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Food tracing tech hits 40K US retailers

By Jenni Spinner+


The Food Marketing Institute is encouraging its retailer members to adopt ReposiTrak's food traceability system.
The Food Marketing Institute is encouraging its retailer members to adopt ReposiTrak's food traceability system.

The Food Marketing Institute is spreading traceability technology to its 40,000 US food retailer members.

The Food Marketing Institute (FMI), which has 40,000 food retailers and 25,000 pharmacies in its membership, has announced plans to encourage use of the ReposiTrak traceability platform to its members. ReposiTrak is a food and drug traceability system designed to help increase safety and accountability.

Safety first

Dr. Hilary Thesmar, vice president for FMI’s food safety program, said that safeguarding the nation’s food safety is “number one priority” for the organization and its members.

 “We are working to help our members protect their customers and employees, meet all federal and state regulatory mandates, safeguard their brands and reduce financial risk,” she said. “Traceability is increasingly important to everyone in the food industry, and retail is no exception.”

Facilitated by technology firm Park City Group, ReposiTrak is intended to let food processing facilities, grocery warehouses, supermarkets, packaged goods manufacturers and logistics partners track and trace products and components throughout the supply chain.

The system receives, stores, maintains, shares and compliance reporting and proactive expiration alerting of audit, inspection and regulatory documentation required between suppliers and their clients.

Integrated technology

According to Thesmar, ReposiTrak is a useful tool for food companies because it can work with existing tracing systems, communicates with other software, does not require significant operational overhauls and is cost effective.

FMI’s member services includes helping food firms and retailers get up to speed on federal and state regulatory mandates, ensure the safety of food and beverage products, and introduce technology and other means to help ensure safety and minimize liability.

Under the agreement, ReposiTrak will be the exclusive solution provider endorsed by FMI in connection with the food and drug safety traceability of goods and related services, including document management. FMI will introduce ReposiTrak to its members, which operate nearly 40,000 stores and 25,000 pharmacies.

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