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This is the place to stay up to date with what's happening in food regulation, legislation and worker safety. Worker injury and safety cases, updates on all things Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) act related and ammonia, carbon monoxide or other potentially hazardous substances leaking or spilling can be read under this tab. 

New guide to advise on harmful pathogens

A new guide to microbiological food safety aims to help food processors eliminate the pathogens in fruit and vegetables that cause food-borne diseases such as E-coli, salmonella and cholera.

All Chinese exports to be checked from September

Samples from every Chinese food shipment to the US and other countries will be tested for safety under new requirements by Chinese officials from 1 September, according to senior Chinese...

Court favours Danone in 'cancer water' case

A court in Argentina has dismissed allegations against Danone that it had engaged in unfair trade practices in the country against rival Coca-Cola.

EU concerns over EFSA costs

EU member countries are concerned about the feasibility of companies paying fees to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) for vetting ingredients, packaging and food contact materials for use in...

Australian proposals target acrylamide and GM

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (Fsanz) is considering five new ingredients and additives for use by the food industry, the regulator announced today.

EU bans UK exports after FMD scare

The European Commission has now banned all UK exports of live animals, as well as meat and dairy products, after Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) was found on a UK...

NSF to buy CMi in bid to extend food safety certification

Certification and testing agency NSF will buy CMi, under an agreement that would create a global food safety assurance company.

New rates for meat inspections set to take effect

Increased charges in the UK for inspecting meat slaugherhouses and processing plants are set to come into effect next year.

ISO standard set for food traceability

A new international standard has been set for traceability along the food chain, setting out a complete system under which processors can get certification.

UN bodies call for tougher food safety legislation

Tougher legislation and more inspections are needed to prevent the up to 200 food safety incidents reported internationally, according to two UN bodies.

UK regulator to charge fees for meat inspections

The UK will begin charging meat processors fees for inspections and assessing plants based on the potential risk manufactured products pose to public health.

Cheese makers face raft of legal changes

Proposed changes to international food safety standards could affect the way cheese makers sell their products worldwide.

Court fines Cadbury 1.5m over salmonella contamination

A UK court yesterday fined Cadbury-Schweppes £1m (€1.5m) for knowingly allowing salmonella-contaminated chocolates to be sold to the public last year.

EU examines tougher biosecurity measures for food

The EU is moving closer to implementing measures to protect the food chain from a terrorist attack, by publishing a discussion paper on stepped up security measures that would affect...

Pepsi and others settle benzene lawsuit

PepsiCo and several other soft drink manufacturers have agreed to a settlement in a lawsuit brought against the companies alleging their products contained cancer-causing benzene.

EU Parliament votes for tougher additives regulation

The European Parliament this week voted through four regulations relating to food ingredients - on authorisation procedure, additives, enzymes and flavourings - with notable amendments aimed at providing a heightened...

EU should not relax safety standards, say food technologists

The European Commission should not relax international food safety standards for small food businesses, food technologists said in a statement this week.

Fish oil suppliers not motivated to meet hygiene deadline

The Global Organisation for EPA and DHA Omega-3 (GOED) has added its voice to concerns that the new EU hygiene laws will spell a European wide shortage of omega-3.

Codex adopts standards, sets risk analysis principles

The adoption of 44 new and amended food safety standards by the Codex Alimentarius Commission signals the coming changes that member countries will make to their legislation over the next year.

China standards unveiled, but safety woes continue

As China unveils a raft of changes to food safety standards, its inspectors are investigating the excess additives and preservatives found in children's snacks made in the country.

Law sets out chemical migration limits for gaskets

New UK legislation lays down transitional migration limits for plasticisers in lid gaskets.

Food safety requirements add value, says meat association

International food safety requirements can help make processors more efficient, according to a report by the UK's Red Meat Industry Forum (RMIF).

New Zealand campylobacter fight shows early promise

New Zealand's fight against campylobacter is beginning to show signs of promise, after years of problems, the national regulator said last week.

Food safety agencies to sign cooperation agreement

In a ground-breaking move to improve food safety, the European Food Safety Authority and the US Food and Drug Administration will team up to share scientific information.

Codex to consider international food safety standards

International food safety standards on fish, eggs and infant formulas are likely to be adopted next week at the annual meeting of the Codex Alimentarius Commission.