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R&D is ever-changing as whole genome sequencing, antimicrobials and nanomaterials are investigated for food safety uses


R&D is where it all starts - from whole genome sequencing of foodborne pathogens to antimicrobials to stop pathogen growth and the role of nanomaterials in food safety all the latest techniques to ensure a safe supply chain can be found in this section

HPP food market nearing $12bn

Demand for high-pressure processing equipment and food/beverage products is surging; one expert from HPP provider Avure outlines some of the reasons for the growth.

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CE-MS assessed for identifying pathogens

The potential of Capillary Electrophoresis Mass Spectrometry (CE-MS) is being assessed for use in identifying pathogenic microorganisms

JBT: Get equipment sanitation down cold

One food technology expert says it is more important than ever for processing firms to keep their equipment up to stringent safety standards.

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It’sFresh! relocates to support global expansion

It’sFresh! said that its move to a new office will provide access to technical facilities to support global expansion.

MOCON: Automation essential in testing technology

MOCON has launched an oxygen permeation testing system that meets increased demand for automation and rapid results.

Animal feed industry gets a new website

A new website has been launched to supply breaking news for the global animal feed industry – a sector that was valued at $500 billion last year.

Food safety facility gives contamination a PASS

Thermo Fisher Scientific has opened the doors to a specialized facility that tackles contamination and product anomalies in consumer packaged foods.

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Food science and safety take center stage at conference

The International Conference and Exhibition on Food Processing and Technology, produced by OMICS, gives food professionals a platform to explore and share wisdom on safety and quality issues.

Honey may stop bacterial resistance to antibiotics

Honey could be one solution to the ever-growing problem of bacterial resistance to antibiotics, according to researchers.

Pilot plant helps Salmonella in spices research

Research on how spices become contaminated with Salmonella has got a boost with the opening of a new building at Virginia Tech.  

The sky’s the limit for FILMtech

FILMtech has gone into partnership with Q4 Services in Florida to make polyester films for conical mirrors.


Beverage & Dairy Treatment 2014: Free Online Event!

Join us on March 20 for a free online event devoted to filling technologies including aseptic, ESL and high pressure processing (HPP) that also teases out their packaging and branding implications

Smart tag sees the true color to tackle food waste

A colour-coded smart tag using nanorods could be used to tell if food is still fresh, according to researchers.

Meyer: Food conveyors are getting leaner and cleaner

Regulations and food firms alike are causing conveyor manufacturers to step up their game in the sanitation department.

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University student helps develop FSMS

A student at a UK university has helped develop an online food safety management system.

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Pathogen testing in finer detail

Food companies are looking at the finer details when it comes to pathogen testing, according to Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Mettler Toledo: Simplicity is the future of the food lab

Evolving demands and stepped-up regulations are pushing food safety analytical technology toward greater precision and increased ease of use, according to Mettler Toledo.

Cargill scales up its R&D 'hub' in Europe

Cargill's European Research and Development Centre has re-opened after an €8m expansion, with added emphasis on food safety.


What do you do? Paula Piontek, executive VP product safety & recall, red24assist

As part of FoodProductionDaily’s series of 60-second interviews with the movers and shakers of the food and beverage industry, we caught up with Paula Piontek, an expert with more than...

‘Yeast Lightning!’ UK firm reveals big beer interest in testing kit

UK firm BACTEST says a major global brewer is trialing its ultra-fast testing kit for wild yeasts in beer, and insists Speedy Breedy will save money and remove the risk...

FSIS takes a closer look at molecular subtyping

Subtying methods under development and mooted for the future have been analysed by the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS).


Speedy sanitation guards against deadly downtime

Downtime is death for food producers; according to one conveyor expert, making sanitation quick and easy can save the day.

Food safety goes digital with time-temperature sensor

Thinfilm has developed time-temperature sensors that can be attached to packaging and tell when food in the supply chain has spoiled or reached a certain temperature.


Food testing can tell the tale of taste

A representative from Shimadzu says food analysis can gauge a product's taste, aroma, and texture to predict its chances of success in stores.


Thermo Scientific: Testing equipment must be better, faster, stronger

Thermo Scientific representatives say in the face of growing demands on food laboratories and stepped-up regulatory requirements, analytical staff must deliver top-notch performance and technology to keep up.