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Danone's beautiful designs for functional yoghurts

Danone is planning to introduce a new line of cosmetic yoghurts next year, according to press reports, as it seeks the next level of differentiation in the increasingly competitive functional...

Nanotechnology risks need more study, German survey finds

Clear definitions, terms and standards as well as far more research into the potential problems of nanotechnology is needed before the science is used to a greater degree in products,...

Redesigned standardiser improves milk production, companies claim

A redesigned automatic milk standardiser allows processors to continually monitor fatcontent and eliminates the need for skilled technical support, the manufacturers claim.

Wild wheat gene could boost nutrient content of modern varieties

US scientists have identified a gene from wild wheat that could increase protein and micronutrient content of its cultivated cousin by 10 to 15 per cent, and could soon be...

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Hybrid can offers better hygiene, claims manufacturer

A hybrid can now on the market helps increase hygiene during aseptic filling processes claims its manufacturer.

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Decontamination method reduces chemical use

A decontamination process for packaging chilled products reduces the amount of chemicals needed for sterilization and increases shelf-life, claims its manufacturer.

FreshCan extends shelf life of sports drinks

A new drinks container can extend the shelf live of drinks containing active ingredients, claims its manufacturers.

MAP packaging ensures fresh bread

A new Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) system has been developed by Italian firm PFM to prolong bread freshness.

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Banknote protection transformed for packaging

Anti-counterfeit software that puts hidden design features into banknotes has been transformed into a brand protection tool for use by industry.

Fragile-food sorter breaks barriers, its manufacturer claims

A new fragile-food sorting system can remove up to 100 per cent of foreign material while losing less than 0.5 per cent yield, its manufacturer claims.

Gas equipment firm achieves highest food standard award

A global gas technology company has been awarded the food industry's highest international quality standard for food safety management.

Nanotech research holds promise for food industry, say scientists

Discoveries in nanotechnology are affecting a range of aspects in the food industry, from food safety to the molecular synthesis of new products and ingredients, according to a survey of...

Apple and oregano coating kills E. coli, say scientists

An natural and edible coating for fresh fruits and vegetables killsdeadly E. coli bacteria, whileproviding boost to flavor, say scientists.

Modular belt designed for hygiene, claims manufacturer

A new modular belt uses less links, reducing the risk of contamination, claims its manufacturer.

Meat preservatives work as antibacterial agents, scientist claims

Solutions used by meat processors to improve shelf life and taste can also help to reducepathogens, including E. coli 0157:H7, according to a recent study.

Tie layer bond strengthens barrier, claims manufacturer

A new hydrogenated styrenic block copolymers for use as tie layers can help food processorsextend the shelf life of their products.

Nano ink indicates safety breach in food packaging

A new ink leverages nanotechnology to detect the presence of oxygen in food packages, giving awarning that the product is no longer safe to eat.

Optical sorter sets new standard for accuracy, claims its manufacturer

A new optical sorter with "laser guided missile" precision can improve efficiency and reduce costs, claims its manufacturer.

Automated test speeds up contamination enumeration

The first automated test for enumerating Enterobacteriaceae will slash confirmation time dramatically, the manufacturer claims.

Coating protects floors against bacteria, molds

A new range of urethane-based floor coatings reduces bacteria and mold levels in plants, its manufacturer claims.

New horizontal wrapper designed for delicate bakery

A new horizontal wrapper suitable for handling delicate products such as tray baked goods, biscuits and chocolate confectionery has been developed by Bosch packaging subisidary, Tevopharm.

New conveyer belts take the heat out of power usage and tortillas

Two different new conveyer belts have been released on the market, one designed to reduced energy consumption, while the other targets the tortilla manufacturers.

Global coding standard being tested with RFID

A global product coding standard being developed for use with radio frequency identification (RFID) technology is being tested on the sea-shipment of cartons between Hong Kong and Japan.

Chlorate compound stops Salmonella in its tracts

Mixing a chlorate-based compound into livestock feed or water could dramatically reduce Salmonella and E. coli in gastrointestinal tracts, claim researchers.

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Fluid extraction system helps eliminate waste

A new automated extraction system increases the amount of high viscosity fluids that can be removed from bulk bag-in-box packages, its manufacturer claims.

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