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CAP reform circus re-opens - but this time it’s serious

Roll up, roll up, the Great CAP Reform Circus is back in town. Missing those long arguments about the future of farm support? Hungry for more debate about how best...

EC calls for streamlining of over-complex food import controls

Europe’s food import controls are fit for purpose but their fragmented and complicated nature means they are inconsistently applied across the economic bloc, according to a report from the European...

Ministers back shake up of EU food contact legislation

A wide-ranging regulation that would see the overhaul of rules governing food contact plastics in the European Union (EU) has taken a major step towards becoming law later this year.

GAP praises inclusion of whistleblower protections in food safety bill

The Government Accountability Project (GAP) has praised the inclusion of whistleblower protections in the food safety bill, which is expected to be signed into law by President Obama early in...

Congress passes food safety reform

In the wake of a spate of high-profile foodborne illness outbreaks, the Food Safety Modernization Act passed the House on Tuesday and is heading to the President, who has said...

UK consults on bisphenol A ban

A wide-ranging consultation process has been launched by UK authorities over the European Commission’s decision to outlaw bisphenol A (BPA) in polycarbonate baby bottles from 2011.

European food safety bodies to share expertise

The German, French and Danish food safety bodies have signed up to a new cooperation agreement to share findings of food safety studies and avoid duplication of research between experts.

Last-minute move revives Food Safety Modernization Act

The US Senate unanimously passed the Food Safety Modernization Act late on Sunday, sending the bill back to the House where it is expected to pass before moving to the...

DeLauro reintroduces single food safety agency legislation

Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) has reintroduced legislation intended to create a single agency focused solely on overseeing the safety of the US food supply.

Quality Package to reinforce schemes, gives guidelines for labelling

The European Commission has adopted a new policy package on food quality standards that aims to reinforce the PDO-PGI scheme, streamline marketing standards, and provides guidelines on use of voluntary...

House passes food safety bill back to Senate

The Food Safety Modernization Act has been passed back to the Senate following its approval by the House on Wednesday as part of a much larger bill detailing government funding.

Rapporteur’s dismay at ‘sloppy’ food info agreement

The probability of the Council of Ministers and the European Parliament reaching agreement over food information legislation looks slimmer than ever, indicates rapporteur Renate Sommer, as the ministers did not...

UK: No labelling or regulation required for food from cloned animal offspring

There is no evidence to justify the regulation of food from the descendants of cloned animals on safety grounds, the UK’s Food Standards Agency (FSA) will tell Government chiefs.

Governments should force industry on salt reduction, says nutrition expert

Strategies to reduce sodium in populations should “force industry compliance” through government regulations and laws, according to an editorial in Nutrition.

Ministers agree draft regs for EU food labelling

EU ministers have reached agreement on a range of proposals to be included in a draft regulation on food labelling for the region.

EU a step closer on COOL and nutrition labelling rules

EU member states have reached an “informal agreement” over a raft of key food labelling measures, such as country of origin and nutritional information, ahead of a key meeting next...

House could still prove stumbling block for food safety bill

After major foodborne illness outbreaks in spinach, eggs and peanut products, the Food Safety Modernization Act passed the US Senate on Tuesday, but it could still reach an impasse in...

No plans to extend bisphenol A ban, says European Commission

The European Commission has no current plans to further restrict or ban bisphenol A (BPA) in other food contact materials following its decision last week to outlaw use of the...


EU food safety left rudderless by Commission move on BPA

The hand on the tiller that is food safety in Europe has been left somewhat unsteady by the recent regulatory actions taken by the European Commission on BPA and food...

Nano definition raises as many questions as it answers

The Institute of Food Science and Technology (IFST) has welcomed moves by the European Commission (EC) to develop a definition of nanomaterials for regulatory purposes, but raised some concerns about...


Local food doesn’t mean safe food

All food, if not properly handled, has the potential to cause foodborne illness – so why does local food get special legislative treatment?

Senate votes to proceed with food safety bill

The Senate voted to move forward on the Food Safety Modernization Act on Wednesday, voting 74-25 to limit debate and proceed with the bill.

Food safety legislation could get Senate vote this week

Long-stalled food safety legislation could reach the Senate’s agenda this week, while a coalition of 125 organizations continues to push for an amendment to exempt small businesses.

Phase one of EFSA’s flavour substance review is complete

EFSA says it has completed phase one of its safety review of flavouring substances used in the EU, with opinions on 2067 substances delivered, and will start to assess new...

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Fenchem cheers rosemary antioxidant approval

Fenchem is expecting the EU approval of rosemary extract as an antioxidant to give it a major helping hand to bigger sales in the EU.

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