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Lab instruments measure egg quality in minutes

A set of laboratory instruments can measure egg quality within minutes, allowing plant managers to save time on the processing line.

Gas packaging extends Russian cheese shelf-life

Russian packager and food producer Nevskie Syry has launched a new line of cheese packaging using inert gases that it says can significantly extend products' shelf-life.

RFID system allows quicker control of processing line

Using a modular system of radio frequency identification (RFID) tags and a new set of software Escort Memory Systems says it has developed a faster way to ensure automated tasks...

Maize sequencing promises better quality ingredients

Sequencing of the genome of maize at the Genome Sequencing Center (GSC) at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis could help lead to higher yields and better quality...

Cargill shortlisted for patented starch innovation

Cargill's patented starch, designed to deliver higher food quality and cost savings for manufacturers, has been shortlisted in the Most Innovative Ingredient category at the forthcoming FiE show.

Novozymes recognised for trans fat innovation

Novozymes' enzymatic interesterification process has been recognised as one of six Technologies of the Year for 2005.

Device measures ingredients, reduces spoilt batches

A new computerised device allows food workers to accurately measure and add ingredients to recipes, reducing human error and the number of spoilt batches.

Discovery could reduce chicken pathogens, improve safety

Proteins called bacteriocins, produced by bacteria, can reduce Campylobacter and Salmonella pathogens to very low levels in chicken intestines, helping to reduce human exposure to food-borneinfections, according to scientists at...

Selako salt replacer targets health-conscious consumers

Salt reduction in finished products can be achieved without affecting shelf life or the manufacturing process, according to a Finnish firm.

DD Williamson launches organic caramel colours

The world's largest caramel color manufacturer DD Williamson has developed a new line of organic caramel colours, which the company claims are the first to be manufactured in North America.

Sanitary non-contact sensors reduce cleaning, company claims

Non-contact "rod-style" sensors for gauging liquid levels in tanks have been designed for the food industry.

Coloured wrapper gives yeast a longer life

New coatings on cellophane film designed to wrap large blocks of yeast used in bakery processing plants could help managers ensure the ingredient remains alive and no contamination ends up...

Fat taste receptor discovery could influence food formulation

The recent discovery of fat taste receptors on the tongue sheds new light on how taste buds function and could have ramifications for food makers.

Natural flavor enhancer promises greater shelf stability

Blue Pacific's new functional flavor system offers health-minded beverage makers the promise of shelf stability without the threat of ringing or separation.

Single-serve PET ready for Italy's regulatory change

Proposed regulatory changes in the Italian market has led a Canadian machine maker to team up with two other companies in developing what they say is a cheaper way of...

New system sets standard for bread quality control

A new version of an image analysis system for baked products has been launched, designed to make quality control and ingredient testing an easier and faster process for the bakery...

Givaudan taps demand for salt reduction

Givaudan Flavours' new proprietary salt reduction system aims to help food makers develop lower salt alternatives without sacrificing flavour.

Food industry demands quicker pathogen testing

Growing demand from food companies for quicker pathogen testing to free up both time and inventory should benefit microbiology firms, according to a business consultant.

RFID tag tracks temperature for food processors

A new temperature logging radio frequency identification (RFID) tag targets food processors and handlers who need to comply with the latest EU requirements and pending US traceability legislation.

Food safety sensor research aimed at small companies

Mice and rats may get a break in being used as testers for toxins at shellfish processing plants under an EU-wide project.

Tester measures carbonated beverage shelf-life

The fast and accurate verification of carbonated beverage shelf-life is now possible via what Mocon is calling the first machine tester able to do the job.

Palsgaard launches lecithin replacer for chocolate

As supply and demand issues for non-GM lecithin propel ingredients manufacturers to push alternatives onto the market, Danish emulsifier firm Palsgaard launches citric acid ester as a lecithin replacer.

Fast take-down conveyer speeds up cleaning time

A new conveyor frame can be completely disassembled, without tools, in only three minutes, allowing processors to clean their machines and get production underway again faster.

Tetra Pak launches low temperature ice cream innovation

Tetra Pak's new low temperature ice cream solution, utilising the firm's patented microform technology, could revolutionise the sector.

New test tackles E.coli contamination

US firm Nymox Pharmaceutical rolls out a new treatment to tackle contamination of the potentially fatal E.coli food pathogen.