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Coating protects floors from temperature changes

A new concrete coating is designed to protect floors at food and beverage plants from dramatic temperature fluctuations and to resist bacteria.

Sensor measures small flows of liquids

A flow sensor is designed for the automated measuring low volume liquids in food plants.

Texture analyser measures quality of thin foods

A texture analyser for measuring the quality of thin foods can now be used to test the strength of packaging.

Sensor sniffs gases on meat to determine freshness

Russian scientists say they have developed a sensor that "smells" a meat's gases to determine if it is fresh and how long it has been kept in storage.

Food quality tester linked to Internet monitoring service

A spectrometer manufacturer has linked up its Internet monitoring service with its quality testing machines, a move that could help food laboratories improve productivity.

Device automates food safety testing

A portable spectrophotometer automates the process of testing water at food and drink plants.

Brewers set to benefit from winter malting barley

A new variety of winter malting barley could provide brewers with a better quality and more stable barley supply, say scientists who have been developing the variety for the past...

Company develops speedy test kit for bird flu

Applied Biosystems plans to release kits that can test humans and animals for avian flu virus within two hours.

Food makers see cost savings in microencapsulation

The increasing economic viability of microencapsulation technology has led to significant interest within the food and beverage industry.

New cowpea variety retains 'perfect' green color when dry, frozen

A greener variety of black-eyed pea may well solve the problem of color fading faced by frozen food processors, allowing them to sell a better looking product, say scientists.

Vacuum drying method preserves vitamin content

Scientists in Germany claim to have developed a microwave vacuum drying method that preserves the vitamin content of fruit and other foods.

Pathogen tester speeds up process of detecting contamination

DuPont Qualicon has introduced a new pathogen testing instrument to speed up the process of ensuring food products meet regulatory requirements.

Palsgaard launches emulsifiers for very low fat spreads

Danish firm Palsgaard has launched a new emulsifier combination for very low fat spreads and butter with a fat content of between 10 and 15 per cent.

Measuring meter reader fits tight spaces

Small electromagnetic shakers are designed specifically for tight fitting processing and packaging distribution lines that require precise metering and low maintenance drives, the system's manufacturer claims.

Australian food safety tester buys into European market

SAI Global has acquired EFSIS Ltd., one of the food safety inspection and certification firms companies will be turning to when checking whether they are in compliance with the EU's...

Drum motor is self contained for food safety

Netherlands-based Van der Graaf has developed an internally powered drum motor featuring specially designed sprockets for driving food industry modular conveyor belts.

Analyser can detect cheese fat in seconds

A new device can analyse fat and dry matter in cheese in seconds while it is being processed, giving operators a qualitative advantage over methods currently used in the industry.

Food temperature affects taste, reveal scientists

A new study reveals why our taste perception is enhanced as the temperature of food and beverage products increases, explaining why beer is more bitter and ice cream is sweeter...

Company gears up to meet demand for allergen testing kits

With the implementation of EU allergen labelling regulations, more and more companies are producing testing kits to meet the demand from food processors.

More vitamin D linked to better lung health

High levels of vitamin D may help our lungs stay healthy, according toresearchers from New Zealand.

Test determines presence of avian flu virus in foods

Eurofins Scientific has launched what it calls the first test available for determining whether food has been infected with the avian flu virus.

RFID system monitors temperature of refrigerated trucks

A UK company has released a wireless system monitoring system allowing managers to keep track of the temperatures of refrigerated truck trailers while they are parked or being chilled for...

Industry turns to DNA testing to ensure Angus quality beef

DNA testing is to be used to ensure the quality of Angus branded beef, after generations of cross breeding has resulted in reduced Angus breed percentages in many of the...

Liquid dispenser uses RFID to provide safety check

A liquid dispensing system with a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag allows food and beverage companies to cost-effectively manage the safety and reliability of their products during processing, its manufacturer...

Russian scientists stretch meat shelf-life

Russian scientists claim they have devised a method of keeping meat fresh for up to three months using additives found naturally in living cells, says report.

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