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Nano scale coating process developed for baking sector

A US company claims to have developed a way to apply micro- and nano scale coating processes directly onto food products and their packaging materials.

Detection system pinpoints packaging leaks

A new detection system pinpoints individual leaks in packaging, which reduces recalls by raising the alarm before unsealed products leave the production line.

Heater offers extreme processing control

A redesigned heat transfer fluid system offers improved energy efficiency while providing accurate temperature control at up to 316C (600F), its manufacturer claims.

New Chr Hansen meat lab tests flavors on site

European ingredients firm Chr Hansen has launched a new meat lab in the US, designed to allow for the on-site trials of flavors and seasonings in packaged meat goods.

Adept calls its Quatro robot 'world's fastest'

Adept Technology said yesterday it has shipped the first of what it is calling the world's fastest light payload packaging and handling robot targeted at the food industry.

Water temperature controller withstands washdowns

A new portable water temperature control system is constructed from stainless steel so as to withstand harsh washdowns in food plants, its manufacturer claims.

Kiremko and Tna link up processing and packaging lines

Kiremko and Tna have teamed up in a bid to provide complete processing and packaging lines for the potato snack food sector.

Monsanto shares soybean technology to boost yields

Leading US biotechnology firm Monsanto has announced that it will provide free access to some of its soybean breeding technology, a move it expects will help identify pest resistant soybeans...

Dust filter system clears the air

A modular filtration system designed for purifying air ensures dust levels in food production plants are far below the most stringent hygiene standards, its manufacturer claims.

Wine waste could boost shelf life of fish

Antioxidant and fibre-rich waste from wine making could offer a cheap and healthy alternative to synthetic antioxidants to prolong the shelf life of fish meat, suggests a study from Spain.

Monitor protects plants round-the-clock

An automatic monitor and alarm system alerts plant managers to breaches in food safety round-the-clock, ensuring they remain aware of emerging production problems -- even if they are off site.

Temperature controls upgraded for washdowns

A new controller added to Mokon's range of temperature systems and chillers is designed to withstand the harsh washdowns used in food plants, its manufacturer claims.

Octanoic acid passes taste, appearence test

Using octanoic acid treatments on ready-to-eat meat and poultry products is an effective means of killing pathogens such as Listeria without much effect on taste, according to a new study.

Tetra Pak convenience package claims prolonged shelf life

A new convenience aseptic package for ice-lollies and juice drinks can hold different volumes without the need for machine changeovers.

Solubilised proteins may offer phosphate-free meats

Using solubilised proteins to replace phosphate to enhance the colour and texture of meat during storage may offer an alternative to phosphates, says new research.

Weekly Comment

Allergens: no margin for error

It would be a mistake for governments and industry to misinterpret the recent progress in food allergen labelling as a final solution: there is much that remains to be done,...

Tests detect Alicylobacilli and its off flavours

Three ready-to-use tests provide beverage makers with a means of detecting Alicyclobacilli,  blamed for contamination of drinks and for producing off flavours.

Ozone may cut wine allergies

Using Ozone to preserve grapes could replace the need for allergy-causing sulphites, possibly leading to healthier and less allergenic wine, scientists have found.

Copper alloys surfaces touted as pathogen killers

Three types of alloy surfaces containing at least 90 per cent copper completely eliminate E. coli O157:H7, according to an ongoing UK study of the pathogen-killing properties of the metal.

Bericap introduces tamper-evident closure for vinegar

Packaging supplier Bericap has adapted its tamper-evident neck closure for the vinegar market.  

Quality key to future EU food profitability

Quality will be key to a strong European food sector, agriculture commissioner Mariann Fischer Boel told a Brussels conference on food quality certification yesterday.

Weekly Comment

Food versus fuel: is a happy ending possible?

The era of biofuels is here but this does not necessarily mean unending food price shocks or a critical diversion of agricultural production away from food.

Enzymes improve quality of French fries, says study

Using pectolytic and hemicellulytic enzymes to change the microstructure of potato cells in French fries improves the quality of the finished product, suggests research from Novozymes.

X-ray detects hidden chicken bones

A new x-ray and colour vision hybrid system, allows faster poultry processing, by detecting embedded bones and defects missed during the deboning of chicken carcasses, its manufacturer claims.

Oleic-acid-rich sunflowers give trans-fat alternative - study

Oil from genetically modified sunflowers has increased stability against oxidation, giving them a longer shelf life, as well as having an improved health profile, suggests new research.

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