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CFIA shutters poultry processor for not paying fees


CFIA suspends operations at Nutri-Caille Ltée

CFIA suspends operations at Nutri-Caille Ltée

Nutri-Caille Ltée has had its operating licence suspended for failing to pay meat product inspection fees.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) suspended the operating licence of the poultry processing facility located in Ste-Hélène de Bagot, Québec on 16 December.

The firm produces quails, whole chickens, cornish hens, pheasants, guinea fowls, partridges and black chickens.

It was suspended for failing to pay recurring meat product inspection fees owed to the CFIA in violation of paragraph 29.2(3) of the Meat Inspection Regulations.

There are no food safety issues associated with the suspension, which will only be reinstated when the company has paid the fees.

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