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Labelling of GE animals sought

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been criticised for ignoring consumers’ right to choose what they eat after it announced that it will not require labelling on meat...

Australian government, industry to set salt targets

Salt reduction targets for food products sold in Australia are expected to be set in October 2009, subject to development and agreement between the government and the food industry.

A new dawn for funky fruit and veg

Michael Mann discusses the implications of the ending of EU legislation regulating the size and shape of fruit and veg.

Industry response to additive, enzyme regulation adoption

Additive and enzyme associations have welcomed the adoption of the new FIAP package on additives, flavourings and enzymes – but concern remains about the Southampton colours warning.

Beverages meet legal preservative limits, says UK survey

Soft drinks on sale in the UK were seen to have a near 100 per cent compliance with maximum levels of benzoates and sorbates used as preservatives, a survey by...

China gains access to EU rapid alert system

Consumer safety heads of the EU, US and China signed a revised memorandum of understanding on product and food safety yesterday at a high-level summit that reinforced the political importance...

Calls for food safety regulation overhaul

Extra food safety regulations could be introduced in Canada as pressure increases to tackle the problems associated with tainted food after 20 people died in a listeriosis outbreak.

News in brief

New website to act as supplements watchdog

A UK website has been established to scrutinise the estimated 24,000 food supplements on market in the UK and provide information about their quality to consumers.

BSE testing change could benefit meat sector

A move to raise the age limit from 30 to 48 months at which UK cattle are tested for Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE), would, if implemented, help reduce processors' costs...

Rosemary as antioxidant up for regulatory inclusion

Antioxidant rosemary extracts are expected to be included in existing regulation on food additives while FIAP is being implemented, which will allow high purity extracts to go head-to-head with synthetic...

Green challenge to new pesticide residue rules

Green organisations have instigated legal action over the new maximum legal limits on the level of pesticides allowed in food items sold in the European Union.

High-caffeine Cocaine ok for Euro drinkers

The controversial energy drink called Cocaine, which while drug-free, contains 350 per cent more caffeine than rival brand Red Bull, this week hit UK shelves amidst criticism from politicians over...

FSA open food contact compliance talks

A UK industry wide-consultation on meeting European guidelines for using food contact materials will take place on 12 November this year in a bid to outline the best way for...

Researchers make prickly pear powder for red food

A new study has devised an optimal process for spray drying the juice of betalain-rich Opuntia stricta, or prickly pear, so it can used as a natural red food...

Europe approves new vegetarian omega-3 source

UK-based supplier Croda Health Care has won European Union Novel Foods approval for a vegetable oil-sourced, omega-3 ingredient, as it expands its omega-3 offerings.

Soy bean extract seeks EU Novel Foods status

Touchi, a fermented soy bean extract that has been used for centuries in Japan, China and other parts of Asia may be available to European consumers if a European Union...

Regulator confirms safety of BPA for use in food packaging

International food safety experts have concluded that the human body rapidly metabolises and eliminates Biphensol A (BPA) and thus the substance presents no risk to adults, children or infants.

EFSA reaffirms safety view of cloned meat and dairy products

Meat and dairy products from cloned pigs and cattle are probably safe for human consumption, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) concluded in its scientific opinion on animal cloning released...

FSA sets out areas for healthy eating action

The UK Food Standards Agency has set out core challenges for the food industry as part of its strategy to beat obesity, but recognises that work is already underway by...

Novel food draft report released

The European Parliament has published its draft report on amendments to the novel foods regulation, having made revisions to ensure better clarity.

Colourings to come with a warning

The European Parliament has adopted a legislative package that will see products containing any of six artificial colours labelled with a health warning for children.

Codex adopts 35 international food standards

Thirty-five new international food standards were adopted during last week's 31st session of the Codex Alimentarius Commission, including guidelines on the use of flavourings and gluten-free products.

Radio frequency heating could remove food pathogens

New disinfection and disinfestant food technology using radio frequency (RF) heating can eliminate microbes and insects without the use of chemicals, claims US investment firm Allied Minds.

EFSA issues guide on food grade plastic recycling

New guidelines concerning the recycling of plastics intended for use in the packaging of foods have been published by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

France approves beta-glucan claim

A beta-glucan health cholesterol-lowering health claim has been approved in France, making it only the second disease reduction claim permitted in a country notorious for conservative food laws.

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