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Obesity not being adequately tackled by government, says report

Government efforts to date offer little hope of countering the rise in obesity, concluded a report out yesterday that called for more nutritional school meals and consistent nutritional labeling, as...

Sweet innovation aids 'stagnant' Russian confectionery

Russian firm United Confectioners has used new technology to launch a new range of jelly sweets, tapping in to one of the most promising sectors in Russia's confectionery market.

Health trends inspiring aseptic filling surge

Evidence grows that aseptic bottling is one of the biggest emerging trends in soft drinks production as the technique reinvigorates sales for Italian supplier Procomac, and the firm prepares to...

California tuna wars could affect public health, says FDA

Two months before it goes to trial, the FDA has told California attorney general Bill Lockyer that his lawsuit against the canned tuna industry over mercury warnings could cause consumers...

Eating French fries in pre-school increases breast cancer risk?

Pre-school girls eating French fries once a week could increase their future risk of developing breast cancer by more than a quarter, reveals new research from the US.

Meeting the demand for preservative, additive free foods

Consumer demand for natural foods or products without synthetic or chemical preservatives has led European processors to pile into the market with a wave of new offerings, according to research...

Cheese enzyme and phytosterol under scrutiny in Australian food law

Amendments to Australia's food code continue, with the nation's food agency calling on companies and organisations to comment on a host of new proposals, including the addition of phytosterols to...

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In food makers we trust?

In among the hollers about obesity and the concerns over nutrition, food companies now need to work hard to ensure they clinch public trust, as a matter of insurance. This...

Coffee-diabetes link may be age, weight related

A link between consumption of coffee and caffeine and a risk of type-2 diabetes has been bandied about for some time, but a new research suggests that the relationship may...

Nutrition advice boosts cancer survivors

Giving breast cancer survivors nutritional advice could do more than just impact their diet and eating patterns: it may also give them a psychological boost at a time when they...

Corn refiners challenge validity of fructose study

The Corn Refiners Association has claimed that a recent study linking fructose in soft drinks with added body fat "mischaracterizes high fructose corn syrup".

Food safety research declining despite global risks

Commitment to and research in food and agricultural microbiology is on the decline despite the ever-present threats to the food supply posed by disease, spoilage and the specter of bio-terrorism.

Renewed debate over milk and ovarian cancer risk

There is evidence to support the putative link between consumption of milk products and ovarian cancer risk, finds a new meta-analysis of epidemiological studies, but the case is far from...

Food industry unites to fight terrorism

A new collaboration between government and private industry has been initiated in order to protect the nation's food supply from terrorist threats.

China tackles pork disease

About 36 people have died in China after eating or handling pigs infectected with a mysterious diease, and there are now 198 more confirmed cases, reports Hridyesh Pandey.

Food makers to test as recalls on Sudan continue

Five months after the illegal red colour Sudan 1 sparked the biggest food product recall in the UK's history, the country's food agency detects the colour in a batch of...

Australia knuckles down to country of origin food labels

Food makers could expect new rules on origin labels as Australia and New Zealand food regulators prepare to consider the final country of origin labelling proposal at its meeting in...

High quality ingredients define premium food product

High quality ingredients are the single most important factor in making a product premium, concludes a new report from UK market analysts IGD, writes Lindsey Partos.

Food industry holds key to battling obesity

Food companies are in a unique position to influence eating patterns and rescue America from its descent into obesity, writes Anthony Fletcher.

UK poultry scare "contained" EU says

Supplies of live poultry, poultry meat and eggs from the UK will continue to flow to EU countries while the UK battles with a disease that can wipe out entire...

Colour as the next step in tamper proofing food?

The use of colour on food packaging may soon tell retailers if a product has been tampered with or damaged.

Global warming could boost oyster toxicity

Food processors who use oysters in their recipes might slowly be facing a shortage of the molluscs due to the effects of global warming.

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Let food be thy medicine

A society that views food as taste-bud entertainment rather than a basic of well-being was always bound to run into health problems. But with obesity now afflicting 300m people, and...

Food scientist shortage damaging UK's R&D future

The lack of food science recruits in the UK is unsustainable if the country wants to remain a centre for innovation and avoid becoming the food industry's global admin office,...

Listeria risk: authority tells food industry to toughen controls

Tighter controls need to be adopted by both the food industry and consumers to limit the spread of the harmful food pathogen Listeria monocytogenes, concludes a new report.

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