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Smart Fog rolls out food safety solutions for produce


Smart Fog food safety technology

Smart Fog food safety technology

Smart Fog has unveiled a range of non-wetting food safety solutions aimed at fruits, nuts and vegetables.

The system has a dual feature of humidification, so can operate to disinfect, humidify, suppress dust and create a clean hygienic environment for produce storage and processing.

Smart Fog conveyor system provides a non-wetting fogging chamber which can be built over existing conveyer systems or provided as an additional component

The produce entering the system is covered by a dense fog containing an organic disinfectant, eliminating viruses, bacteria, mold and other organisms with produce exiting the chamber without traces of disease or free water.

The firm also offer systems aimed at pre-cooling and cold storage, transportation and produce retail display cases.

“The key to Smart Fog Food Safety Technology is equally spaced micron droplets which penetrate and disinfect every surface,” said Ido Goldstein, director at Smart Fog.

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