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This is the place to stay up to date with what's happening in food regulation, legislation and worker safety. Worker injury and safety cases, updates on all things Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) act related and ammonia, carbon monoxide or other potentially hazardous substances leaking or spilling can be read under this tab. 

News in brief

Cereal manufacturer faces $40k fine for worker safety violations

California Cereal Products has been cited for nine serious safety and health violations and hit with a $40,600 penalty.


Laugh if you want, but the food supply is safer than ever

The satirical specialists at The Onion might make food recall jokes at the expense of the FDA, but the safety of the US food supply is seriously better than ever.

Legislation targets adulteration ambiguity in foodborne outbreaks

A bill introduced by two US Congresswomen aims to give the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) clear authority to keep pathogens out of the meat and poultry supply chain.

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Date-label confusion fuels food waste

Inconsistencies in food packaging date labeling leads to unnecessary waste, according to one former Trader Joe’s leader.

CFIA teams to focus on plant sanitation and recall response

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has created special teams to oversee the performance of the country’s food safety system.

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IFT: CDC is “raising the bar” on food safety technology

One food safety expert says federal US food safety agencies have made a few missteps down the road to a safer food supply, but many of their achievements deserve applause.

IFT 2014

GS1: Traceability is tops in food safety

The global standards organization is stressing the importance of improved traceability in the food supply chain worldwide, to keep consumers safe and regulators happy.

Meat processor hit with $121K in OSHA fines

Acadian Fine Foods, which specializes in producing meat and poultry products, has been cited for 16 safety and health violations by OSHA, carrying up to $121,660 in fines.


National protection politics preventing globally-harmonized food safety: SGS

Protection politics - the employment of policies designed to protect domestic markets and stakeholders - are the single greatest barrier to harmonized worldwide food safety regulations, testing services provider SGS...

Kraft recalls Velveeta from Walmart stores

The food firm is recalling a batch of the cheese product due to insufficient levels of sorbic acid, a shortcoming that could lead to foodborne illness or spoilage.

Country Style Foods fined after worker suffers serious hand injuries

Country Style Foods has been fined after a worker suffered serious hand injuries due to ice not being cleared and making the floor slippery.

Carbon monoxide sickens food processing workers

Nearly two dozen staff at Keybrand Foods were taken to hospital after a carbon monoxide leak at the processing facility.

Mum finds blade in baby food packaging

A supermarket has issued a nationwide recall of its Baby Macro Organic Tomato Chicken with Pasta Puree after a mother found a metal blade inside the packaging.

IFCO ships 1bn reusable containers each year

IFCO (a company specializing in reusable containers for food, produce, and other applications) has hit the milestone of shipping 1bn containers each year.

News in brief

HACCP certification means no more dirty laundry

Electrolux Professional has become the first HACCP International certified laundry manufacturer.

Seafood processor cited after worker’s death

Sea Watch International has been cited for seven serious safety violations after a worker died at its New Bedford plant.

Are there gaps in your safety program?

red24assist has launched a web-based tool designed to enable food professionals to locate shortfalls in their safety programs.

FMI Connect links safety in the food supply chain

FMI Connect, the annual food event, is focusing on technology and services that increase the safety of food across the supply chain.

EFTA finds veg control system in Iceland is ‘insufficient’

The control system for growing and harvesting of vegetables is ‘insufficient’, according to the European Free Trade Association (EFTA).

Ammonia leak injures three Farmland workers

An ammonia leak at a Farmland Foods pork processing facility has injured three employees, one seriously.

RGF recommends air offense against food pathogens

Sanitizing surfaces to eradicate food pathogens is only half the battle, according to one expert; airborne pathogens also must be dealt with for a safe food supply.

Dry-ice blasting stops food pathogens cold

Continental Carbonic promises a way to clean food production equipment with less water and faster results than conventional methods.

Natural coating gives fruit a berry long shelf life

Researchers at Oregon State University have discovered a material found in blueberry leaves can be used to coat the berries themselves, delivering longer shelf life, boosted antioxidants, and pathogen protection.

Guest article

Food safety compliance amid a complicated supply chain

‘As consumers lead increasingly active, on-the-go lifestyles, demand for convenient meals continues to grow and drive opportunity for ready-to-eat (RTE) and prepared foods manufacturers.

Dispatches from Vitafoods Europe 2014

Keeping it clean: 3 botanical chiefs pull adulteration weeds

Botanical adulteration, like doping in sports, is a problem that can be controlled but never totally resolved, but what is being done about it? Here the world’s biggest botanical players...

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