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Specialty Food Ingredients given validation for pathogen reduction system


Specialty Food Ingredients steam pasteurization system validations

Specialty Food Ingredients (SFI) has received 5 log validation for its steam pasteurization system on certain products.

The validation is for walnuts, macadamias and pumpkin seeds and the company is targeting brazil nuts, hazelnuts, cashews, pine nuts and other nuts and seeds.

The pasteurization system uses saturated steam in a partial vacuum to eliminate microbiological contamination in nuts and seeds, while preserving nutritional, organic and sensory attributes, said the firm.

Larry Leitner, SFI CEO, said: “We knew we could set ourselves apart in the industry by not just sourcing the nuts and seeds our customers need, but to offer chemical-free, validated kills that make them trusted ingredients.

“So, we invested in the most effective system available and spent 2012 on our 5 log reduction protocols for a variety of items."

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