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Ferrero, Lindt and Rübezahl chocolate found to contain mineral oil

Selected Ferrero, Lindt and Rübezahl chocolate purchased in Germany have been found to contain mineral oils in the packaging, according to Foodwatch.

Danish products clear of harmful residues

Meat and dairy products were found to be free from harmful residues of veterinary medicines, according to an analysis in Denmark.

TTIP could bring food safety regulations to a standstill: Report

The controversial trade deal between the EU and the US could give multinational companies increased power to challenge food laws that impact their bottom line, according to an analysis by...

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Food safety committee backs official controls plan

Draft plans to tighten up official controls for the food chain have been backed by MEPs in the food safety committee.

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USDA-FSIS to share data from slaughter and processing facilities

Food safety data specific to slaughter and processing facilities is to be shared online by the US Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (USDA-FSIS).

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Coca Cola: Hubert's Lemonade recall 'limited'

The Coca-Cola Company has recalled some Hubert's Lemonade due to potential presence of glass in some bottles.

Seafood producer shut for HACCP violations

An Alabama-based seafood producer has been shut down for violating HACCP and GMP regulations.

EC: Conditions not met to aid Romanian dairy farmers after E. coli outbreak

Conditions to put in place support measures for Romanian dairy farmers after an Italian alert of E. coli in cheese have not been met, according to the EU Commission.

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Sentence for Quality Egg execs upheld

Jail sentences against two Quality Egg executives have been upheld in court after an appeal.

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Commission: Hungary's food chain inspection fee breached rules

Hungary's former food chain inspection fee method has been found to be in breach of EU rules.

Avure tests deadly toxin in coconut water treated with HPP

Avure Technologies has completed a study with the Institute for Food Safety and Health (IFSH) to test the potential risk of Clostridium botulinum in coconut water, and will share the...

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AFNOR Group strengthens reach in US

AFNOR Group has partnered with Bureau of Quality Surveillance (BQS) to strengthen its reach in the US.

British pork processor trademarks antibiotic-free logo

Leading UK pork processor Karro has registered an antibiotic-free logo with the Intellectual Property Office.

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USDA pressed on Salmonella testing accuracy

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has been urged to revise pathogen testing protocols after a study found antimicrobials used as processing aids may lead to false-negative results.

Soy firm shut due to alleged food safety violations

A soy distribution company has been ordered to cease manufacturing and distribution until it comes into compliance with food safety laws.

Codex agrees on Salmonella and parasite control guidelines

Guidelines for the control of Salmonella in beef and pork and on hygiene to control foodborne parasites were among the decisions taken during the first day of the Codex Alimentarius...

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Microbial test works a Charm, finds AOAC

Charm Sciences’ Peel Plate YM (Yeast and Mold) microbial test has received AOAC Research Institute approval.

EFSA: “Too early” to say whether microplastics pose food safety risk

Microplastics are “unlikely” to pose a health risk to humans said the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) this week but far more research is needed before a full risk assessment...

Don't give children palm oil, says Italian consumer group

After finding that 12 kids' food products from Nestlé, Barilla, Ferrero and Danone contain high levels of carcinogen 3-MCPD, Italian consumer group Altroconsumo is calling on parents to stop giving products that...

EFSA begins new BPA review process

Work on another evaluation of bisphenol A (BPA) by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has started with a final scientific opinion scheduled for 2018.

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Keelaghan Wholesale Meats fined for labelling imported beef as Irish

Keelaghan Wholesale Meats has been fined €16,000 for falsely stating imported beef was Irish.

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Health Canada calls for comments on ground beef irradiation

Health Canada is to consult on a proposal that would allow irradiation of fresh and frozen ground beef.

Low levels of STEC found in Swedish beef

Only 2% of domestic beef samples contained Shiga toxin-producing E. coli (STEC), according to tests in Sweden.

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Food Standards Scotland unveils food safety campaign

Food Standards Scotland (FSS) has launched a Summer BBQ food safety campaign to tackle Campylobacter.

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Plastic in peanut M&Ms not from production plant – Mars

Red plastic found in a bag of peanut M&Ms in Norway did not come from the production plant in France, according to Mars.

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