environment Research Agency