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Antimicrobial meat decontaminates step nearer after EFSA verdict

Four antimicrobial substances used for decontaminating poultry carcasses do not affect consumer bacterial resistance to antibiotics, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has said this week.

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Calm crucial for energy products

Energy drinks are a runaway success but extreme marketing and product formulation has the potential to cast a shadow over the multi-billion dollar global industry.

Dual testing no longer needed for US rice

Rice imported from the United States no longer needs to be tested for the presence of GM material both at the point of export and on arrival in the EU,...

US seminar to focus on packaging legalities

A one day seminar to be held in Chicago will address legal issues for managers in the food and beverage packaging industry, including food safety, sustainability, food contact material developments...

FDA plans wider foreign inspection approach

The US Food and Drug administration (FDA) is seeking permission from the Chinese government to install eight full time FDA officials in the country, as part of plans to improve...

BfR helps develop database for improved risk assessment

The German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) has set up a project to support the development of a European Food Consumption Concise Database, which will draw together data from...

Processor concern over German biotech ruling

Recent amendments to Germany's biotech laws will allow the country's food processors to make use of a "without biotech" label on their products, despite some concerns that such claims are...

EFSA says GM oilseed rape unlikely to cause harm

EFSA has issued its opinion that Bayer's GM oilseed rape is unlikely to have a detrimental effect on human or animal health or the environment when used for food and...

Blowtorched sheep safety testing moved forward

The legal fate of an ethnic delicacy known as smokies - sheep meat with the skin blow torched directly onto it - could be decided sooner than anticipated, the UK...

California bill to curb chemicals in grease-proof packaging

A bill that would ban the use of food packaging containing perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) and perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), is working its way through the California legislature.

GRAS granted for Aminogen protein digestion ingredient

An enzyme desgined to improve protein digestion has been granted GRAS status, opening up the market for its use in functional foods and beverages, said its manufacturer Triarco.

Vanadium deemed unsafe in Europe

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has rejected vanadium as an ingredient that can safely be used in foods and food supplements because of overexposure fears to the general population.

EC not phased by 20,000-plus health claims

The European Commission insists it is on track with the process of tabulating the thousands of health claim petitions submitted to it by member states and European trade organisations, but...

EFSA cloning report highlights labelling concerns

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has published a report on a technical meeting with its Stakeholder Consultative Platform held earlier this month to discuss its Draft Opinion on animal...

Erythritol demand to grow with EU acceptance

EU member states must recognise erythritol as an approved sweetener by tomorrow, which is expected to increase its use in low-calorie products across Europe.

Commission develops code of conduct on nanotechnology

The European Commission has released a voluntary code of conduct for nanotechnology that places the burden of responsibility for consumer safety on industry.

Whole grain stamp adapted for Canadian market

The popular Whole Grain Stamp is to be launched in a bilingual version for use on food products in Canada, expanding its reach to more consumer groups as awareness of...

Saturated fat harder to cut than salt, says FSA

The UK's Food Standards Agency today published its saturated fat and energy intake reduction programme, in which it accepts that cutting back will pose technical challenges for food manufacturers, but...

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Branding Vs label info: who's the enemy?

Product branding and information provided to consumers on food labels are again at loggerheads, and industry doesn't seem likely to accept new EU labelling proposals without a fight.

Dutch food agency says probiotics are safe

The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (VWA) has said there is no danger in taking probiotic dairy drink - but is planning to release details on possible consequence...

EFSA issues new advice on listeria

Europe's food safety watchdog has issued updated advice on reducing the risk of the food-borne bacteria listeria, urging food manufacturers to watch out for contamination during packaging, preparation and storage...

Euro GM reluctance could hit beer innovation

As the EU debates retaining national bans on genetically modified (GM) crops, one industry expert believes that failure to adapt could grant foreign rivals using the technology an upper hand,...

Scotland kicks off food policy debate

The Scottish government has published a new discussion paper setting out its vision for the country's food supply and industry, which will help set the agenda for its first ever...

EFSA seeks experts for two new panels

The European Food Safety Authority has started seeking experts to sit on its two new panels on food additives, flavourings, processing aids and food contact materials, following the decision to...

Cloning animals for food not ethical, says EU body

Using cloned animals for production of food such as meat and milk is not justified, say experts on ethics reporting to the European Commission.

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