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Possible BPA ban could boost clean label claims

A possible ban of Bisphenol A in Europe highlights the importance of clean label claims, according to a Euromonitor analyst.

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Information sharing proposal backed by SPS Committee

A proposal to improve information sharing on trade measures relating to food safety, animal and plant health has been welcomed by WTO members.

WLGA slams proposed FSA food safety reform

Plans by the UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) to reform food safety regulation have been slammed by councils in Wales.

Errington Cheese welcomes Actalia’s E. coli findings

Errington Cheese has welcomed findings from a specialist dairy testing lab that its cheeses did not contain E. coli O157 implicated in an outbreak which sickened more than 20 people.  

Industry must think wider than known fraud issues – CIEH

Industry should think wider than just known issues related to products or ingredients when it comes to fraud, according to an organization representing the environmental health profession.

TPP will undermine seafood safety - Food & Water Watch

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) will undermine seafood safety in the US, according to Food & Water Watch.

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Italian and Chinese officials discuss beef safety

Experts from the Italian Ministry of Health and China Food and Drug Administration met to discuss Italian agro-food products last week.

CETA trade deal signed while opposition remains

The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) has been agreed between the European Union and Canada.

Fish and wine in Italy feature in JRC summary on food fraud

Issues with fish and wine in Italy dominate the first monthly report on food fraud and authenticity by the Joint Research Centre (JRC).

Thai authorities find melamine in imported feed

Thailand’s Department of Livestock Development is to blacklist a Vietnamese supplier as an inspection process reveals melamine tainted feed in an imported shipment, according to the Bangkok Post.

special newsletter: hygiene, cleaning and sanitation

Understanding the ABCs of ATP testing and key factors to consider

Every day food processors are forced to make the high-risk decision to begin production and one key factor is effectiveness of the most recent cleaning and sanitation of their manufacturing...

special newsletter: hygiene, cleaning and sanitation

‘We are entering yellow in traffic light of risk management’ - Ecolab

Managing risk and communicating that to consumers are issues the food industry is going to be facing more in the future, according to Ecolab.


Fonterra launches internal probe into expired milk powder scam in China

New Zealand dairy giant Fonterra has launched an internal investigation following the arrest of 19 people for selling approximately 330.7 tons (300 tonnes) of the company’s expired milk powder in...

Andriukaitis: People look for ‘black and white’ where degree of ‘grey’ is inevitable

In most science-related issues people look for "black and white" answers where almost always a degree of "grey" is inevitable, according to the European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety....

FSA wants to change regulation but vague on details

The UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) will start a three month trial as it looks to move away from a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to regulation.

Oil spills: How to combat mineral oils in chocolate

Chocolate makers can thwart carcinogenic mineral oil contamination in products through regular testing, managing cocoa transportation and adding barrier layers in packaging, say scientists.

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FDA updates standards designed to help direct resources

Food safety standards for state regulatory programs that oversee facilities that manufacture, process, pack, or hold foods have been revised.

EFSA identifies ‘key limitations’ in BPA studies and stands by TDI

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has said limitations in the design and conduct of two studies on BPA means they cannot be used to draw any conclusions for human...

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Former exec sentenced in counterfeit cheese case

The executive of a cheese company has been sentenced to three years’ probation and a $5,000 fine in a case involving products mislabelled and fraudulently represented as Parmesan and Romano cheese.

BPA ban move backed by MEPs

An EU-wide ban of bisphenol A (BPA) in food contact materials (FCMs) has been backed by Members of the European Parliament (MEPs).

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Nestlé Listeria recall: Drumstick cones put into distribution ‘inadvertently’

Nestlé USA has recalled ice cream cones after Listeria monocytogenes was found on equipment contact surfaces near to where they are produced.

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Kraft Heinz recalls Lunchables due to undeclared allergens

Kraft Heinz is recalling one of its Lunchables products as it contains wheat and soy which are not declared on the label.

Illegal dyes and jelly mini-cups back on Government Chemist radar

Illegal dyes and the choking hazards of jelly mini-cups were two issues that resurfaced after gaps of several years, according to the Government Chemist annual review.

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Officials find ham and cheese pizza with no ham or cheese

A cheese and ham pizza that contained neither cheese nor ham has been found by officials in Warwickshire.

Äkta Halal Mat Sverige accused of by-passing Salmonella rules

Äkta Halal Mat Sverige has recalled 30 tons of whole fresh meat due to it being labelled as "meat preparation" which gets around Swedish rules on Salmonella.

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