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USDA updates list of allowed organic ingredients

Manufacturers of organic goods may no longer use certain nonorganic color ingredients or the food additive potassium tartrate, following the publication of a new rule by the US Department of...

Weekly Comment

Time to get serious on health claims criteria

The European Food Safety Authority's task to assess thousands of health claims is a headache in anyone's book - and one made worse through vague instructions to industry.

UK regulator issues milk testing proposals

The UK's Food Standards Agency (FSA) has issued proposals to adopt EU-wide measures designed to prevent antibiotic residues entering the food chain via raw milk and other dairy products.

UK proposes to tighten protection for whisky

The UK government yesterday announced new production, export and labelling measures to protect whisky from the threat of counterfeit goods.

Meat ban lifted in UK

The European Union will allow meat products from selected parts of the UK to be exported to other member states, and lift the ban imposed last month after Foot and...

UK seeks minced meat amendments

A UK consultation on amendments to the country's hygiene laws affecting meat processors foreshadows changes to be implemented across the EU by the end of this year.

Indian guar gum imports 'accepted' in EU

Fears over dioxin levels in guar gum supplies from India are not stopping the shipping of consignments, according to reports from India.

Tea Council under fire for health claims posters

The UK Tea Council has been criticised for exaggerating the benefits of tea and banned from making further claims about the drinks antioxidant potential after running a series of adverts.

Peanut pregnancy advice caused consternation for UK Lords

A high level report from the UK's House of Lords has said advice on peanut consumption by pregnant women and children to reduce allergy risk could be counterproductive, and calls...

Tougher food import laws proposed

A bill proposing stricter import regulations has been presented to Congress, as fears over imported food products show no sign of diminishing.

UK moves to risk-based inspection system

The level of inspections of UK manufacturing plants would depend on the level of risk a particular processor poses to public health, under proposed rules published for consultation.

Is Asia the future for phytochemical research?

The future of research into the ability of phytochemicals to treat modern disease lies in Asia because of restrictive laws and "cynicism", a UK based research company has said. ...

New food safety website for small companies

Size need not be a problem, as a new website has been launched to help small and medium-sized manufacturers fight an array of food safety issues.

Mars hits out at US chocolate redefinition proposal

US moves to redefine chocolate have come under further criticism by some of the leading players in the industry.

EU regulations stymie food innovation, says economist

Novel foods regulation is presenting a serious barrier to innovation by food ingredients companies in Europe, according to a new economic review, threatening the industry's competitiveness on the global stage.

Foot and mouth spreads in UK

Foot-and-mouth disease has spread to two more farms in the UK, underlying fears that a EU-wide ban on the country's exports will be prolonged.

No danger in New Zealand's milk, says safety authority

The New Zealand Food Safety Authority (NZFSA) has ruled that milk containing either the A1 and A2 protein does not pose a danger to the public and should remain part...

Intensive meat production a danger to food supply, warns FAO

A report, issued today by the UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) about the increased risk of pathogen contamination in industrial meat production, serves as an advance warning to processors...

More risk control of supply chain needed says Sudan 1 panel

Food safety recommendations made by a panel investigating one of the largest industry-wide recalls ever made in the UK could lead to tougher regulatory scrutiny of the way processors manage...

New probiotics council aims to guide US industry

The National Yogurt Association is creating a probiotics council - another signal the active cultures have achieved mainstream status in North America.

New aspartame review claims no grounds for concern

A new review of research on the safety of aspartame has concluded that suggestions of adverse effects have 'no credible scientific basis' - findings that add weight to the argument...

EFSA proposes science panel split

The board of the European Food Standards Authority yesterday said it plans to carve up the workload of its Additives and Food Contact (AFC) panel between two new panels -...

E. coli report calls for review of UK food safety law

Current UK regulation of the meat industry should be reviewed to determine whether changes are needed to prevent outbreaks of disease such as E. coli, according to a review report...

Import safety approach needs overhaul, says report

The US will fail to deal with food safety in an increasingly global market, unless improved preventative checking measures are put in place for imports, a new report warns.

Asia-Pacific heads into food safety battle

In light of global publicity over food scares originating in Asia-Pacific, the region is now fighting back, both internally and globally, by making food safety its top priority.