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HACCP certification means no more dirty laundry

By Joe Whitworth+


Electrolux Professional HACCP certification
Electrolux Professional HACCP certification

Electrolux Professional has become the first HACCP International certified laundry manufacturer.

The certification can have a strong impact on food processing as businesses can guarantee food safety and bacteria control within their in-house laundry, said the firm.

Electrolux Professional has developed Line 5000 which includes front load washers, barrier washers, ironers and fitting solutions.

Richard Mallett, managing director of HACCP Europe, saidthe certification is usually reserved for food service equipment.

“It re-affirms the crucial role laundry equipment can have in contamination control, playing its part in preventing outbreaks and illness across the globe,” he said.

“Traditionally food manufacturing factories have had to outsource their laundry to guarantee cleanliness but the certification of the Electrolux Professional Line 5000 range has provided the option to invest in an on premises laundry with complete peace of mind.”

Contamination through laundry is indirect but nuts, bolts and springs can enter food, said the firm.

“There are numerous examples of food contamination through non-food input including the laundry flow in a food processing plant,” said Eugenio Filoni, global segment manager, special on premises laundries, Electrolux Professional.

“In this framework it is evident the importance of ensuring personal hygiene and well laundered uniforms.”

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