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Research examines improved safety for citrus supply

A group of research centres have banded together to examine ways of improving safety and quality along the supply chain for citrus products.

X-ray detects contaminants in cartons

A new x-ray inspection system can detect multiple contaminants in products being conveyed on belts, its manufacturer claims.

Deaeration system improves beverage filling

A new system designed to reduce oxygen levels in beverages improves fillings speeds and can extend the shelf life of products, its manufacturer claims.

Testing tools help keep beverages pathogen-free

Two new testing tools from Döhler are designed to keep pathogens and impurities from contaminating beverage filling lines.

Transmitting environment sensor withstands depths

A new waterproof temperature and humidity sensor can take readings while submerged and transmit the results across a plant, its manufacturer claims.

Wastewater recycler uses combined technologies

A new treatment system integrates two technologies to recycle wastewater in plants, claims its manufacturer, helping food and drink firms to meet their environmental commitments.

Coatings protect bake-in packaging

US based packaging firm Michelman is set to unveil a raft of bake-in coating solutions for the bakery industry at trade fairs this year.

Nitrogen testing could aid organic certification

Research into a nitrogen isotope-based testing system being pioneered in Britain could provide a vital new tool in ensuring valid organic certification for food and drink products.

New analyser relieves pressure on drinks makers

The maker of a new analyser capable of monitoring carbon dioxide, nitrogen and oxygen claims it can help brewers and soft drinks firms step closer to perfection.

Project aims to tear strips off packaging problems

The effectiveness of tear strips used in cardboard packaging is being tested as part of a new project, which aims to market the findings later this year.

Salmon inspection can leap ahead with automated vision, claims study

Computer vision systems could automate salmon fillet sorting lines, reducing labour costs and increasing processing speed, according to a study by scientists in Norway.

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Heat sealing reduces salad packaging and spoilage

A new a way to seal flexible film packaging reduces the amount of material required and extends the shelf life of products, according to results of recent trials.

Humidity during heat processing reduces salmonella

Processing beef at low humidity reduces the effectiveness of killing salmonella through cooking, according to a recent study.

Thermometer assists tracing in supply chain

A portable refrigerator thermometer allows processors to record temperatures more accurately and easily, improving the traceability of products, its manufacturer claims.

Researchers develop new nut allergen test

A research laboratory has developed new tests that enable processors to identify pine nuts and chestnuts in food, which could help protect consumers with allergies.

Ultrasound improves conveyer cleaning, says study

Ultrasonic treatment could provide processors with a new method of cleaning conveyor belts, according to a recent study.

Steam cleaning cuts salmonella in meat, says study

Using commercial household steam cleaning can provide smaller processing plants with a low cost method of decontaminating beef and hog carcasses, according to a recent study.

Modular belt improves washdown efficiency

A new modular belt is designed with less hinges to reduce both the risk of contamination and cleaning time during washdowns, its manufacturer claims.

Absorbent pads help retain packaged meat colour

A new absorbent pad prevents meat discolouration while retaining moisture in packaging, its manufacturer claims.

Crown expands easy-open closure range

Crown Closures Europe has put out three new diameters for its Ideal brand, expanding the range for which it can be used for packing foods and beverages.

Fiber-optic light paves way for more accurate inspection

A new light source based on fiber-optic technology could be the next step in improving the accuracy of automated food inspection machines.

Processing lab opens for pre-production testing

A new lab that provides powder processing services allows firms to test small batches before they progress to full production.

Washing system cleans processing parts in minutes

A washing system can clean detachable food processing machine parts in minutes, allowing quick washdowns during changeovers, its manufacturer claims.

Labeller adds tamper safety to containers without changeovers

A new machine that can attach up to 400 tamperproof labels to containers per minute runs continuously without changeovers, its manufacturer claims.

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