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R&D is ever-changing as whole genome sequencing, antimicrobials and nanomaterials are investigated for food safety uses


R&D is where it all starts - from whole genome sequencing of foodborne pathogens to antimicrobials to stop pathogen growth and the role of nanomaterials in food safety all the latest techniques to ensure a safe supply chain can be found in this section

News in brief

‘Join our club’: Campden BRI seeks partners to tackle chocolate fat bloom and sugar reduction

UK research firm Campden BRI is inviting companies to join research efforts focused on sugar and fat reduction and fat bloom in chocolate.

Projected Campylobacter increase in Belgium prompts call for action

Campylobacter incidence in Belgium may almost double by 2020, according to estimates.

Drinktec 2017

ViewPointSystem 'Smart Eyewear' wins contract with Bavarian Brewery

ViewPointSystem debuted its VPS16 Smart Eyewear for industrial use for the food and drink industry at Drinktec this month.

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CWI and Meyn look to boost poultry quality control

Meyn Food Processing and a Dutch research institute are to develop novel 3D spectral imaging techniques for the poultry industry.

German survey identifies mercury and dioxin as most well-known contaminants

Mercury and dioxin are the most recognised contaminants while pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PA) are almost unknown to the German public, according to a study.

Salmonella investigation uncovers cooking method risk

An investigation into a Salmonella outbreak in Canada has suggested the cooking method for chicken shawarma may represent a risk.

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FSSAI employees profit from IGFS and Waters partnership

The Institute for Global Food Security (IGFS) at Queen’s University Belfast and Waters Corporation have partnered to promote food safety.

Listeria reacts to and blocks cleaning and disinfectants through genetics

Certain genetic mechanisms allow Listeria monocytogenes to react to and block the effects of cleaning solutions and disinfectants, according to a study.

Conveyor belt possible contamination hotspot in Listeria outbreak

Environmental sampling in a plant linked to a Listeria outbreak in Germany has revealed a conveyor belt on which food was placed before packaging as a potential contamination hotspot.

News in brief

SafetyChain and TAG look at challenges for food safety and quality teams

SafetyChain Software and The Acheson Group are to assess challenges faced by food safety and quality teams and gain insight into how they are being overcome.

News in brief

USDA to provide user with new information on recalls

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has updated a mobile application to provide users with new information on recalls.

CTI launches heat-activated ‘Tamper Alert’ for dairy

Chromatic Technologies Inc. (CTI) has developed a ‘Tamper Alert’ with irreversible, heat-activated ink technology

Research round-up: NASA, active packaging and dormant pathogens

Summer is almost over and it is back to the research lab – we take a look at what research has been done in the last month.

News focus

Consumers expects same taste, quality and texture on consistent basis - Thermo

The consumer expects the same taste, quality and texture all the time no matter when or where he buys a product of a certain brand, according to an expert.

Slovakian botulism case linked to rare subtype in hummus

A very rare subtype implicated in only one previous outbreak was responsible for a case of botulism in Slovakia, according to research.

Norovirus detected in water coolers linked to outbreak - study

High levels of norovirus genotypes I and II were detected in office water coolers associated with an outbreak last year.

Zoonoses more sensitive to climate than solely human or animal pathogens

The impact of climate change on emergence and spread of infectious diseases could be greater than previously thought, according to University of Liverpool research.

China direct

Chinese retailers jumping on blockchain to safeguard against scandals

China’s second-biggest e-commerce platform has taken to using blockchain technology to help consumers track the provenance of some of the food available on its site.

Difficulties in detecting and quantifying allergens identified

Difficulties for labs in detecting and quantifying allergens have been looked at by researchers using ultra-high performance liquid chromatography coupled to tandem MS (UHPLC-MS/MS).


Scientists trial charged-water irrigation system to boost food safety

Technology that allows vegetables to be cleaned with electrically charged water before harvest is being trialled in Australia.

One in five sausage samples subject to species substitution

One in five sausages sampled contained meat not declared on the label, according to a Canadian study.

News in brief

CDC awards food safety funds to state and local health departments

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has awarded more than $200m to help prevent, detect, respond to and control threats posed by emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases.

News in brief

MoU signed and CDB funding for Grenada

A trilateral Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed while Grenada has received funding to boost food safety in the produce sector.

Campylobacter, Salmonella and norovirus cause most illnesses in France

Campylobacter, Salmonella and norovirus were responsible for more than 70% of foodborne illnesses in France during a five year period.

News in brief

ANSES finds increased consumption of raw foods of animal origin

New consumer behaviours are potentially posing a greater risk to health, according to a survey on eating habits of the French population.

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