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Curcumin not carcinogenic, finds EFSA review

In its safety review of curcumin as a food colouring substance, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) concludes that it agrees with the FAO and WHO findings that the food...

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UK to evaluate food assurance schemes

The UK is commissioning an evaluation of assurance schemes for food processors, food producers and other food businesses.

Metallic tasting pine nuts are from illegitimate Chinese sources

‘Counterfeit' pine nuts may be the reason why consumers have been experiencing ‘pine mouth’, according to a statement made by the Danish food authority Fødevarestyrelsen.

California finally rejects bisphenol A ban

The Californian Senate has thrown out a bill to ban bisphenol A (BPA) in food contact materials for young children in a close vote earlier this week.


Don’t worry about wheat prices: Look at grain stocks

There’s nothing like a shortage of wheat to send some news media searching for superlatives. Talk of “soaring” wheat prices and “rocketing” bread prices were common, in the British press,...

Provision Trade Federation sets DEFRA date to discuss COOL

The Provision Trade Federation (PTF) and other trade organisations representing the meat industry, which oppose compulsory EU extensions of country of origin labelling (COOL), will meet DEFRA in mid-September to...

Senate food safety bill edges toward vote

Lawmakers released a bipartisan agreement on the Senate’s food safety bill on Thursday, signaling that it is likely to be debated in the Senate when it reconvenes in September.


Is cloned food legal? Europe must decide, and fast

Big oops. Meat and milk from the offspring of cloned animals has entered the UK food chain. Cue scary headlines and scared consumers. But the leviathan of EU-lawmaking means no-one...

EU food regulators to discuss the role of science

European policy makers and influencers will be examining the role of science in food policy at a round table discussion due to take place in October.

Almond growers given go-ahead to challenge pasteurization law

A federal appeals court has ruled that organic almond growers can challenge a law requiring mandatory pasteurization of almonds intended to reduce risk of salmonella contamination, overturning a previous decision.

Meat from cloned animal was eaten in UK, confirms FSA

The UK’s Food Standards Agency (FSA) has confirmed that meat from a cloned animal has entered the nation’s food chain and has been consumed.


Energy drink makers must do more to protect children

Energy drinks makers risk a regulatory clamp down if they fail to take action on marketing campaigns that irresponsibly target young consumers.

No magic bullet to fight Camplyobacter, says UK

There is no “magic bullet” to tackle campylobacter, according to the UK’s the three major public funders of food safety research as they unveiled a joint initiative to battle...

EC urges scientists to adopt common approach on bisphenol A

The controversy over the bisphenol A (BPA) could be solved if those on differing sides of the scientific divide would agree harmonised test programmes that could be validated by independent...

UK Food Standards Agency carved up but keeps safety role

The UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) will retain its food safety role but has been stripped of its nutritional and labelling responsibilities in England, as the Government confirmed its expected...

Gum rosin not safe as food additive, says EFSA

A stabilising and emulsifying ingredient derived from gum rosin has received a negative safety opinion from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

China reduces minimum protein levels to combat melamine

China has lowered minimum protein levels in raw milk in the country’s latest effort to stamp out the use of melamine in the dairy industry.

EC updates food safety import list

Indian basmati rice is one of the products to be removed from an EU list of food imports subject to heightened scrutiny while some herbs and spices from Thailand have...

IFST: Dismantling FSA would be "huge loss" to industry

Press reports suggesting that breaking up the Food Standards Agency (FSA) would constitute a ‘victory’ for the food industry are misleading and “very annoying”, according to the boss of the...

UK Food Standards Agency to be abolished - report

The UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) is to be broken up with its food safety and nutritional roles handed over to separate government departments, according to reports.

Obama says new food safety legislation would promote prevention

President Obama has said that passing the Food Safety Modernization Act would provide government with the tools it needs to better ensure food safety, as long-awaited discussion began in the...

Study questions food firms on HACCP experiences

A study looking at the views of staff and managers at food plants on HACCP has identified preparation for future regulation as the key motivating factor and staffing the number...

News in brief

France creates super safety agency

France has announced the creation of ANSES - the largest health agency in Europe - after the merger of its food safety and environmental and occupational health bodies.

Codex sets limits for melamine and aflatoxin in food

The first global limits on permitted melamine levels in food were set yesterday (Tues) by the World Health Organisation (WHO) at its annual food safety summit in Switzerland.

India publishes guar gum contamination restrictions

New European Commission import restrictions on Indian guar gum have now been written into Indian regulations, which industry experts hope will speed up the supply process.

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