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Tie layer bond strengthens barrier, claims manufacturer

A new hydrogenated styrenic block copolymers for use as tie layers can help food processorsextend the shelf life of their products.

Nano ink indicates safety breach in food packaging

A new ink leverages nanotechnology to detect the presence of oxygen in food packages, giving awarning that the product is no longer safe to eat.

Optical sorter sets new standard for accuracy, claims its manufacturer

A new optical sorter with "laser guided missile" precision can improve efficiency and reduce costs, claims its manufacturer.

Automated test speeds up contamination enumeration

The first automated test for enumerating Enterobacteriaceae will slash confirmation time dramatically, the manufacturer claims.

Coating protects floors against bacteria, molds

A new range of urethane-based floor coatings reduces bacteria and mold levels in plants, its manufacturer claims.

New horizontal wrapper designed for delicate bakery

A new horizontal wrapper suitable for handling delicate products such as tray baked goods, biscuits and chocolate confectionery has been developed by Bosch packaging subisidary, Tevopharm.

New conveyer belts take the heat out of power usage and tortillas

Two different new conveyer belts have been released on the market, one designed to reduced energy consumption, while the other targets the tortilla manufacturers.

Global coding standard being tested with RFID

A global product coding standard being developed for use with radio frequency identification (RFID) technology is being tested on the sea-shipment of cartons between Hong Kong and Japan.

Chlorate compound stops Salmonella in its tracts

Mixing a chlorate-based compound into livestock feed or water could dramatically reduce Salmonella and E. coli in gastrointestinal tracts, claim researchers.

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Fluid extraction system helps eliminate waste

A new automated extraction system increases the amount of high viscosity fluids that can be removed from bulk bag-in-box packages, its manufacturer claims.

E-beam eliminates E. coli in ground beef, researchers say

Low levels of irradiation can reduce pathogen levels, including the potentially deadly E. coli, in carcasses used for ground beef, claim researchers.

UK firm uncovers 'traditional' strawberry flavour

UK firm Create Flavours has developed an innovative method that it claims is capable of recreating more accurately the original flavour of strawberries.

New chemical dispenser helps food firms clean up

A new chemical dispensing system can provide safer, easier and more economic extraction of chemicals from containers while helping to reduce costly spills, the manufacturer claims.

Government cover-up on UK scientist shortages, report says

Large increases in science graduates lauded by the UK government simply do not exist, the country's prestigious Royal Society has warned, adding more evidence of the threat to food industry...

New technology needed to cut acrylamide

EU manufacturers have made significant changes to their recipes andprocesses but have achieved only "modest" reductions in acrylamidelevels, according to an industry expert.

Netherlands company bacteriophage cleaner approved in US

A naturally-occurring bacteriophage that kills Listeria on foods has been approved for use oncheese products in the US.

Research helps cut Salmonella contamination

Government researchers are helping to dramatically reduce Salmonella on pigfarms, part of a bid by the US agriculture department to prevent the pathogen from showing up at processing plants.

Nanotech food under discussion in Amsterdam

The role of nanotechnology in food processing, monitoring, labelling, storage and distribution is the subject of a two day meeting that kicks off tomorrow in Amsterdam, Holland.

Flow-wrapper targets self service bakery

Spanish firm Ulma Packaging has increased its foothold in the bakery sector with the launch of new flow-wrapping equipment.

Valves designed for PET moulding operations

A new series of pneumatic valves solves many of the problems unique to polyethylene terephthalate (PET) stretch-blow molding operations, according to the manufacturer.

Elastomer provides increased shelf life, claims manufacturer

A new thermoplastic elastomer could increase shelf life significantly, claims its manufacturer.

Diluter improves test accuracy and traceability

A new programmable gravimetric diluter can reduce food lab technicians'workload while improving accuracy and traceability, its manufacturer claims.

Dairy research barely alive in the UK, warn scientists

Dairy research and development in the UK has been systematically destroyed, warn two senior ex-officials, seriously damaging the potential for the country's industry to compete against foreign players.

Phage product found effective against Listeria

A dose of bacteriophages can help ready-to-eat meat producing companies meet food safetystandards for Listeria, according to a university study.

Sonic wave processor to target brewing

The creators of novel, sonic wave processing technology for the food industry will look to build on a successful year by focusing on new developments in the brewing sector.

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