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Lycopene forms win EU Novel Foods approval

Several proprietary lycopene forms have been approved for use in a variety of food applications as well as food supplements, after gaining a green light from a European Commission committee.

FDA approves vitamin D fortification of soy foods

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has amended its food additive regulations to allow for soy-based foods and drinks to be fortified with vitamin D.

Judge upholds almond pasteurization law

A federal judge has rejected challenges to a law requiring mandatory pasteurization of almonds to reduce risk of salmonella contamination.

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Doctors block choc fat tax motion

Doctors in Scotland voted narrowly against a motion to introduce a fat tax on chocolate, proposed by a medic who is concerned that chocolate has moved beyond a treat food.

FDF defends industry against fat tax for chocolate

As the prospect of a fat tax on unhealthy food is raised once more, the Food and Drink Federation (FDF) has spoken out on behalf of the industry against calls...

Spotlight again on cloned animals

A review of cloning is underway at the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) following a request from the European Commission for further advice on the implications of the technology for...

Focus on food contact surfaces, advises Canadian listeria expert

Food contact surfaces, rather than non food contact ones, should be the focus of Canadian legislation aimed at eliminating listeria, according to a federal government advisor on food safety.

EDA claims ‘imitation’ dairy setting back nutrient profiling

Further development of functional and added-value dairy products could be setback by current European proposals for legislating health and nutrition claims within the bloc, claims the European Dairy Association (EDA).

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Tortilla manufacturer shut down by FDA injunction

A US tortilla manufacturer has been shut down over repeated violations, claims the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


Cargill vs Chavez: Clash of the rice titans

Clutched to the president’s chest like a medal of nationalisation, Cargill Venezuela cannot be sitting very comfortably this week as it awaits the fate of its rice plant.

New no-vote over lifting GM crop bans

Environment ministers yesterday voted against a proposal to force Hungary and Austria to lift bans on the growing of genetically modified crops, indicating that the great European rift over GM...

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Cranberry group seeks 'cran'sparency

Three European cranberry extract suppliers have formed a new association with the explicit aim of clarifying standards governing the manner in which proanthocyanidins (PACs) content is communicated to consumers.

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CIAA takes GDA info to Parliament

The CIAA will be discussing nutrition labelling directly with MEPs this week, with a stand and nutritionists corner at the European Parliament.

Raw milk artisans disappearing in Quebec cheese dilemma

While pushing to meet growing potential interest in North America for unpasteurised cheeses, producers from Quebec are increasingly questioning using raw milk in their goods amidst wider safety fears, says...

New gluten-free labelling could mean extra costs for bakers

New rules from Brussels implemented this week on the labelling and formulation of gluten-free foods could signal a rise in costs for the bakery industry.

US contests EU chicken restrictions

EU restrictions on US chicken imports have been challenged by Washington, which is demanding that the World Trade Organisation (WTO) intervene in the dispute.

Labelling of GE animals sought

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been criticised for ignoring consumers’ right to choose what they eat after it announced that it will not require labelling on meat...

Australian government, industry to set salt targets

Salt reduction targets for food products sold in Australia are expected to be set in October 2009, subject to development and agreement between the government and the food industry.

A new dawn for funky fruit and veg

Michael Mann discusses the implications of the ending of EU legislation regulating the size and shape of fruit and veg.

Industry response to additive, enzyme regulation adoption

Additive and enzyme associations have welcomed the adoption of the new FIAP package on additives, flavourings and enzymes – but concern remains about the Southampton colours warning.

Beverages meet legal preservative limits, says UK survey

Soft drinks on sale in the UK were seen to have a near 100 per cent compliance with maximum levels of benzoates and sorbates used as preservatives, a survey by...

China gains access to EU rapid alert system

Consumer safety heads of the EU, US and China signed a revised memorandum of understanding on product and food safety yesterday at a high-level summit that reinforced the political importance...

Calls for food safety regulation overhaul

Extra food safety regulations could be introduced in Canada as pressure increases to tackle the problems associated with tainted food after 20 people died in a listeriosis outbreak.

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New website to act as supplements watchdog

A UK website has been established to scrutinise the estimated 24,000 food supplements on market in the UK and provide information about their quality to consumers.

BSE testing change could benefit meat sector

A move to raise the age limit from 30 to 48 months at which UK cattle are tested for Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE), would, if implemented, help reduce processors' costs...

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