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bioMérieux bids to detect listeria


The bioMérieux kit
The bioMérieux kit

bioMérieux has unveiled its latest product to tackle listeria which it claims offers unprecedented specificity and sensitivity.

The VIDAS UP Listeria (LPT) recombinant phage technology utilizes recombinant bacteriophage (phage) proteins.

Based on phage protein technology, it is able to detect low contamination levels and provides an extremely simple enrichment protocol, which reduces laboratory hands-on time, and delivers next-day results as compared to reference methods, which require up to five days, said the firm.

Jean-Marc Durano, corporate vice president, Industrial Microbiology Unit, said: “VIDAS LPT is a new member of the VIDAS UP range that simplifies agri-food laboratories’ workflow, delivering rapid information to optimize the overall efficiency of food production.”

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