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Fire strikes three food facilities

Processing and packaging facilities in three different states have been hit by fires; crews are still assessing damages, estimated at more than $2.5m.

Cheese producer responds to FDA consent decree

A New York cheese producer hit with a consent decree of permanent injunction due to Listeria contamination has said it was unclear on what needed to be done to be...

CFIA: Canned food and BPA pose no threat

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency reports 100% of canned food tested turned up safe for human consumption

Videojet partner tackles FIC regulations

Interactive Coding Equipment (ICE) which provides date, barcode and batch coding for products and packaging is using its Clarity software to prepare for the EU food regulation, due to come...

Former poultry plant owner jailed for food safety breaches

The former owner of a poultry processing business has been jailed for four months and fined £8,000 for nine breaches of regulations.

Vivione receives LNO for pathogen test kit

Vivione Biosciences has received a Letter of No Objection (LNO) for its RAPID-B non-O157 Shigatoxigenic group of E.coli (STEC) test kit.

Greens producer lands 100% on safety audit

Hollandia Produce, which specializes in leafy greens and ‘living’ lettuce, has earned a perfect score on a certification audit offered by Azzule Systems.

Keep calm and carry on with your safety plan

Minimizing risk from foodborne illness is a matter of crafting an effective safety plan, and maximizing control along the supply chain, according to one expert.

News in brief

SGS to open Food Safety Exchange

Victor Muliyil, food technical manager, SGS North America, will open the third annual Food Safety Exchange conference with the seminar ‘Food Safety Modernization Act: Understanding the Challenges and Achieving Compliance.’

Deluge of questions on EU label regulations

Clients’ queries on upcoming EU labelling regulations will dominate Melanie Ruffell’s appointment as a principal food law advisor at Campden BRI. 


Food Safety Summit outbreak is no laughing matter

People all over social media are having a field day with the news of a foodborne illness striking a food safety event—but pathogens are no joke.

The plot sickens: More than 100 Food Safety Summit attendees fall ill

An investigation into a foodborne illness during the recent Food Safety Summit has confirmed more than 100 attendees were taken ill after the event.

60-second interview: The day job

What do you do? Tony Bryant Loma Systems and Lock Inspection?

As part of FoodProductionDaily’s ongoing series of 60-second interviews with the movers and shakers of the food and beverage industry, we caught up with Tony Bryant, sales manager, Loma Systems...

Foodborne illness strikes Food Safety Summit attendees

Four people who attended the recent Food Safety Summit conference and exhibition reportedly have been stricken with a foodborne pathogen.


Is the Food Safety Summit worth the trip?

The Food Safety Summit is just one of an astounding amount of food events dedicated to sanitation, quality, testing, and other industry issues—examining the show's features can help weigh the...

Guest article

Antibiotic contaminated meat not safe for human consumption

Intensively farmed livestock are raised in overcrowded and unsanitary conditions where emphasis is placed on productivity rather than animal welfare and quality of product.

FDA allows irradiation of crustaceans

Using ionizing radiation on crustaceans to control foodborne pathogens and extend shelf life is to be permitted by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Whey forward? Milk fat tax, dodgy tests and EU bureaucratic blocks

There is light at the end of the tunnel for a European whey wholesaler, as a long-running dispute over EU import duties on milk fat in whey protein is finally...

Burrows Paper Corporation acts on OSHA findings

Burrows Paper Corporation has been fined almost $300,000 for repeat and serious safety violations at two of its US sites.

Improper pest management bugs food safety managers

Insects might be small, but they can cause big problems in a food processing operation if they are not properly dealt with, says the USDA.

Insights from Perrin Conferences

Traceability, tell-all genomics and authentication: The new reality for F&B litigation

Few short answers exist in the world of complex consumer food litigation. Arthur Miller, PhD, principal scientist and engineering and scientific consulting firm Exponent Inc., summed up three key industry...

News in brief

EFSA calls for experts to join scientific panels

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has urged Europe's top scientists to 'make a difference' to the food safety system by joining its teams of risk assessment experts.


Food safety training must evolve to succeed

Keeping up with ever-changing regulatory requirements and increasingly complex processing environments requires an evolved approach to safety training, according to one industry expert.


Hormel: Food sanitation is everyone's business

The cleanliness of a food operation should be a top priority to everyone in the industry, according to Hormel Foods.

Firm fined after worker injured by forklift truck

A UK packaging firm has been fined after a forklift truck reversed into a delivery driver’s leg, fracturing his ankle.

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