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Step change in metal detection sensitivity on free-falling products - company

By Rory Harrington , 28-Jan-2011
Last updated on 28-Jan-2011 at 13:22 GMT2011-01-28T13:22:16Z

Step change in metal detection sensitivity on free-falling products - company

A significant boost in detection capabilities, flexibility and the assurance of food quality and safety compliance are benefits claimed by Mettler Toledo Safeline for its new metal detection system for free-falling products in vertically packed lines.

The UK-based company said its ST Series machine (pictured right and below) heightens detection sensitivity by 30 per cent compared to levels in “typical food production environments” thanks to the incorporation of advanced detection coil and new detector head geometry technology.

The system has been designed for the inspection of free falling foods such as snack foods, cereals, confectionery, Individual Quick Frozen (IQF) products and any other products packed in a vertical form fill seal (VFFS) bag making operation, said a Mettler statement.

Detection sensitivity of “previously unattainable levels” are realised thanks to the system’s new software algorithm.

“This improved detection accuracy is achieved through the reduction of environmental influence and the minimisation of the product effect - the signal emitted from a product during inspection - for stronger protection against contamination”, said the firm.


The system’s flexibility is demonstrated by both its physical and technological capabilities.

It is available in fixed and multiple frequency configurations, allowing it to meet the differing needs of manufacturers. The equipment is further fitted with the company’s Zero Metal Free Zone (ZMFZ) technology, which allows metal structures and components to be positioned in very close proximity to the detector without interference.

This means the metal detector can be installed in the restricted space between a multi-head weigher and a vertical form fill seal bag maker – therefore making most efficient use of space, said, Mettler.

“The new ST Series is the ‘must have’ for food processors using vertical packaging applications as it allows them to ensure product safety and quality,” said David Barber, head of products at the company.

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