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This is the place to stay up to date with what's happening in food regulation, legislation and worker safety. Worker injury and safety cases, updates on all things Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) act related and ammonia, carbon monoxide or other potentially hazardous substances leaking or spilling can be read under this tab. 

Mars hits out at US chocolate redefinition proposal

US moves to redefine chocolate have come under further criticism by some of the leading players in the industry.

EU regulations stymie food innovation, says economist

Novel foods regulation is presenting a serious barrier to innovation by food ingredients companies in Europe, according to a new economic review, threatening the industry's competitiveness on the global stage.

Foot and mouth spreads in UK

Foot-and-mouth disease has spread to two more farms in the UK, underlying fears that a EU-wide ban on the country's exports will be prolonged.

No danger in New Zealand's milk, says safety authority

The New Zealand Food Safety Authority (NZFSA) has ruled that milk containing either the A1 and A2 protein does not pose a danger to the public and should remain part...

Intensive meat production a danger to food supply, warns FAO

A report, issued today by the UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) about the increased risk of pathogen contamination in industrial meat production, serves as an advance warning to processors...

More risk control of supply chain needed says Sudan 1 panel

Food safety recommendations made by a panel investigating one of the largest industry-wide recalls ever made in the UK could lead to tougher regulatory scrutiny of the way processors manage...

New probiotics council aims to guide US industry

The National Yogurt Association is creating a probiotics council - another signal the active cultures have achieved mainstream status in North America.

New aspartame review claims no grounds for concern

A new review of research on the safety of aspartame has concluded that suggestions of adverse effects have 'no credible scientific basis' - findings that add weight to the argument...

EFSA proposes science panel split

The board of the European Food Standards Authority yesterday said it plans to carve up the workload of its Additives and Food Contact (AFC) panel between two new panels -...

E. coli report calls for review of UK food safety law

Current UK regulation of the meat industry should be reviewed to determine whether changes are needed to prevent outbreaks of disease such as E. coli, according to a review report...

Import safety approach needs overhaul, says report

The US will fail to deal with food safety in an increasingly global market, unless improved preventative checking measures are put in place for imports, a new report warns.

Asia-Pacific heads into food safety battle

In light of global publicity over food scares originating in Asia-Pacific, the region is now fighting back, both internally and globally, by making food safety its top priority.

Weekly comment

Hooked on Es

This comment was amended to correct a statement about bans of additives in other countries. Some of the chemicals were previously banned by Norway, Austria and Australia but those bans...

Food executive sentenced to jail over E. coli outbreak

Breaching food safety rules can lead to jail, as the executive of a UK food manufacturer has discovered.

Climate change: FAO urges changes to ensure food security

Climate change is emerging as a major threat to food security, and governments need to find "creative solutions" and "alternative approaches" in order to deal with the challenge, according to...

Popcorn brands ban diacytel

Two of the largest US popcorn makers have removed diacetyl from their brands, as doctors report that the chemical may now cause a fatal lung disease in consumers as well...

Eliminating colours, additives could help hyperactive kids, says FSA

The FSA has issued new advice on certain artificial additives following research into a link with children's behaviour: that eliminating them from the diet could have some benefits for hyperactive...

WHO sets out European food safety action plan

EU country representatives will discuss future goals for co-ordinated food safety and nutritional policies in the bloc, at a 19 September meeting to be held by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

UK law revisions toughen up import rules

UK regulations relating to food and feed imports are being toughened up under new revisions submitted for public comment yesterday.

Clean safety profile for HPMC as a food ingredient

A safety assessment of the widely used hydrocolloid hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) has shown that everyday intake is well below any level that may cause safety concerns.

EU minister in China to discuss improved food safety

The EU's top health representative is meeting with China's officials this week in a bid to ensure processors and others get safe supplies from a country beset by problems with...

Foot and Mouth restrictions eased

The European Commission yesterday announced that UK exports of live animals and meat and dairy products will resume, with the exception of a 10km zone in Surrey.

Packaging mark to authenticate Chinese food

A new mark required on the packaging of Chinese food exports from next month will allow importers to tell certified products from fakes, according to food safety officials.

Codex date set for milk agenda talks

The latest round of talks designed to set out more international standards for the manufacturing of milk products will take place from 4 to 8 February in New Zealand, it...

Almonds must be pasteurized as of September, says USDA

A request for a delay in the implementation of new pasteurization requirements for almonds has been rejected by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), which has said that the new...

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