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New wheat variety could improve nutrition

CSIRO has developed a new experimental wheat variety with the potential to provide benefits in the areas of bowel health, diabetes and obesity.

Novel oxygen test for foods in plastic packaging

A new test that realistically determines how much oxygen will pass through food and beverage packaging during a product's lifetime will enable producers to speed up and improve new product...

RFID label tracks product temperature

A newly developed label from KSW Microtec will enable food firms to more closely monitor the temperature of their products on the journey from production line to consumer, its inventor...

Rapid shake method for canned foods poised for take-off

With the licensing of three equipment manufacturers in the US and Europe, a company's quick sterilization technology for canned foods has gone from prototype to market launch.

Researchers hunt for method to prevent Campylobacter contamination

New methods need to be develop to prevent Campylobacter in transport coopsand during carcass defeathering, critical points at which contamination ofbroilers and broiler carcasses occurs, according to new research.

Company develops ozone disinfectant process for produce

Produce Safety & Security International (PSSI) plans to produce prototype units for its ozone gas disinfectant process.`

Fastest aseptic filling machine goes global

Tetra Pak yesterday announced the global availability of what it claims is the fastest aseptic filling machine for family packages available worldwide.

Barrier coating for plastic bottles extends shelf life say inventors

A new barrier coating for polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and polypropylene (PP) offers a better method of extending the shelf life of beverages than is currently available according to the inventors...

Wrigley installs texture analyser

Wrigley UK has installed a texture analyser for quality control and new product development.

Scientists develop lactic acid as mycotoxin fighters

Common grade lactic acid bacteria (LAB) from grain, malting, brewing and cereal processing could be a cheap and natural means of reducing deadly mycotoxins in grains, according to scientists in...

System automates pallet de-stacking process

A "pioneering" pallet de-stacking system automates the process, making it quicker, simpler and safer according to Sealed Air.

Batch sifter designed to meet food safety standards

A dust-tight batch sifter, constructed with stainless steel housing, is designed to meet the most stringent food, dairy and pharmaceutical standards, according to its manufacturer.

New oat variety boasts high cholesterol-lowering beta-glucan levels

A new oat variety containing high levels of cholesterol-lowering beta-glucan has been developed, meaning that food manufacturers could soon offer whole oat products that pack the same health benefits as...

Powdered cappuccino quality test launched

A foam test for cappuccino milk powder will give food companies the goods on whether they have a quality product for a competitive market.

Cargill expands trans-fat lowering soyoil production

US agribusiness firm Cargill is to expand its processing of Vistive, a low-linolenic soybean, which claims to reduce or eliminate trans fatty acids in soybean oil.

Purac ingredient range tackles Listeria threat

Purac claims to have developed a line of ingredients that can help food makers meet new European Commission regulations on microbiological criteria.

Handheld sensor detects pathogens within 10 minutes

A handheld sensor could help food companies quickly detect within 10 minutes whether their products are laden with Escherichia coli or listeria -- before they are shipped out of the plant.

Industrial steamer zaps bacteria dead

An industrial steamer uses superheated water instead of chemicals to zap bacteria dead.

Bacteria-killing water replaces chemical cleaners

A US company has made inroads in bringing its electrolysed water technology to market as a replacement for chemical cleaners.

Shipping container material reduces contamination risk

A new type of shipping container material replaces wood and reduces the risk of contamination of any foods being transported, its creator claims.

Natural enzymes improve product texture, say EU scientists

European Union scientists have developed new natural enzymes that claim to improve the texture of high-protein food products, reducing the need for certain product-enhancing ingredients.

Company develops spray to light up pathogens

AgroMicron is developing a spray that lights up pathogens, providing a way for companies to quickly detect contamination in foods and drinks.

Frutarom develops natural tasting citrus flavours

Frutarom has developed unique processing technology that it claims maintains the true natural flavour of citrus fruit.

Filling sensor reduces waste, allows faster changeovers

An integrated filling sensor simplifies batch delivery by eliminating the need for separate controllers for valves and pumps.

Danisco technology taps human flavour perceptions

Danisco has developed new technology that it claims can harmonise flavours with other food ingredients and, for the first time, human perceptions of flavour.

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