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Software to evaluate Campylobacter in broiler meat risk

By Joe Whitworth+


Tool to mitigate Campylobacter risk in broiler meat
Tool to mitigate Campylobacter risk in broiler meat

A software tool for setting and evaluating risk-based microbiological criteria for Campylobacter in broiler meat has been developed.

TriMiCri (Tool for Risk-based Microbiological Criteria) was created at the National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark.

The application of risk-based microbiological criteria has been increasingly discussed and in Europe, it is focused on the control of Campylobacter in broiler meat, said the Institute.

Users can define their own microbiological criteria, check whether their food complies with these criteria and evaluate the potential impact of alternatives.

TRiMiCri helps the control of Campylobacter in broiler meat and allows decision makers to weigh between industry and consumer interests when implementing food safety measures.

Methodology is in accordance with WTO conditions and may be used when checking domestic and imported batches.

Download the freely available TRiMiCri here:

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