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Hepatitis A outbreak study reveals berries as source

A case-control study to find the source of a Hepatitis A outbreak in Italy has revealed that berries were the main risk factor followed by raw seafood.

Loma X5 spacesaver X-ray unit fits into production lines

Loma Systems has launched the X5 spacesaver X-ray, a food inspection unit which has been designed for production zones where space is at a premium. 

Non-thermal method trialled on green beans

A combined treatment to control bacteria growth and reduce population during storage has been tested on green beans by researchers.

Scientific breakthrough in control of deadly pathogen

Scientists believe they may have found a new weapon in the fight to control the deadly foodborne pathogen Clostridium botulinum, as they have discovered genes that are crucial for its...

LiquiGlide expands IP protection after global interest in its slippery coating

LiquiGlide has started international patent filings to protect the intellectual property (IP) of its slippery coating technology.

E.coli strain linked to outbreaks sequenced

The first complete genome sequencing of a strain of E. coli linked to foodborne outbreaks has been produced by researchers at the University of California, San Diego.

Environmental stresses increase Listeria resistance

Sub-lethal environmental stresses could stimulate antibiotic resistance in Listeria monocytogenes strains, according to research.

PCR approaches for detection of horse meat evaluated

An evaluation of the limits of detection (LOD) of three methods has shown that all have the potential and capability of reaching less than 0.1% w/w raw horse meat in...

Irradiation backed as study reveals food safety practice concerns

An expert in consumer behavior and food science has backed the use of irradiation after a study found consumers do not follow recommended food safety practices in preparing meals at...

NMR potential to tackle tomato food fraud

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) profiling could help determine between organic and conventional tomatoes to prevent food fraud, according to researchers.  

Changing Listeria contamination patterns analysed in cheese facility

The sources of Listeria monocytogenes contamination and its changing patterns in a fresh cheese processing plant have been investigated by researchers.

Campylobacter risk in festive dish highlights hygiene importance

Eating a national festive dish is a risk factor for human campylobacteriosis in Switzerland, according to researchers.

Marketing meat: On-pack quality and credibility cues vital, say researchers

Global meat consumption will continue to boom but a consumer shift from price concerns to quality means meat processors need to step up marketing efforts, researchers warn.

MSU professor to battle viral food pathogens

Next generation genomic tools are being used in a project to reduce foodborne outbreaks associated with fresh produce.

Grant supports ‘interdisciplinary’ food safety training

A grant from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) will support a project which will integrate computer simulation with the teaching of food safety.

‘Protective coat’ for Listeria discovered

A substance that greatly increases the survival of Listeria monocytogenes has been discovered by researchers who hope it will lead to better techniques to combat the pathogen.

Understanding the Challenges of the Food System grant winner

Modelling the supply chain for predictive approach

An effort to identify weaknesses in the supply chain and make industry more predictive than reactive is being undertaken by the University of Manchester.

Biosensor tested as pathogen screening device

An in-situ fluorescent immunomagnetic sensor approach has been developed as a pathogen screening tool.

Understanding the Challenges of the Food System grant winner

Public reaction to horse meat to be analysed through social media

Social media data surrounding the horse meat incident will be analysed by Cardiff University researchers to see how rumours spread and measure public engagement.   

WGS evaluated in Salmonella outbreak

An outbreak of Salmonella Newport from watermelon across six countries has been used as an opportunity to evaluate whole genome sequencing (WGS) by researchers.

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Campden BRI to hold seminar on E.coli

A Campden BRI seminar in November is to examine Shiga toxin-producing E.coli.

Smart materials to detect pathogens before reaching consumers

Smart materials to detect harmful microbes that cause foodborne illnesses are being developed by researchers at the University of Alberta.

Grant winners to share almost £2m for food industry research

Five applicants will share a grant of almost £2m to investigate challenges around the UK food system.

News in brief

Dow touts ozone tech

Dow Microbial Control has revealed extended data about its technology for food processing and packaging environments.

Understanding Salmonella in pork meat processing

Salmonella behaviour in pork processing and factors to influence persistence and adaption have been investigated at the Technical University of Denmark.

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