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Ammonia leak injures three Farmland workers

An ammonia leak at a Farmland Foods pork processing facility has injured three employees, one seriously.

RGF recommends air offense against food pathogens

Sanitizing surfaces to eradicate food pathogens is only half the battle, according to one expert; airborne pathogens also must be dealt with for a safe food supply.

Dry-ice blasting stops food pathogens cold

Continental Carbonic promises a way to clean food production equipment with less water and faster results than conventional methods.

Natural coating gives fruit a berry long shelf life

Researchers at Oregon State University have discovered a material found in blueberry leaves can be used to coat the berries themselves, delivering longer shelf life, boosted antioxidants, and pathogen protection.

Sick: Manufacturers demand more intelligence on their sensors

Sick has re-released its LMS511 Bulkscan laser scanner with more accessories for easier maintenance.

Guest article

Food safety compliance amid a complicated supply chain

‘As consumers lead increasingly active, on-the-go lifestyles, demand for convenient meals continues to grow and drive opportunity for ready-to-eat (RTE) and prepared foods manufacturers.

Dispatches from Vitafoods Europe 2014

Keeping it clean: 3 botanical chiefs pull adulteration weeds

Botanical adulteration, like doping in sports, is a problem that can be controlled but never totally resolved, but what is being done about it? Here the world’s biggest botanical players...

Guilty pleas entered in 2010 Salmonella outbreak case

The owner and chief operating office of Quality Egg have pleaded guilty on charges stemming from a Salmonella outbreak that affected thousands in 2010.

Fire guts walnut processing facility

A blaze all but decimated four structures at a Shoei Foods facility over the weekend, though no injuries have been reported.

No pig DNA in Cadbury halal chocolate, according to fresh tests

Malaysian authorities say further testing has shown two varieties of halal Cadbury chocolate do not contain pig DNA, contrary to last week’s announcement. 

GEA sustainability: ‘We took a risk, that’s for sure’

GEA has decided to focus only on natural refrigerants as part of its future development, but admitted ‘it was a risk’.

News in brief

Meat processor settles Clean Water Act permit issue

A US meat processor has settled after allegedly failing to properly pre-treat its industrial waste before discharging it to the city’s wastewater treatment plant.

Veetee prosecuted after worker suffers crushed fingers

Veetee Foods has been prosecuted for a second time in two months for worker safety related failings.

Group sues USDA to act on antibiotic-resistant Salmonella

A watchdog group is suing to get the agency to treat anti-biotic resistant strains of Salmonella as adulterants in meat.

Portable detector sniffs out spoiled food

PERES, a portable app-based device, tests meat and poultry for freshness, sounding an alert when spoilage is detected.

83% of consumers demand increased transparency: Trace One

Consumers turn to technology after horsemeat scandal

Consumers want more information about the food they buy, and technology such as smart phones could address demand for more detail on products following the horsemeat crisis and other scandals.

News in brief

Malay-Muslim groups want boycott after Cadbury pork DNA findings

More than 20 Malay-Muslim groups have called for a boycott of Cadbury products after pork DNA was found in two batches of the company’s chocolate, reports the Malay Mail Online . ...

Pork DNA found in two halal Cadbury Malaysia chocolate batches

Cadbury Malaysia, part of Mondelez International Inc, has recalled two batches of halal chocolate which tested positive for traces of pork DNA.

Producer takes swift action in 7-ton hummus recall

A hummus producer explains the company’s quick reaction to a positive Listeria test and lessons learned in its first-ever recall.

Ammonia leak shutters produce plant

A produce processing plant has evacuated more than 100 staff, and sent 14 to the hospital, due to a possible ammonia leak.

Have you got what it takes to audit food safety?

A one-stop shop for food safety certification bodies has been produced by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

3M’s Petrifilm celebrates 30th anniversary

Food safety is increasing in China and India

The awareness of food safety in general is increasing, especially in developing countries, according to 3M.

Weigh in on FDA food import rules

Food firms only have a few more days to weigh in on a rule requires companies to give a heads up on imported edibles; an expert from SGS offers advice...

FDA sees the light on label-less food marking

Laser Application Technologies has received a thumbs up from the US Food and Drug Administration for its Natural Light Labeling system, designed to get rid of stick-on produce labels.

EFSA pesticides report shows more than half of crops contain ‘no measurable’ residues

An EU wide report on pesticides in food has found that more than 53% of the samples tested had no measurable trace of pesticide residues, while 1.1% of those tested...

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