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Dow touts ozone tech

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By Joe Whitworth+

Last updated on 05-Aug-2014 at 09:25 GMT2014-08-05T09:25:00Z

Dow AOS Certified Technology for pathogen control
Dow AOS Certified Technology for pathogen control

Dow Microbial Control has revealed extended data about its technology for food processing and packaging environments.

Dow’s Advanced Oxidation System (AOS) Certified Whole Room Sanitization (WRS) technology claims to be capable of reducing and controlling pathogens on surfaces and in the air.

The system creates ozone vapor on demand using ambient air and water, eliminating the need to ship and store chemicals.

AOS Certified WRS fills the atmosphere with a non-condensing ozone humidity that infiltrates even difficult-to-reach areas that conventional sanitation methods often miss.

During a field trial in a smoked fish packaging facility, AOS Certified WRS treatments reduced the rate of Listeria positives on environmental surfaces from 12% to 0.4% over an 11-week period, said the firm.

AOS Certified WRS reduced Lactobacillus and E. coli inoculated on agar plates during two separate laboratory studies – with both cases being measured after one whole room ozone treatment.

Dow showcased the system at the 2014 IAFP Annual Meeting (Booth 522), August 3-6 in Indianapolis.

Tony Reed, business development manager for Food Safety, in Dow Microbial Control’s New Technologies Business Development team told us about the technology last year .  

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General manager Tea Plantation

We recently use ozone in our black CTC tea manufacturing Fascility to improve oxidation (called fermentation ) surprisingly it improve end product to a great extent against control
It seems extra available oxygen enhance oxidation and improve end product quality apart from microbiological disinfection.

Ashok pareek

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Posted by Ashok Pareek
02 November 2016 | 23h242016-11-02T23:24:15Z

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